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6 days Creative challengeOfficial Launch

On the 30th of April, our darling Bellafricana turned Four (4) years! Whoop! Whoop!

Bellafricana turns 4!

4 years of promoting the beauty of Africa not just to Africa, but to the world. 4 years or redefining the creative entrepreneurs story to the world, a story of quality, of sustainability, and of growth.

I recently just joined the Bellafricana family, but if being a part of this family could have such tremendous impact on my life in such a short while, then I can only begin to imagine how much Bellafricana has done for Members who have been around much longer.

On April 30th, when we posted this picture, it garnered 77 comments, and going through them brought so much joy.

One of the comments read :”Congratulations Bellafricana! It feels longer than 4 years considering how much you’ve grown and the amazing impact you have made”

And I couldn’t agree more! I was having a chat with my boss (and the founder of Bellafricana) Bukky Asehinde and she said to me: “I have never had small dreams for Bellafricana”.

And the manifestation of that statement is evident. In 4 years, we have become a game changer in the creative space. We have brought creative business owners from different parts of Nigeria, and Africa together, and our dreams are ever expanding.

Which brings me to the big news: On our anniversary date, we announced that we will be unveiling something really BIG on the 11th of May.

How big? Super super Big!

This unveiling will be ground-shaking! And you do not want to miss the big announcement.

Should I give you a clue? Nah, I won’t but starting tomorrow, we will be dropping teasers and hints up until the Launch date. So, if you’re not following us on Instagram, do that right away. Infact click on this link to do so.

Also, April 30th marked the end of the 30-day Bellafricana creatives challenge.



If you participated in the challenge (as much as you could), bravo to you. The feedback we got from participants were so encouraging. Some got an upsurge of profile visits, others were able to connect with their customers, while some made lots of sales!

We are super happy to have championed a cause that changed the lives of many business owners for good.

If you participated, I would love to hear from you. Kindly leave me a shout-out.



In 6 days, we will be unveiling something exciting!  Make sure to follow us on social so you can see LIVE updates! Countdown to May 11!


Incase you missed it, Bellafricana will be having a two-fold celebration on MAY 11. Two-fold? Yes! We are Launching a new platform that will be beneficial to ALL creative business owners across Africa! (more details at the unveiling).

That’s not all! We will also be celebrating the 4th Year Anniversary of our great community.

Guess what? We’ll be partying on Zoom! DJ confirmed as you can see on the flyer. We will also be entertaining Industry experts as well.

So here’s the thing: We are limited to a certain number of participants (100) and slots are filling up. I would very much want you to be part of that experience. So that’s why I’m bringing the Invite to your Inbox. Register here, so that we can reserve your slot:

I’ll love to attend!


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