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Trendy Tips: Apple Cider Vinegar As A Natural Facial Toner

Toners are really important as we need them to restore our skin to its natural pH level after a shower or bath. However, a common problem is finding the right toner that would work perfectly for your skin without breaking the bank. I present to you the “Holy Grail”… Can I hear an Amen???
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Raw Natural Honey, Does More Than Just Its Name

The first time I heard the word ‘honey’, I actually thought it to be a name. But then it became confusing the way my neighbor and his wife both had the same name. Could they be related and married? That was really a disturbing and funny childhood thought really, kids live the best imaginary life.

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Blush In A Rush, The Perfect Ladies Guide

I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is a l’oreal blush or matte brush, coupled with “the perfect ladies guide” phrase in my header, you’re probably expecting a list of new products or packages right?

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Meet The Founder of Midas Naturals | Exclusive Interview

You might have been wondering who the brain behind Midas Naturals is. Well, say no more, the Bellafricana fairy has

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Where to Get Natural Hair Products and Skincare Products in Nigeria

If you’re looking for where to buy Natural hair products in Nigeria you must agree that getting quality natural hair and skincare products here can be quite a daunting task.
I have bought terrible coconut oil several times and paid dearly for it. So at Bellafricana, we have identified this need and we want to make it easier for people to get the best quality henceforth.
Did I hear you say; “Yippee the days of wondering where to get quality natural hair and skincare products are over!”?
Yes beautiful people, they surely are!
So come on let’s look at these places with all the trusted natural hair and skincare goodies in Nigeria.


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Meet The Founder of Mint Organic Care | Exclusive Interview

Creativity can be expressed in a lot of ways. Often times, I have come to realise there is always a story behind a

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