The New Bellafricana logo is out and I am excited to share the brand new look. A little while back, we announced that Bellafricana partnered with DODO Design Agency to unveil a brand new logo with a completely different look. Why you may ask? Simply because we wanted Bellafricana to portray a stronger global outlook connecting Africa’s best creations.

It’s been such an exciting time in house with the strategy sessions with DODO agency and finally unveiling the new logo. As you already know, with every business, growth is inevitable.
If you are curious about what exactly Bellafricana is all about, click link to read: Bellafricana Business Story. The story board below summarises the Bellafricana story.
The Bellafricana business story, how it started
The vision of Bellafricana is to be the foremost online platform for Afrocentric/Indigenous products and services delivering around the world through a mission of bridging the global buyer-seller gap of quality Afrocentric producers in Africa and their consumers globally.
So are you ready?
I’ll take it that you are (smiles)
Let’s take another look at the Old Bellafricana logo below;
Bellafricana old logo
Check out the New Bellafricana Logo below;
New Bellafricana Logo
Bellafricana Brand Guidelines for New logoBellafricana Brand Guidelines for New logo


So what do you think about the New Bellafricana logo? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below. Thanks in advance.
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About DODO Agency:
“DODO stands for a set of beliefs that define running business as not just making a profit but also enriching people’s lives and businesses”.
DODO is a creative agency that helps businesses stand out in the market. Through human-centered processes, we help brands build unique experiences for their customers.
Interested in Connecting with our Branding Partners DODO Agency or Bellafricana;
Follow DODO Design Agency on Instagram: @dodo_nigeria
Visit: www.dodo.ng
Call: +2348095221113
Email: susan@dodo.ng
Follow Bellafricana on Instagram: @bell_africana
Visit: www.bellafricana.com
Email: info@bellafricana.com or community@bellafricana.com
Call: +2348086363970

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  1. Sayo C December 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Well Done! SO great to see Bukky and Bellafricana evolve! Awesome new logo

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