6 Benefits of Shea Butter as Diaper Cream


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I am a new convert to the “Shea butter as diaper cream department” and this is not because I downplay the effects of shea butter on the skin. I’m just one of those that will think of Mr Biggs before remembering Chicken Republic.[/dropcap]
I’m a brand loyalist especially when it comes to my kids. I mean why would I want to change a product that I have used religiously for the past 7 years and has caused me no grief or complaint?
With both my kids, Blue Seal Vaseline was my go to Diaper cream for a number of reasons.
For starters, it is triple purified which means it has been purified not once or twice, but three times to ensure 100% purity and certified safe to be used on sensitive baby skin. I considered it the number 1 protectant against wetness and also an effective way to treat and prevent diaper rash.
Diaper rash can be caused by the following reasons

  • If you change diaper brands
  • When you leave the diaper on your baby’s bum too long
  • Friction brought on by the rubbing or chafing of the skin from a tight fitting diaper
  • Not protecting your baby’s skin before binding it in a diaper… etcbellafricana digest 6 effects of using shea butter as diaper cream VASELINE-BLUE-SEAL

My baby never got diaper rash with blue seal Vaseline as it provided a protective layer for her skin to keep out wetness that leads to rash and irritation. You can imagine how out of sorts I was when the brand suddenly disappeared into thin air.
In a desperate attempt to find a substitute, I purchased Pears Petroleum Jelly and it was too greasy, almost too “oily”and unlike the blue seal Vaseline, it was perfumed. This kind of announces that your baby has had a diaper change. bellafricana digest 6 effects of using shea butter as diaper cream VASELINE-BLUE-SEAL
Maybe it’s just me, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. However, at the time I had no alternative.
So a couple of months ago, I walked into a store and right there sitting on the shelf was my beloved Blue Seal Vaseline. In excitement I brought out ₦1000 to pay for what I assumed would be ₦800 max as it had been ₦500 at the last time of purchase. I figured only a couple of hundreds would have been added to it with the price hike in everything and what not.
I almost fainted when I was told it was ₦1,800.
WHAT!?! for 250ml?
On closer inspection, the jar was even missing the “Blue Seal”. It was Vaseline quite alright but there was no blue seal on it.
I put my beloved back on the shelf where it belonged and walked out thinking there must be another way around this diaper cream challenge.
After some extensive research, I realized that Organic Shea Butter works just as well. I have been using shea butter for 2 months and I have had absolutely no regrets. The effects of using shea butter as diaper cream cannot be overemphasized.

bellafricana digest 6 effects of using shea butter as diaper cream shea butter

  1. It locks in moisture and keeps out wetness
  2. It nourishes and protects delicate skin like that of a baby
  3. It is an emollient which means it has smoothing and softening qualities ideal for the skin.
  4. It is effective in treating and preventing diaper rash
  5. It relieves redness brought by diaper rash and irritation
  6. It moisturizes, therefore preventing and treating flaking and chafing

However, please note that shea butter should be used on your baby’s skin sparingly. Due to it’s thickness, a thin coat will suffice. Using too much may cause your baby’s pores to clog.
Where can you get organic shea butter?
Reach out to the under listed Bellafricana Verified Merchants.
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Leave a comment below and share your suggestions on other diaper creams. Also, if you already use shea butter on your baby, I would like to read about your experience.
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