Raw Natural Honey, Does More Than Just Its Name


The first time I heard the word ‘honey’, I actually thought it to be a name. But then it became confusing the way my neighbor and his wife both had the same name. Could they be related and married? That was really a disturbing and funny childhood thought really, kids live the best imaginary life.

As a child also, I never really like the cartoon ‘winnie the pooh’ cause of the way they always kept shouting ‘Christoper Robert, Christopher Robert’, or moreso why winnie the bear could never get enough of honey. Now obviously more advanced in age it all makes sense.
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It is true, that the best things of life are free and honey is just another reason that proves this point. Here are some facts I discovered overtime and I thought to share them with you;
Nature’s Natural Energy Drink
A saying goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, so also a spoonful of honey a day gives you an all round undiluted boost of natural energy (without side-effects). With the right balance of fructose and glucose, has just the right amount of carbohydrate needed for an individual. In fact, it is recommended to take a spoonful of honey before a workout session.

Helps Boost The Memory
As you age, the tendency to forget things easily is quite inevitable, but with the ability of honey to absorb calcium within the body, this makes it possible for you to also absorb key vitamins and prevent memory loss.

Great For Skincare
Also knowing the fact that looking good should be a priority as individuals, honey helps with different skincare routines; acne, unclogging of the skin, anti-aging etc. Sheknows list out all this benefits of this helpful skincare routines and combinations to keep you looking stellar overtime.

Helps You Sleep Better
Its intake aid to lighten your mood thereby making you happy and giving you a better sleep cycle. It causes a rise in the level of our insulin, thereby secreting seretonin, and melatonin which aid sleep.

Remedy For; cold, wounds/burns,  or allergies
Honey for example being combined with ginger and lemon/lime with warm water has overtime been known to be a great cure for common cold. Also great for cough/respiratory tract issues or allergies due to the secretion of histamine, applying it on a wound/burn disinfects it thanks to its anti-bacteria and anti-fungi properties.
This is why we have carefully gone a quest to give you the best of the best, made from the purest of ingredients, and gotten from the earth’s crust itself…LOL! (just joking)
We have quality honey for you, from our Bellafricana Verified Members that you can check out today on Instagram or call, @bountieshoney (08092838322) and @wuranaturals (09093013196).

Wouldn’t you rather have honey for your troubles?

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