African Greeting Card Gift Ideas

Not Just Pulp African Greeting Card Gift Ideas

Everybody loves to be gifted greeting cards but when you make it a unique African greeting card gift idea, whether it’s for an occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, newborn or new accomplishments, it makes it extra special.

African Greeting card gift ideas has now become a good instrument through which one can easily convey his or her emotions and feelings in words. Greeting cards to a special person have a way of speaking deeply to the mind of the receiver, truth be told, this form of gifting plays a huge role as compared to receiving material items.

Not everyone can express their thoughts through words, that is why Not Just Pulp, a personalized card gift brand, helps to connect thoughts through written form and ignite bonds among people.

Here are some of the Unique African Greeting Card Gift Ideas you definitely would love to give to your loved ones:


We as humans love being appreciated for a favor they rendered, even as children, we all loved it when we got a present from our parents for doing something exceptional.

A nice Unique African Greeting Card to show how grateful you are to someone or what someone has done is a perfect gifting idea you should do. It goes a long way to tell the person that you see what he or she has done and you are appreciative of it.

This triggers the will to do better next time. This kind of card is given at workplaces to colleagues for helping you out, also given to someone who has been there in your downtimes. Trust me, this is a very effective way of showing your gratitude.


Mother Koboko card by Not Just Pulp sold on Bellafricana Marketplace

Iyaniwura Not Just Pulp Card

Mothers play a very crucial role in the family and society at large. A Mum’s gift card is one of the sweetest gifts any deserving mother can get.  This card is a nice way of letting mothers know that the role they played in our lives is priceless and we are proud of having them.

Yes, mothers love to be told sweet things too, and the best way to do this is through a nicely decorated and well-worded card gift. Try this gift idea and watch your mum scream with excitement. what better way to show love and gratitude to the mothers. This card can be gifted on special mothers day occasions, mothers anniversary, or birthdays.

When you make it a unique African greeting card gift idea by Not Just Pulp, whether it's for an occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, newborn or new accomplishments, it makes it extra special.

Letting a loved one or spouse know that their love is being felt and appreciated is a sure way to encourage deeper long-lasting love. surprising a loved one with this card being by their side while they wake up, or at work, or for help they rendered seems like a very interesting way of reaffirming and reminding them that you acknowledge their support, love, and care.



Funny but true, fathers are always our go-to persons for help, most definitely this kind gesture should be reciprocated in the kindest and simplest form one can. Gifting your dad a card gift is one nicest and most simple methods we need to try. This comes come in a box with other wonderful items but encrypts wonderful words to express your emotions and feelings.

When you make it a unique African greeting card gift idea by Not Just Pulp, whether it's for an occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, newborn or new accomplishments, it makes it extra special.


What better way to make your husband feel on top of the world than to appreciate him for being the husband in your life than a card that says how much you appreciate him.

There are more quirky and original cards made by Not Just Pulp and perfect as a Unique African Greeting Card Gift Idea for your loved one, so get shopping today!

Top 6 Afrocentric Gift Ideas

Ronke Scott Gallery Artworks MINIATURES sold on Bellafricana Marketplace

Have you been looking for Afrocentric gift ideas? With the global craving for African things worldwide, this is a market you need to delve into as various brands are looking for ways to incorporate African ideas into their gift items.

Have you ever visited a recreational center and seen the lovely display of Afrocentric decorations? or have you seen African souvenirs such as Ankara-covered books, Ankara gift bags, African-themed mugs, and so on?

If you love almost anything with an Afrocentric twist to it, then this article is for you to choose from a plethora of beautifully crafted handmade African products.

Here are 6 Afrocentric gift ideas for you:


There is a specific type of African print known as ‘Adire’, and Asologe has made it their business to deliver standard prints. Like ‘Alice in Wonderland, get lost in their store. Michelle Obama even had a dress sewn in this adire piece, and the good thing about it is that.. it is not limited to just dresses alone, but also; bags, scarves, shoes, etc.

      2. ART WORKS

Gift items in form of wall paintings are the best way to convey thoughts and emotions. telling stories using African histories and ideas. Best gift ideas for a wonderful family or a special person. Ronke Scott gallery is your go to for all things artworks.


I am yet to see someone who isn’t in love with jewelry, oh really, there are tons of people who love sleeky and simple styled jewelry, so don’t think you are out of place when making this selection.

Zivanora, stylish jewelry, and accessory brand has done justice to this particular work of art, from melting irons to artistic and aesthestic aesthetic design finishing. If you intend to win a woman’s heart, trust me, it will most likely end with a ‘yes’ to this beauty.


Sometimes the best expression for joy and love is best expressed through a personalised card and can be gifted to that special relative, family member, lover, spouse, good boss, great colleague, and significant other in your life. This Not Just Pulp quirky cards are handmade and careful done with some Nigerian humor You wanna make memories, try this one

Mother Koboko card by Not Just Pulp sold on Bellafricana MarketplaceJollof Happy Birthday Card by Not Just Pulp sold on Bellafricana Marketplace Dad Multi card by not just pulp sold on Bellafricana marketplace


We all deserve good skin therapy, well most times you can surprise your male or female spouse, friend, or any special human in your life, with a good spa session, but if that may cost too much, well this brings us to modara naturals skincare products, suitable for all skin types, nourishes and brightens any skin condition

Modara Naturals Body care gift box


Why do you think perfume diffusers will make great gifting ideas, Yes am asking you again, why perfume diffusers, oh well, good scent conveys emotions and feelings. Let the scent of this exotic perfume diffuser from a delectable perfumery and candle scent brand, Abela Scents do the talking for you. Did I hear you say, life made easy. yeah, you are so right.


All these amazing Afrocentric gift ideas are ideal packages to send out to loved ones, and perfect for all genders and people of all ages. Are you still looking for more options, click here to shop for tons of other wonderful ideas with African embellishments that you will love.


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