Lessons In Branding 3 – DODO Design Agency Partners With Bellafricana


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Ideally this is the right place to reach out to a designer, because you have determined who you are and the document or notes you have put together (from step 1 and 2) can be used to guide the professional in their creation of branding and communication materials. [/dropcap]

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Normally, a creative agency could help you with these steps, to create a strong brand strategy and then finish it up with an equally strong message, logo, tagline, website, marketing materials and what have you. But if you want to do it yourself, this is an easy ‘cheat-sheet’ to help you DIY it.
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I’m sure you’re asking, is this worth my time, who has time to do all of this? Well, if you want a company with a unique and powerful message, that stands the test of time and stands out in the customer’s mind, against the new, competitive businesses springing up here and there in this market. I can assure you it is important.
Notes from the Author:
I genuinely hope this has been helpful for you and helps you give your business that needed push upward. As part of our partnership with Bellafricana, we are offering 5 businesses discounted services on brand strategy and branding services till the 31st of August. To reach us, simply email [email protected].
Thanks for reading and anticipate the logo reveal!
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