The Tie, A Two-way Fashion Piece For Both Gender


The first time I saw a lady wear a tie, was during the calisthenics display probably from a dance video.

And boy did they blow my mind off with their steps. Growing up, I occasionally saw my dad knot his and assumed that was a norm.

I always fantasized myself in a nicely starched shirt, with a matching piece of mine, hmmmmm.
It was much deeper than I assumed, then I happened to walk into a bank and what would I see, a lady in a tie, not just a tie but a bow tie. Outrageous!

But in those split seconds between confusion and comprehension, I found bliss. This was an innovation that blew my mind. Although my mom too old-school for such (lol), I was fascinated about a piece known to belong to a specific gender being complementary to both sex.

Whoever thought of this idea was very bold, is a genius and deserves huge recognition.
A fashion piece that is not just fashion but in itself describes the personality, style and somewhat character of the individual.

Ty-Tys Design, is a must-know brand when it comes to delivering quality and bespoke ties for all occasions.
Men it’s the kind of item you gift your father-in-law. Ladies this is quality your husband deserves.
Buy this and win their hearts forever.
I would love to tell you more, but I would prefer you quench that fire by checking out their instagram page tytysdesign
P.S. Guys I did not forget… enough of shoes, bags and undies, get her quality tie today.

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