Smart Decor Tips To Styling Your Home Like A Pro


With faint memories from the 90’s, the top notch decor in a home then was; a welcome mat, a rug, a 14′ television set, 4/5 sofa’s symmetrically arranged to fit the parlor, and pictures. If you did not have this standard decor set-up in your parlor in the 90’s, deep down you would know something was missing.

I particularly did not like the idea of hanging in cluster family pictures around the house “in the name of decor”. I mean from these pictures, I could tell your life story and history as a person… from the day you said “I do” till the day your child/children graduated from the university. Just Wonderful!
Perhaps this irking feel birthed the professionals we know today as “interior decors”, who have taken their time to style and beautify environments in a way you might not have thought of. Whilst some of you already have this scenery and custom (of plastering family pictures all over) deeply embedded in your bloodstreams (lol), I would be telling you some smart tips on how to style your home like a pro.

Pick A Base Color
A base color means the foundation color behind the scenes that gives life to your space, irrespective of it being rented or your personally acquired home. It is advisable in most cases  to choose neutral colors, as this help in absorbing or reflecting the light within your home not determinant on the number of windows you might have.
Furniture’s Are Everything
I can individually describe your personality based on your taste or design of furniture and its texture. While the goal is not to overcrowd your home (especially the sitting room or parlor) with these, you could get a sectional sofa if you have a small space as this would be quite enough to host visitors. Same applies for your dining room (if space permits) and your bedroom. Always think of how to maximize space, and not clog everywhere.
Be Stylish With Art Pieces & Antiques
Yes, I love, love, love these. I mean one or two pieces or artwork could really transform the dull atmosphere into a pleasant scenery. Now the goal is to place them at strategic places, e.g At a quiet angle where you can stand and see the whole house. Art is life on its own, so do invest in one or two pieces and thank me later.
Paint Your Ceilings
Paint your ceilings with brighter colors than the base colors, this way it always makes the room look brighter.
Pick The Right Curtain/Drape Length
This cannot be overemphasized. The right curtain color, length and texture gives your home a certain type of homey feel. More people however seem to be drifting towards the use of drapes, it is key to know the type that would blend in perfectly with your base colors, ceiling and furniture.
Hardwood Flooring If You Can
Hardwood flooring has come as an option to the popular German flooring, and it very durable given the fact that you ensure its regular cleaning. Unlike rugs which trap dust, or carpets which tear off, hardwood is quite resistant to wear and tear, and also gives a stylish look.
Some other accessories like mirrors and throw pillows give your home an elegant look depending on where you place it. For the mirrors, it’s advisable to place in an area to reflect what you would like to see often (like a chandelier).
In the case of lighting, don’t be boring doing the norm. Be creative, get a chandelier, or a cinema styled lamp holder, or a stylish bulb. Trust me, you would be so in love with it and get unending comments from visitors.

Lastly to make your bathroom space larger and have more room, try cutting out a box-shaped glass shower door rather than a custom bathtub.
What other decor tips do you know of? Feel free to share and help someone else out there.

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