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The gorgeous Adebola Ashade, is the CEO/Founder of Hadash Jewelry. Her beautiful smile and warm persona are a part of her that you can easily spot from the other end of the room. Adebola Ashade is an amazing woman who is breaking boundaries and shattering glass ceilings with her business, @adornedbyhadash

Hadash jewelry is an array of strings of glory that beautifies a woman’s neck. Every Hadash piece is intricately and artfully designed, using carefully sorted pearls, agate stones, and gemstones that are suitable for corporate and upscale women.

She creates designs that fit a niche for female executives who require jewelry pieces that stand out beautifully and are office ready. In simple terms, she ensures that her creations always make a statement of confidence, style and elegance. You know, just like the Toussaint in the oceans 8 movie, her jewelry pieces are priceless.
You can almost feel Adebola’s warm and vibrant personality when rocking a Hadash piece. It is almost as if she pours some amount of virtue into her works, that keep her clients looking graceful and queenly always.

Just like every entrepreneur, Adebola has had her own share of trying times, but her resilience and faith has always helped her glow through it all, and become a better version of herself. She believes that no one has been called into a life of mediocrity, but into a life of exploits and excellence. Adebola is a woman who is passionate about life, and everything that she does. This explains how she actively juggles a corporate job, while still being an entrepreneur, and taking care of family. All of these she does with so much joy. She makes it look so easy.

In her own words, ” The idea is to be significant, to live with a purpose, to be cultured. You don’t need to have #1million in your bank account, before you claim to be a millionaire. Focus on helping a million people, then you can boldly say you are a millionaire. Life is beautiful, but only you can determine how your life will look.”

You can connect with Adebola on instagram @adebola23, you can also shop Hadash pieces @adornedbyhadash
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