Last minute Mother’s Day Gift package on a budget

An important day every month of March yearly holds a significance not because of a serendipitous cosmic event or some famous historical birth but because it is the day the world agrees that mothers should be acknowledged and motherhood, celebrated.

On this special day, not only mothers but mentors, Godmothers, teachers, and absolutely every person that represents a mother figure are brought to the very forefront by their offspring and loved ones in recognition of the courage and selflessness that they embody through the rigor of child bearing and motherhood.

Well I’m sure you have realized that the D-day is here and if you still have not found the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift item for her, this list is just perfect for you!

Let’s help you get your “mamushka” the perfect Mother’s Day Gift gift on a budget shall we?

1. Handprinted fabrics

Hardly will you find an African mother who does not treasure the looks of a beautifully designed fabric on her. These fabric are handprinted with love and care, and it is a certainty that she will love them.

a. Get handprinted fabric like this from Mimiremi Textiles here

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric


b. Patterned hand-dyed adire fabric says will make your mom’s day. Trust us when we say so. Get beautiful adire fabric from Adire lounge here.

Adire lounge fabric 1
Adire lounge fabric
Adire fabric 2
Adire lounge fabric

c. Asologe Fashion House is another store to find unique and versatile Adire prints. You can get Adire on Lace, fused with Aso-oke, and lots more. Your mom will sure love them. You can place your order here

Asologe 3

Asologe 3
Asologe 3


2. Skincare products

Another gift idea for your Mom would be a skincare set. Treat her skin to luxury skincare products that she’ll cherish for a long time.

See skincare products here:

modara naturals Mom's day set
modara naturals Mom’s day set

a. Get this special mother’s day skincare giftbox from Modara Naturals here:

Haske Body Butter
Sha Face Oil
Brilho Body Oil
Sinmi Foot Scrub
Ori Body Butter
Laushi Coffee Scrub
Safi Coconut Oil
Asakwa Black Soap

Plus a customized Modara towel.

Price- ₦20,000

organic life plus mom's day set
organic life plus mom’s day set

b.  This set of body oils and facial cleansers from Organic Life Plus will do wonders to your Mom’s skin. They also come with a customized box. Order yours here

rb organics face set
rb organics face set

c. You can also order a full face set from RB organics

This set contains:

Wash ₦2,500
Cream ₦4,000
Toner ₦2,500
Mask ₦4,000
Vitamin C Serum ₦8,500
Discount price ₦20,000

You get to save ₦1,500 from ordering the full set too😍. Amazing isn’t it? Order them here

3. Bags

If you have a budget planned and you desire to bring a wide and genuine smile to her face then you should go for a very classy and fashionable handbag. Guess what? You can never go wrong with bags!

When donned properly, they bring the perfect embellishment to any outfit and make her ooze style. Where can you get them? See a list of bags from Bellafricana verified brands that you can get gorgeous bags from:

a. Morin O bags are made from original, leather and would definitely put a wide grin on your Mom’s face.


Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag
Morin-O bag


Order bags from Morin O here

b.  Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi is another brand that serves trendy, African-Inspired, and irresistible bags. Mom will be so pleased with these:

Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Utu bag
Ethnik Naserian bag
Ethnik Naserian bag

Order them here

c. O’Eclat bags are your go-to if you need bags that never go out of style, and will keep Mom trendy and Chic. Shop them here

oeclat bags

oeclat bags

d. Think Oba couture if you’re opting for Embossed animal leather bags that are spacious!

Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag
Oba couture bag

e. Mira Oma Luxury is another brand that we trust for quality handmade bags that you can gift your mom. Order for them here

Miraoma bag set
Miraoma bag set
mira oma laptop bag
mira oma laptop bag

4. Shoes

It’s Mother’s Day and You really want to make sure you tell your mum how beautiful she is, truth is, every mother wants to know that they are still looking young and beautiful and there’s no better way to tell her than getting her a pair of nicely crafted shoes.

Boxing up anything from flat soles to sneakers (for the funky mum) delivers the message beautifully well.

Check out these beautiful shoes below:


Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik eyo sneakers in yellow
Ethnik Eyo sneakers
Ethnik Eyo sneakers

Get them Here

b. If your mom would rather be comfortable with flats, Here are some sandals from Oba couture she would absolutely love. Shop them here

Oba couture pam slippers

Oba Couture flat sandals
Oba Couture flat sandals

Which of these would you get for your mom? Tell me in the comments.

Valentine’s day gift packages on a budget

Valentine is around the corner. With so many things on your mind, you might have forgotten to get that special someone a gift. Don’t fret, they’ll understand if you chose February 14th (of all days) to show how much you mean to them.

Wait, before you give up, there just might be a solution. Say you’re stuck in a sea of options and you’ve got to do last minute shopping on a budget, there are some places that come highly recommended where you can get your loved one budget-friendly gifts this valentine’s day. Let’s dive right in:

1. Beautiful Hand printed fabric:

Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric Mimiremi textiles handprinted fabric

Step outside the box and dazzle your loved one with beautiful, hand printed fabric from Mimiremi Textiles.

