6 Natural Skincare Products for different skin types

Matolo face wash on bellafricana marketplace

Just as our fingerprints differ, our skin types differ too with the type of natural skincare products used. What might be most suitable for one person can be harming for another. I use a skin body butter but on the other hand same cream tends to be more oily for another person who uses it.

It is very important to understand your skin and know which natural skincare products in Nigeria will be most suitable for your skin type.

These are 6 Skincare Products for different skin types I will highly recommend:

Asakwe soap is an indigenous African product made with the finest ingredient locally sourced from in Nigeria. It initially means ‘bathe’ among the local tribe of the Igbos. This skin care product has been tested and trusted, if you so desire a glow and rejuvenation of your skin, then this is perfect for you. It is infused with Tumeric and its perfect for light skinned people. it also contains essential oils that helps to tone and brighten the skin. its most suitable for dry skin. This is a product of Modara naturals.



This is a product of organic life plus, one special attraction to this brand is how will it helps in restoring and rejuvenating dry skin. Baobab seed most times are edible and it is also used in beauty products. It also can be used to boost hair growth. This particular ingredient does wonders in several aspect, it contains antioxidants and Vitamin E and it is a great anti dote to dry and cracky skin types.


I was a chronic attacker of acne, it got me really depressed until I found this life saver, Anti pimples cream by Janeli Global. This product works super for all skin types. Apart from taking care of your acne issues, it also helps your skin look flawless and less oily. its very much recommend for people wilt oily skin. Janeli global helped me restore my confidence back with this anti pimple and anti ageing cream.

Janeli Global skincare products

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Body glow is another wonderful product I would recommend because even though I haven’t used this, but from reveiws I have heard so far, this product does magic to the skin. If you wanna drip in finness and you want your sin to be silk as milk, then try using this wonderful product from Treda organics.

Treda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplaceTreda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplace, natural skincare products


Brilho oil which was coined from the Angola Portuguese native, means “to glow”.  This too is specially made by Modara naturals, I specifically recommend this product because it is made from the finest and most nourishing products. it also contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients such as Avocado oil, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and carrot oil. All these essential natural ingredients help to awaken and smoothen the skin. It works well on dry skin as it helps to keep it bright and shiny.

Brilho oil by Modara naturals on bellafricana marketplace, natural skincare products



This is essentially for the face. it is infused with good and natural ingredients that will live the face radiant and smooth. I once visited a dermatologist who once advised that body treatment should not be used as facial treatment. I found that interesting too because lot of people I have met will complain how a product is good for their body but not good for their faces, that is why Matolo Botanicals has made this special blend to work well with the face.

Matolo Botanicals facewash on bellafricana marketplace


These are my top 6 Natural Skincare Products for different skin types that I will most likely recommend. Though there are still other products that does great to the skin too. Click here to check other amazing products that will work well for your skin.


5 Effective Skincare Routines For Overnight Beauty

Treda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplace

Having glowing and shiny skin entails a lot. An effective skincare routine helps necessitate overnight beauty. One needs a very meticulous process to be able to achieve that attention-getting skin.

Stop feeling insecure and uncomfortable in that skin. Here is a list of 8 effective skincare routines that will bring your long-anticipated beauty and glow.


Whether or not you wear makeup, cleaning your face at the end of each day is critical for maintaining a clear complexion. Cleansing twice a day doubles as a gentle exfoliation, removing the top layer of dead skin cells. Dirt, grime, sweat, and excess oil are also removed.

It’s also important that after cleaning the face, it leaves your face dry and wrinkled, that’s why you will need the hydrating cream. Treda Organic’s hydrating cream contains relaxing ingredients that help smoothen, rejuvenate, and calms the skin, and more importantly, make it even more adaptable to your lifestyle (especially if you spend a bit of time under the sun or you are open to harsh weather conditions).

