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African Platter Map: Liberian Peanut Soup (Thick And Meaty)

This (Peanut soup) is a Liberian lunch time special that comprises; peanut (s), herbs, spices and of course lots of meat.

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Tourism, The Beauty Of Africa (West Africa) : Cameroon

In focus today is Cameroon, mostly known globally by its physical and agile footballers (E.g Samuel Eto’o), is a Central African Nation. Unlike most nations, they have two official languages namely French and English. Blessed in abundance with plantation and wildlife, I would be showing you reasons why you need to add Cameroon to your ‘vacay’ list.

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Shea Butter Will Cheer You Up

Did you know Shea Butter is one of the world’s increasingly sought after ingredient for cosmetic products? And to think this goldmine is gotten from our beautiful Africa.
Oh yes it is! Shea butter is gotten majorly from the Western part of Africa. It has endless benefits for hair and skincare amongst other things.
What makes this natural substance so special and how will it cheer you up? Come along let’s find out…


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