Bellafricana Marketplace Pop-up-Eve

It has been an awesome time at the Bellafricana marketplace pop-up event which commenced on the 9th and continues till the 18th of June. it has been an ultimate dadvenure as we planned this event for the wonderful fathers, brothers, sons, lovers, or any male figure who has been of great significance to anyone’s life.

Our shoppers have had a sizzling time of their lives, beaming with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. We curated an experience filled with excitement, surprises, and plenty of opportunities to show loved ones just how special they are.

As Father’s Day approaches, I find myself reflecting on the importance of paternal figures in our lives. They are the unsung heroes, providing unwavering love, guidance, and support. This year’s Bellafricana Marketplace Father’s Day Pop-Up Event is an experience like no other! From the symphony of colors and an atmosphere brimming with excitement and contagious energy, as shoppers troop in to get gifts in celebration of fatherhood in all its glory. The Bellafricana Marketplace had truly outdone itself in curating an event that honored fathers and showcased the best of African craftsmanship.


The marketplace is a treasure trove of unique and handcrafted gifts for every type of dad. From stylish accessories and clothing to personalized grooming products and exquisite home decor, there was something for every taste. One can’t help but feel inspired by the creativity and talent on display. Each item has a story, representing the dedication and passion of African artisans.

Gift box

customised pillows

In addition to the vibrant celebration of fatherhood, the Bellafricana Marketplace Father’s Day Pop-Up Event provided an enchanting experience with its idyllic location at the Good Beach. Nestled by sparkling waters and surrounded by nature’s beauty, this tranquil environment elevates the event, making it an even more enjoyable and unforgettable celebration.

The Good Beach not only provides a stunning backdrop but also offers a range of beachside activities that added to the Father’s Day celebrations. Families had the opportunity to engage in friendly games of beach volleyball, build sandcastles with their little ones, eat sumptuous meals, relax on beach loungers, and soak up the sun. The joyful laughter and playfulness of the shoppers created an atmosphere of pure joy and togetherness. That is why you should miss this event, this week. Join us the Bellafricana marketplace pop-up store located at 10b trinity avenue Oniru Lagos for a more fun dadventure.


The combination of the Bellafricana Marketplace Father’s Day Pop-Up Event and its idyllic location at the Good Beach creates a truly magical experience. The serene coastal setting, with its scenic views and beachside activities, enhanced the joy and celebration of fatherhood. It offers shoppers a chance to escape the everyday hustle and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. The Good Beach is the perfect backdrop for a memorable Father’s Day, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and making the event even more special. Don’t miss out on the fun, join us this week for more eggciting dadventure at the bellafricana marketplace pop-up-store. See you soon!

Cute African Names And Their Meaning

Cute African Names And Their Meaning

In Western cultures, we tend to choose names that are perhaps historical, or have been passed down in our families, or represent characters we loved in pieces of literature. But in many African cultures, parents choose names for their children with very strong, complex meanings. Here are 10 totally amazing African names you’ll want to name your children.


This is a name you’ll find a lot in the Igbo language of Western Africa. It means “the past is your strength” or “unity, the past is your strength” implying the generations that came in this family before this baby have built up strength for the baby.


Your baby could grow up to be a great entrepreneur if you give him or her this name. Tendaji means “makes things happen” in Swahili.


If you like the name “Bell” or “Bella” but want something more unique, you can get the same sound from this name, but with a very cool meaning: Ebele means “mercy” and “kindness” and is from the Igbo language. –


This name is from the Twsana language, spoken in southern Africa. It means “success,” which is probably something you thought when you finally finished hours of labour — but also you can pass on good luck and success to your baby.


If you want to steer away from Monica but like some of the sounds, Monifa has a wonderful meaning: it means “I am lucky.” The name comes from the Yoruba culture of southwestern Nigeria and Benin.


It can be shortened to just “Nki” (pronounced Nikki) as a nickname. It means “the best is still to come” or “the future is bright” in the Igbo language.


If you want to remind your child to pay his or her mother respect, name him or her Nneka which means “my mother is supreme” in Igbo.


If you’ve been estranged from your family, or perhaps were put up for adoption as a child and have been looking to build your own family, you’ll love the name Omolara. It means “a child is family” in the Yoruba culture.


Sekai comes from the Shona people living in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The name means “be humorous.”


You could call your child “Tammy” for short. The name Tamrat comes from Amharic, a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia. It means “Miracle.”


9 Tips For Vendors And Exhibitors

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Women Empowering Women

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Whoever said “women are their own worst enemies” wasn’t lying or understating either. Among women there is jealousy, envy, bitterness, competition, rivalry etc…. [/dropcap] Women empowering women is such a rarity.
We criticize one another’s style of dressing, background, lifestyle etc. We get in each other’s way negatively, seeking ways to bring down the next girl when we would do so much better minding our business and SUPPORTING one another.Continue reading

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Connect Nigeria E-Business fair 2017

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