POP With Maison Loulabelle! Kids Fashion At Its Best


POP {verb}
To make or cause a light explosive sound. By inference, to STAND OUT!
This is the perfect description of Maison Loulabelle’s Kids Fashion summer 2018 collection. Maison Loulabelle is an Afrocentric children’s wear brand, that creates fun, elegant and stylish pieces for children of all ages. Talk about kids fashion at its best.
I am sure you are wondering why I am suddenly into kids fashion. But don’t worry It is not time yet. lol. Anyway, here is how I found myself in this amazing world of colors laughter and beautifully crafted pieces.

Adulting is hard! It is so hard that on some days, some things happen and you realize that you need an adult to handle the situation. Then you realize that you are an adult. But you still feel like there should be an adultier adult at the scene. You know, someone who is successfully adulting. I know you can relate in one way or the other.

I was really tired of adulting few days ago, I thought about calling my parents and asking them to take me back in as a kid again so I don’t have to carry on all this responsibility anymore. In my supposed confusion and misery, I just went on Instagram to look through my feed and try my best to live vicariously through other people’s pictures, when I came across this lovely colorful image below. 
The smile on these kids faces literally made my day. They look super happy, like they are having so much fun. This is the best kind of living vicariously, and I bet you agree with me.
If you are ever having a bad day and you really need to smile, just open your Instagram app and find maison_loulabelle trust me, all your sadness will be wiped away. First, the children always look very happy, and fun. Don’t tell anyone, but I think Cynthia always bribes them with a lot of amazing things like beautiful outfits and candy. 🙂
I bet your kids will look very stylish and elegant in Maison Loulabelle pieces. I mean look at this super models below and just imagine your princess(es) in these fun summer ready outfits.

With this collection, Cynthia Oguntoye (Founder of Maison Loulabelle) tries to express the sight, sounds, smells and feels of her childhood long vacations. POP is colorful, playful and memorable as every child’s memory of the summer holidays should be. Check out a few pieces below and decide which pieces best suit your little ones.
Thank me later.;)

To order an item from the summer 2018 collection, follow them on Instagram @maison_loulabelle, call 08100000465 or send an email to [email protected]
You can also follow us @bell_africana so you don’t miss out on all the cool stuff we have in the box. 😉 

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