Treda Organics Hydrating Face Cream


Okay, toners aren’t strictly required for skincare, but toners can make such a difference in how your skin looks and feels after cleansing that you should probably want to try them. Body toners help to refresh and brighten the skin. It is an ancient West African soap recipe, tested and trusted to treat many skin conditions and give an even-toned glowing skin.

This blend is handmade with love, infused with Turmeric, and made by an excellent skincare brand, Modara naturals, is an age-old Asian ingredient, known to brighten and above all, give an even skin tone. It contains relaxing essential oils and helps in clearing breakouts on the face and body. Applying about two pumps on your sponge or hands daily as an effective skincare routine will give you the perfect skin tone and Asakwa Tumeric black soap is quite foamy and makes bathing a lot more fun.

ASAKWA AFRICAN BLACK SOAP, Body toner,for effective skincare routine with tumeric by modara naturals on bellafricana marketplace


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Glow oil is one skincare solution that should own. No matter the skin type, texture, color, this essential cosmetic helps illuminate your skin and gives you shine all day.  Nevertheless, some glow oils are usually adulterated, Treda organics glow oil has a moisturizing blend is made up of carefully selected nutrient-rich oils. Daily use will not only keep your skin soft and moisturized; it will also give you a natural glow all day long.

Treda Organics Glow Oil on bellafricana marketplace


Face/body moisturizers are next, which keep your skin soft and hydrated while also helping to improve its barrier. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, use a lighter moisturizer during the day, such as a lotion or gel that absorbs fast and doesn’t pill beneath makeup. If your skin is dry, consider a cream or a heavier product. Dermatologists prescribe moisturizers for all skin types all year since hydration is essential for keeping skin looking young and healthy. “Look for compounds like ceramides or hyaluronic acid, which are the building blocks of skin moisture retention,” says the expert.

Rosehip oil for effective skincare routine by organic life plus on bellafricana marketplace

Rosehip oil is High in Vitamin A known as trans-retinoic acid which helps prevent premature aging. It’s a product of Organic life plus, this product helps prevents and treat acne, and fades acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. It protects the skin from sun damage and is useful in the treatment of eczema and other skin infection. Moreover, rosehip oil can also be used to effect hair growth as well.


Janeli Skincare scrub has over time been able to stand out from the crowd, but why do you need a skin scrub? First, it helps in natural skin lightening and it’s perfect for fighting acne. it’s a preventive measure for body hair growth, and reduces scars, stretch marks, and cellulite appearance. Janeli body scrub has a perfect combination of coconut, avocado, and sunflower-seed oils to soothe hormonal skin to eradicate the accumulation of dead skin cells that will result in excess oil or acne especially if you have oily skin.

Tumeric Scrub bu Janeli Global sold on bellafricana marketplace
Body Scrub

Similarly, Another excellent body scrub is the Laushi Coffee Scrub, formulated with the right blend of natural ingredients. Laushi is an invigorating scrub that effortlessly sloughs off dead skin. It also reduces scars and the appearance of cellulite, thereby stimulating blood flow and awakening your senses. This product will certainly leave your skin smooth, supple, and with an undeniable glow. Additionally, Laushi scrub is made of raw coffee beans from the Mambilla plateau, and the Himalayan mountains. This scrub will tighten, soften and brighten your skin, increasing cell turnover and giving you younger-looking skin.

Use this amazing scrub to – Slough off dead skin and real new skin beneath . This effective skincare routine helps achieve firmer younger skin. Made by Modara naturals.

Laushi body scrub by Modara Naturals on bellafricana marketplace


Just as the saying “practice makes perfect”. it therefore means, to achieve that bright, glamorous and breath taking shiny skin, one has to have a special routine of skincare product to help nourish the skin with just the right nutrients and ingredients.

This daily or weekly routine will enhance your skin beauty and live your skin flawless. If you need more options of skincare items to work with click here, to select from tons of products on this marketplace.


