Always leave a message!


I always leave a message, especially if it’s important. And I have found out that it works.

You are calling a prospect again to remind him or her of your services. You ended into a voice mail again, just like you were the last time you called. And the time before that. And the time before that. What should you do?

Leave another message? Hang up and try again next week with the hopes of finally getting through to a real person?

Leave a message. Pleasant persistence always wins. Leave a message [text or voice mail] just often enough to remind your prospect of your services or product. But don’t call so often that you actually are making a nuisance of yourself.


Why Should You Leave A Message?
  1. You are gaining recognition for your product or services. You may not get through to your prospect this time or next, but the information you leave will.
  2. For another, you are building rapport with your prospect even if you are not making direct contact. Your continued calling will convince your prospect that your are consistent, and persistent.
  3. Finally, you are being informative. One of your products or services might be a sales item. You need to let your prospect know this so they have an opportunity to take advantage of the discount.


Keep your Messages short
  • This is important as you may be perceived as being “the intolerable nuisance” you think you are becoming. Remember KISS? Keep It Short and Simple.
  • Tell most of the important information first. Do not dawdle. Mentioning the benefits your services or product will provide first and then how to contact you.
  • At the end of the message, leave your phone number and/or web site address. Repeat your name, company name, and phone number one more time out of courtesy to the prospect so he or she doesn’t have to repeat the message.

In case your prospect finally decides to pick up the phone and return your call. And they will, you have already laid the ground work, making you one step closer to making a sale.

Choose your Reaction!

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