How do you Respond when a client says “I’ll get back to you”

How to respond when a client says I'll call you back

“I’ll get back to you” 

Five dreaded words every salesperson hates to hear. Especially after you just spent 20 hours calling, and nurturing this client.

Then voila! They drop the bombshell.

How do you respond?

Some horrible responses to that line are:

“Oh Okay, I’ll be waiting to hear back from you”- When? Probably Never. Because those prospects will most likely not call back.

“Alright. When can I call back?”– In the prospect’s head, he’ll think ”Maybe, Never”

Well before responding hastily ( and losing the client all together), you must try to understand why the prospect used that line. The reason could be one of three:


  1. Prospect does not trust your product:

 Think about it: It’s much easier for a prospect to say “I’ll get back to you”, than to say “Hi! I think your product sucks and I don’t want to waste my money” 

  2. Prospect needs more time to make findings:

Some prospects aren’t going to base their decisions on some things you have told them. Instead, they would rather make their own findings, check out the competition, and weigh their options before making a decision.

3. They’re probably not the “Final say” in the hierarchy of the company’s affairs.

So, they will have to report to a “Higher Authority before making the decision to buy your product or service.


Response 1: Frontal

In my experience, whenever a prospect tells me that, it’s either of 3 things (Proceed to paraphrase 3 reasons mentioned above). Which one of them is it right now?


What that response yields: Complete honesty. It’ll help you understand the prospect’s state of mind, and will give clarity on how to proceed from there.


Response 2: Defensive


X, I understand why you may need to take some time to rethink this. But let’s be honest with each other. The longer time you take making a good decision for your business, the longer that problem you’ve been trying to manage stays. Tell you what, why don;t you take XXX advice (give a free tip) and apply this to your business. I’ll be waiting for your feedback …


What this response yields: You have just reduced your prospect’s “think about it” time, without coercion, and helped him out at the same time. Chances are that you’ll be hearing from him soon.

Response 3:  Vulnerability


X, I really appreciate your taking time to hear me out. From your response, it might seem that I haven’t exactly communicated the value you’ll be getting from us well. So, why don’t you tell me what you would have loved to hear, that would have helped make a better decision? 


What this response yields: Again, you’ll take honest feedback which will help out …


Remember: These responses may not yield the results you desire all the time  It’ll however, help you perfect your sales skill, and help you work on areas that need adjustment.


Which of these responses are you planning to use?

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