Meet The Founder of Midas Naturals | Exclusive Interview

You might have been wondering who the brain behind Midas Naturals is. Well, say no more, the Bellafricana fairy has waved her magic wand and now presents to you the PhD research scientist with a golden touch on natural products for hair and skin care.
Somi Igbene is a tenacious entrepreneur, who puts great effort and time into producing quality natural products for both her and many other women.
She is not just all brains! The Founder of Midas Naturals is also very fun to be around. Let’s meet her

Q & A

Please introduce yourself and your background.

Hello, my name is Somi Igbene. I am a research scientist (PhD) and a medical writer with a passion for all things natural.
Midas Naturals Somi Igbene

Please tell us about your work. How did Midas Naturals start?

Midas Naturals was born when I decided to stop chemically processing my own natural hair back in 2011. The natural hair community as we know it now was not as big back then, and I knew that once the ‘natural hair movement’ got to Nigeria, a lot of women would want quality hair products. I decided to draw from my science background and start making natural products for hair and skin care.

Where did the idea for Midas Naturals come from? Where do you find the inspiration for your natural skin products?

The idea for Midas Naturals came from my need to have constant access to products that were made with high quality, cruelty-free ingredients. I also knew that many other ladies (both natural and relaxed) would benefit from them. I get inspiration from women who talk to me about their hair and skin care issues. Their complaints help me formulate the products that address their specific needs.

Can you remember the first natural product you produced? What makes it memorable?

Most ladies with natural hair will attest to the fact that a deep conditioner is one of the most important staples in any hair care routine. So naturally, it was the first thing I HAD to make. It is so memorable because it took me a very long time to get a product that I knew would work for myself and many other women.

What are the challenges you face in business?

As we are a relatively new business our major challenge right now is exposure/publicity. We know we have products that work amazingly well, but not a lot of people know about the brand.

What is your most popular item/product (include image)?

The detangling/conditioning wash is probably the most popular item at the moment. It is great because it is a 3-in-1 product. It can be used to detangle the hair, it gently cleanses the scalp (so it can be used in place of a regular shampoo) while conditioning the hair, and it can be used as a deep conditioner.
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana

SMEs in the beauty industry is fast growing, what would you say triggered this growth and how is Midas Natural different from the rest?

I believe the growth has been triggered by the natural hair movement, as well as the desire to stop using chemicals on the skin and hair. Midas Naturals is different from other companies out there because our products are made for the typical African woman. We have sourced the highest quality ingredients for all our products and our products have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality assurance, and meet UK/EU standards. We can confidently attest to the fact that our products are free of nasty chemicals, and have not been tested on animals. Our products are also vegan.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

This is probably not going to be the typical answer, but I honestly just want a happy, balanced life. Work wise, I would love for Midas Naturals to become the preferred and trusted beauty brand in Nigeria and Africa.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a very fun, down-to-earth person even though I often come across as an ice queen. LOL!

For someone who wishes to take up this kind of career, what kind of advice would you give them? Also, if you could give one piece of advice to youths who want to start their own company, what would it be?

Midas Naturals is still a relatively new business so I can’t give any particularly amazing advice right now apart from the fact that you need to be sure it is what you want to do and be ready to put in as much work as possible. There will be a lot of ups and downs, disappointments and successes, but no matter what, never give up. For youths, who want to start their own business, do your research and make sure you are passionate about what you want to do. Without passion, you will quickly get bored and quit.

And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share two to four images of your work and tell us a little about each.

Papaya Radiance range: This range was made particularly for women who want to have a brighter skin tone without the use of chemicals, including kojic acid and alpha arbuitin. The papaya radiance range is made with papaya seed oil, which contains the enzyme papain that naturally exfoliates the skin to reveal a brighter skin tone.
Kiwi Crème leave-in conditioner: This is particularly great for those with very dry hair. Our leave-in is made with camellia and kiwi oils, and aloe vera butter, all known to infuse deep moisture into dry hair.
Avocado & Banana sealing balm: This product seals your hair and infuses amazing shine without leaving it feeling limp and greasy.