These fabric come in a variety of designs and colors, all crafted with care, reflecting how much you feel about that special one.

What you’ll love the most is them is how inexpensive they are. A yard goes for ₦4,000 only

Hard to believe right? Place your orders right away.

Visit them on Instagram here

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

2. Beautiful Briefcase Package:

Valentines package from detail africa












Treat your loved one like the boss they are. Get them this economic valentine’s package from Detail Africa. In this package, you get:

  • A briefcase with a customised tag.
  • Product packaging
  • Selected photograph with a special valentine’s card
  •  Freshly cut roses ( for females only)

Price : ₦50,000

Order today

Visit them on Instagram and make an order here

3. Love themed Throw pillows:

Get all lovey-dovey with customized throw pillows from Adire Lounge.

You also get to select a box  containing throw pillows, scented candles, adire printed mugs, tote bags, and lots more. Set the right mood with these and more.

Select your preference below:

Valentine's package for Him Adire Lounge
Valentine's package for her
Price: ₦20,000
Throw pillows from Adire Lounge
Price ₦3800, Big throw pilllows: ₦5,000

Throw pillows frrom adire Lounge


Connect with adire lounge on Instagram here

Place your orders here

4. Handbags for the one you love:

Naserian bag by Tunde OwolabiNaserian bag by Tunde Owolabi

Make Valentine special for the one you love with this Naserian bag, or the Utu bag in all their glory from Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

A tasty blend of Asooke and leather, these bags are the perfect gift for her. You need to order this beauty?

Click on this link to connect with Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi.

Place an order directly on whatsapp here

5. Scented candles to set the mood:

Scented candles from dach 2

Set the right mood for valentine’s day with relaxing, aromatherapic candles made of musk, amber and rose. Or you could  settle for the pink champagne and Pomelo. From prices as low as ₦5,500 you can literally sniff love in the air. Dach Home and body is here to take your orders.

Visit Dach Home and Body’s  instagram feed here

Or Place an order directly on instagram here

6.  Scented Perfume Oils

Perfume oils from Tiwi

Tiwi home fragrances has a range of scented perfume oils which you can gift your loved ones that special day.  Sensuelle. Rose and mask. Oudh Arabia. Oudh Savour. Any flavours you choose sends the right message and will serenade your loved one.

Connect with Tiwi Home Fragrances on Instagram here

You can place an order here to get your scented perfume oils.

7. Lover’s  Foot pack

Foot bombs by sahara sunrise

Take this as a bonus. It comprises the Foot balm, Foot mask, Foot soak bath bomb, and peppermint foot scrub. Use it to give your love a pedicure. It is endearing, caring and sensual!

I suggest you wear the free Valentine hat while giving the pedicure for a good laugh! Price: ₦4,000.

Connect with Sahara Sunrise on Instagram here

Order for your foot pack here

Are you ready to stun that special someoene this valentine’s day? Select any (or all 😂) of the gift ideas above, and you’ll be glad you did.

6 Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Gift ideas for your boss can be tasking and sometimes very tiring. You don’t want to be too informal and get a gift that would be considered inappropriate. Neither will you want to get a gift that is considered too cheap and not fit for a boss.

That’s not even all, you still have to make sure whatever you choose or decide to gift your boss is within your budget because no one is trying to get broke all in the name of gifting a boss. Thankfully, that is why I am here today.

Having done some proper research, I have come up with 6 gift ideas for your boss, keep reading to see them.


First, when its customized, you know it is special and giving this to a boss, tell me how he/she would not appreciate it or smile everything they see the pillow from you.

Gifts for your boss


Ever thought of giving your boss a card? No! It is not too small, especially when you have it customized and with a personalized message. I bet you, he would be so happy. You should contact us to hook you up.Gifts for your boss

3. Footwear;

I don’t for a moment think your boss would not be glad if you got them a unique footwear as a gift. The word is ‘unique’, you don’t want to get him or her something that doesn’t depict elegance. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t have to be expensive, you can contact us to get you started. Shoe from Pere Lei

Footwear from Kaspen

4. Scented Candles;

When thinking of gift ideas for your boss, you should also think about what they need. That helps you to make better gift choices.  Now, have you thought of some scented candles? This would go well in their office space or at home. And every time the sweet smell from this candles are commented on, they remember you. Contact us now to get them.Scented candles and diffuser from Tiwi FragranceScented candles and diffuser from Tiwi Fragrance

5. Laptop Bag;

In a world where almost everyone has a laptop, your boss would be so happy to get a laptop bag as a gift from you. Hold on, not just any laptop bag but one with a difference, get him an Aso-oke lap top bag, keep scrolling to see a picture below.

Laptop bag from Tyty design as gift for your boss

6. T-Shirts;

Contrary to popular believe that clothes are too expensive for a gift, there are amazing and affordable outfits you can get for your boss and still not break a bank. Check out some ideas below;

Gift idea for your boss

Gift idea for your boss from Mmabon

What was your issue again? With items on this list, you can’t go wrong with gift ideas for your boss. To get any of these mentioned above, click here to contact us and place your order now.

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