Perfect Gift Cards For Your Significant Other By NJP


When it comes to giving gift cards in Nigeria…most especially to my significant other .. Wow! I rack my brain for days endlessly. Social media has not made it any easier, with the stunts people pull (guys in most cases), you begin to wonder if you are indeed living or just merely existing. Instagram stories and twitter bloggers, not necessarily the gift givers, but the unpaid hype men.

They create so much buzz and standards that subconsciously you begin to compete with invisible people who don’t know you. They are mostly about 3 gift seasons in a year; valentine, birthday, Christmas and for the married folks ‘wedding anniversary’.
While these are peak periods, there really should not be restrictions in gifting your significant other. If indeed they are what you say they are, then gift giving should be a form of appreciation done regularly or an expression of your love. And NJP (Not Just Pulp) came up with the perfect idea, cards!! Sounds outdated right?
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These quirky gift cards made in Nigeria are not your regular cards, they help you create a warm, casual, but funny way of expressing your thoughts to that special someone. At times, these little actions go a long way in sustaining relationships.

NJP also with the help of other creatives puts together the best gift packages soothing for all occasions.

You would agree with me that these are the perfect gifts in Nigeria for your significant other right?

Amazing gift cards in Nigeria by Not Just Pulp (NJP)
Perfect gift cards in NigeriaNot forgetting a two-in-one, with these fancy cards you are able to express those deep thoughts of yours in written words too. Isn’t that just so cool?

These are more preferable to text or calls, because I can always put them at that spot where I see it, and I am reminded that someone truly does care. Check out more of NJP on instagram and place your order today @notjustpulp or email [email protected]

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