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In focus today is Cameroon, mostly known globally by its physical and agile footballers (E.g Samuel Eto’o), is a Central African Nation. Unlike most nations, they have two official languages namely French and English. Blessed in abundance with plantation and wildlife, I would be showing you reasons why you need to add Cameroon to your ‘vacay’ list.

Cameroon National Museum
Once home to the first ever Cameroonian president, is the best place to kick start your journey. Rich in history and artifacts about the country and its origin, is located in Yaounde the capital of Cameroon. It has been known to host in numbers, indigenes and visitors alike, and was home to the then colonial masters.

Limbe Wildlife
Limbe wildlife gives you a 3D  front seat experience to the beauty of nature, and wildlife coming together to give you this awesome thrill. It shows you the serenity of animals in their natural habitat as they interact with each other and enjoy their space.

Bimbia Rain Forest
Just like the name implies, is beautified with plantation and blessed with different sorts of culinary experiences thanks to the density of variety of plantation and the abundance of rain. For food lovers, particularly those who enjoy sea-food, this is a good stop.

Mount Cameroon
Is a good spot for adventure, with a lot of trekking, which is good exercise for healthy living. Mt. Cameroon also has the the highest volcanic mountain peak in West Africa.

Benedict Museum of Mont-Febe
This unique structure was said to have been built and maintained by Father Luitfrid Marfu’t. With a hotel attached to it. It has diverse cultures, instruments and interesting delights for your viewing pleasure and experience.

Kribis: chutes de la lobe waterfalls
The location, the scenery, the joyous splash of the lush, crystal clear water body, the photography, the sights, you know what, I could keep going on and on. Check it out, you would obviously have no regrets.

These are some of the tourist locations, and beautiful places we discovered in Cameroon, does it tempt you enough to take a trip down there?
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