Check out some of Midas Naturals’ products below;

Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Thanks a lot Somi for your beautiful response. We are always proud to see young people growing a business.
We hope to join you in your journey as a successful business owner.
Here’s a link to Midas Naturals’ page as a verified lister on Bellafricana: https://bellafricana.com/listing/lagos-midas-naturals/
Midas Natural is Bellafricana Verified

Where to Get Natural Hair Products and Skincare Products in Nigeria

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] If you’re looking for where to buy Natural hair products in Nigeria you must agree that getting quality natural hair and skincare products here can be quite a daunting task.
I have bought terrible coconut oil several times and paid dearly for it. So at Bellafricana, we have identified this need and we want to make it easier for people to get the best quality henceforth.
Did I hear you say; “Yippee the days of wondering where to get quality natural hair and skincare products are over!”?
Yes beautiful people, they surely are!
So come on let’s look at these places with all the trusted natural hair and skincare goodies in Nigeria.[/dropcap]
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Meet The Founder of Mint Organic Care | Exclusive Interview

Creativity can be expressed in a lot of ways. Often times, I have come to realise there is always a story behind a brand which is what brought about Bellafricana exclusive interviews. These people inspire me and I hope they inspire you too. Janada Ladidi Kwaji identified a real need in the skin care industry in Nigeria and decided to find solutions whilst exploring her creativity. You need to read her story…

Q & A

  • Brief info about who you are and what you do.

My name is Janada Ladidi Kwaji, I live in Abuja and I’m from Adamawa State, Nigeria. The middle child out of five children, I am also the second and youngest daughter. I was born in Lagos but moved to the United States when I was 2 years old and began school shortly after. I then went on to school in Lagos, Lome (Togo), Ottawa (Canada) and then finally back to the U.S again.

I got my undergraduate degree in Economics from The Pennsylvania State University and my Masters in Public Policy from Georgetown University in Washington DC. I moved back to Nigeria in November 2013, completed my NYSC (a compulsory service for Nigeria youths) a year later and started Mint Organic Care (MOC).

  • Please tell us about your work.

Mint Organic Care is a luxury handmade bath and body product line manufactured and packaged in Nigeria.  Based in Abuja, we use the purest and most natural ingredients from all over the world to create the best products for skin. All our products are completely chemical and toxin free.

  • How did Mint Organic Care start? 

MOC started out somewhat accidentally in that I never had any intention to go into skincare business. Anyway, it started shortly before I moved back to Nigeria. I have always had sensitive skin and not particularly beautiful skin. As a result I have at one point or another struggled with various skin conditions that plague a lot of individuals. After being put on countless topical medications, I decided to try organic products that were parabens and chemical free.

I saw a clear difference in the way my skin responded to these products and I truly just enjoyed the way they felt. When I moved back to Nigeria I found it difficult to find properly packaged and manufactured organic body products that I enjoyed using.

They were too raw, poorly manufactured or simply adulterated. I then had the idea to make my own products for personal use, and since they were for personal consumption I wanted to splurge on importing the best and purest ingredients I could get.  I then took a class in Los Angeles to ensure that I knew what I was doing and made the best use of the ingredients for optimal health and luxury.

Eventually, friends and family enjoyed the products so much that I was encouraged by everyone around me to turn it into a business.  I then took a more professional class to get certified in making the products and ensuring my methods were FDA certified. Mint Organic Care was born shortly after!

  • Where does your motivation for skin care come from?

A lot of my motivation is derived from the simple fact that our skin is the largest organ on our body and is the first thing people see.  While some people are born with naturally beautiful skin, many of us are not. Rather than spending tons of money on inorganic products that have no nutritive value, I found that God has blessed us with the best ingredients for our body from nature.

Above all, I have a borderline obsession with skincare products, their ingredients and how they feel! Whenever I travel to a new country, I take time out to find their most organic store, find out what products and ingredients are indigenous to that country and learn about their health benefits.

I also wanted people to sincerely enjoy and feel pampered during simple daily regimens such as taking a bath; not only relishing the experience, but also feeling absolutely confident that they are using the best and healthiest ingredients for their body.

