Here are some amazing gift ideas for you. It’s never out of season to give our loved ones gifts but most times we find ourselves scrambling for gift ideas. Bellafricana has taken this into consideration and we have rounded up some really amazing gift ideas just for you. Come on let’s take a look at them…

Gift Ideas in Nigeria

A gift is more cherished when it is totally unique. I know you don’t want to go through the stress of looking for the perfect gift to get someone only for it not to wow the person.
Below are some terrific gift ideas that will always WOW

Laptop Bags

This is one really amazing gift option you can find in Nigeria. There are really creative style of laptop bags that you can give as a gift that will be highly appreciated.
First, there is the Aso Oke laptop bag made in different styles. Aso Òkè is a fabric of the Yorùbá (a tribe in Nigeria) heritage, dating back to several centuries ago.
When used in making laptop bags, Aso Oke gives a unique look from the regular everyday laptop bag. To get an Aso Oke laptop bag that is crafted specially with the highest quality available, we recommend you contact Ehnik by Tunde Owolabi. There are varieties of colours to choose from and different designs you can purchase.
The theme at Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi, pride themselves with delivering on time and precisely to your need.
The truth is, if you want to press my mumu (means silly in Nigeria) button, all you need to do is buy me one of Ethnik’s bags. You can have a look at numerous other gift items made by Ethnik on their listing page HERE or simply contact them directly.
Call: +2349090003789
Email: ethnikasooke@gmail.com or
Visit: www.ethnik.com.ng

The other form of stylish laptop bag you can get as a gift option is Ankara Laptop bags. These too are equally unique and of high quality. You will get really neat and good quality ones  from African Bags.  Check out there listing page HERE or contact them directly;
Call: +2347084054748
Email: info@thepotterssignature.com
Website: www.thepotterssignature.com


Jewelries are every lady’s best friend. Very few women do not have a penchant for good quality jewelry. Even the male folks today, can’t get enough of the wrist beads that’s now a fashionable addition  to a man’s dressing.
You can never go wrong when you get premium quality jewelries as your gift. There are several places you can get decent jewelries but if you want something Unique and of very high quality, we recommend Itoro Okon and Baiye Jewellery.
Jewelery by Itoro Okon will set you apart in the crowd and is very durable. You can have a look at various Itoro Okon works on their listing page HERE. Or simply contact her directly!
Call: +2348147542409
Email: info@itorookon.com
Visit: www.itorookon.com

Baiye Jewellery is the perfect choice for wedding gifts, for ladies that love very simple yet classy jewellery etc. Checkout Baiye Jewellery listing page HERE to see more about them or contact them directly;
Email: baiyejewellery@gmail.com
Visit: lovebaiye.com


Now these are not just your everyday backpacks. So in case you’re thinking ‘who will gift backpack help’, these ones will definitely be well appreciated.
For the kind of backpacks that will wow the person you’re gifting, get the ones that are made with premium quality African fabrics such as Ankara, Kente etc. and leather.
They are unique backpacks that will stand out in the crowd. You can choose from a lot of varieties, check African Things’ listing page HERE to make your choice, or simply contact them directly.
Call: +2348166725362
Email: support@africanthings.org
Visit: www.africanthings.org


This is one of the top quality gift options there is. When you want gift ideas for people of high calibre, you don’t need to look too far.
Just check out the quality works of TPS bags and you will find exactly what you need. The beautiful part to this is that you will surely see the look of appreciation on the face of the person you give this gift to.
See the varieties of tote handbags by TPS on their listing page HERE or simply contact them directly
Call: +2347084054748
Email: info@thepotterssignature.com
Website: www.thepotterssignature.com

Gift ideas in Nigeria from The Potters Signature on bellafricana
Gift ideas in Nigeria from The Potters Signature on bellafricana
Gift ideas in Nigeria from The Potters Signature on bellafricana
Also, you can get really good handbags from African Things
Ankara Detailed Had Bag made by African Things a Bellafricana Verified merchant | gift idea
Another place to get good hand bags is from Bliss African Bags
Call: +2347063463066
Email: blisstraininginstitute@gmail.com

Unique Lamp Stands

Giving someone something they can’t find everywhere goes a long way. You will find such person trying to preserve that gift for a long time.
Get neatly made Lamp Stands by MitiMeth as your gift option and you will have this kind of effect. The lamp stands are eco-friendly, made from water hyacinth and African fabrics.
To see more gift ideas from MitiMeth checkout their listing page HERE, or contact them directly;
Call +2347057081482,
Email: mitimeth@gmail.com or
Visit: www.mitimeth.com

African fabric and raffia woven lamp stand by MitiMeth | Gift Ideas
Buy Quality From The Potters Signature (TPS) | +2347084054748 | Email: mitimeth@gmail.com | Visit: www.mitimeth.com

Leather Sandals and Slippers

Everybody needs good pairs of sandals and slippers almost every time. This is one gift idea that you can never exhaust.
What will make yours stand out thought the the quality, durability and style. Order high quality made slippers and sandals from Terre Lagos according to you preference.
The durable and comfortable quality of their footwear is what they are especially known for. Also, you can be assured of good customer care.
Checkout more of Terre Lagos quality made leather sandals and slipper on their listing page HERE or simply contact them directly;
Call: +2348055994135 or +2349090099440
Email: terremessi@gmail.com

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