7 Months Gone? Here Are Some Motivation


Happy New Month Bellafricanians!! Today is a beautiful day, I thought it perfect for some Wednesday motivation, two more days to the weekend. Think of this as an appraisal, like we do at school with tests and continuous assessments, or at work with surveys, or at organizations with feedback forms.

It’s been 7 months through 2018 already just like that, and you begin to wonder where your morale or motivation from the “Happy New Year” countdown evaporated to… How time flies? How far off from your target you are? or maybe even, Why you still find yourself stuck in that career, business or relationship?

Lost In Thoughts

Your head starts to run in circles and mazes of a non-stop jamboree of depression, confusion, zero motivation. And then comparisons with others set in, forgetting we’re all running different races with different timelines. We tend to forget that every baby step made is an achievement in its sense; the successful launch of your business, the monthly salary that’s just enough for your transport and feeding, or the ability to be in a relationship where the only gift you can right now give to yourselves is meeting in person and holding hands. Crazy right!!
Nothing lasts forever, if at the beginning of this new month, of this bright glowing Wednesday, you can’t look back through the past few months, and see a reason to give yourself  a pat on the back, then you my friend are doing yourself more harm than good.
Look in the mirror

Do something practical, go to the mirror, look yourself in the face and remember;

  • You don’t start off with making a great big wall, just because it’s  your dream, but you start off with laying the first brick perfectly and continuously keep moving on. Rain, or Sun,  night or day, you keep going at it gradually. The great big wall of China wasn’t built in one day.
  • It’s human to feel this way; lost, stuck, confused, adrift, forgotten or invisible. It’s okay to relax every now and then.

“You get to decide where your time goes, you can either spend it moving forward or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others would decide for you”

Tony Morgan

  • In the famous slogan of the first black president of the United States of America, Barrack Obama “Yes We Can”. Yes you can still accomplish that goal, be the top brand, have a successful investment, be the manager or on the board of directors, or do that which you want to and be at peace with yourself having a sense of fulfillment.

Yes We Can

I doubt that if many investors/business owners/employees had given up on their focus/dreams, humanity would enjoy the variety we have today. If Bill Gates had given up on his dream we would not have Microsoft today, or if Mark Zuckerberg had allowed the initial setbacks to kill his morale or motivation, there would be no Facebook. And we all know the benefits we enjoy from these just to mention a few.
Watch this video below by WIll Smith and allow it to motivate your Wednesday;

You will get there, you will achieve great feats, you will celebrated in due time, with doggedness and determination. Don’t give up.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do”Robert H. Schuller

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