  • Can you remember the first product you made/sold? 

I remember both! The first product I made was not the first product I sold. I first made cocoa butter hand soap, which turned out quite well! A few weeks later my friend ordered body scrubs and bar soaps for her company hampers for the Christmas holidays.

  • What areas of concern do you see the most in this industry? 

Ingredient procurement, Information asymmetry and quality control- although I think the latter two are more specific to Nigeria as a country.

  • Would you refer to yourself as a skin care specialist? 

No, I would not consider myself as a skin care specialist. As I mentioned earlier I “accidentally” fell into the skincare industry and had no prior specialised knowledge. I would confidently say however that I am very knowledgeable in natural skincare product making and skin health. I am learning everyday and may one day find it necessary to get the certification of a skincare specialist.

  • What are the challenges you face in business? 

Honestly, I don’t believe running a business anywhere in the world is easy, not to mention Nigeria. My greatest challenge is trying to run a quality business in Nigeria while keeping fair prices. My second greatest challenge is specific to the organic industry and that’s procuring ingredients. Because they are natural resources, the unadulterated versions are available in limited supply. Furthermore, I try to acquire the various ingredients from their respective indigenous countries, so importation and custom duties are definitely a challenge.

  • What is your most popular item (include image)? 

My two most popular items are the bath bombs and the creamy coconut bar soap.

Bath bombs by Mint Organic Care natural skin product
Bath bombs by Mint Organic Care
creamy coconut bar soap naturals by mint organic care
creamy coconut bar soap by mint organic care
  • What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life? 

I aim to expand MOC as an international brand with stores in various African cities. I absolutely will be going back to my degree in public policy and resolve to influence policy change that positively affects the way Nigeria functions as a country.

  • What would people be surprised to learn about you? 

My sense of smell and nose are ridiculously strong. I got it from my mother and I am very thankful as it makes my job a lot easier. God definitely had these plans for me before I had them for myself! LOL

  • For someone who wishes to take up this kind of career, what kind of advice would you give them? Also, if you could give one piece of advice to youths who want to start their own company, what would it be? 

I would advise that they unquestionably have the passion and vision for skincare and organic products. For youths wanting to start their own company-

“pray for wisdom and strength and then go for it”.

It may not start out as the image you had initially, yet with hard work and dedication you will begin to see your vision materialize. However, I would stress to make sure you have a clearly written out business plan prior to starting.

Once the business starts you tend to get an overload of advice and input from various people, while at the same time things may not pan out as you thought they would. Therefore, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, side tracked and confused. When you have a written out business plan with realistic timelines and goals, you have that blueprint to keep you focused and on track.

  • And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share two to four images of your work and tell us a little about each (basically sell yourself, include the package for events & wedding etc). 

One of the things I love most about what I do is the creative mobility. Each time I go into my lab to create something there is always an element of surprise with how the finished product turns out.  This creativity is also often explored with customers for their events and weddings.  Here are photos from a pink and gold themed wedding. I also enjoy putting together the gift boxes for customers, which are customizable by both colour and scent. Here is a photo of a men’s gift box customized according to the scent.

mint organic care Nigeria bellafricana digest

mint organic care products, Abuja Nigeria, bellafricana digest

mint organic care products Nigeria bellafricana digest
Mint organic gift for a gold and pink themed wedding

mint organic care product Nigeria bellafricana digest

If you are reading this and you have sensitive skin or you know somebody that does, kindly forward this interview to them.

Kudos Janada on your achievements so far, and I’m glad you have taken up the courage to fill a gap in the skin care industry in Nigeria.

I for one will be your customer as not only am I drawn to beautiful packages but I also love organic skin products. Like come on who doesn’t like smooth fresh skin 😉

You can reach Janada via her email on [email protected]

Thanks Janada for participating in Bellafricana’s Exclusive Interviews! We wish you the very best in your business and look forward to you opening your online shop at www.bellafricana.com


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