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Chinenye Umeike is the CEO of Kilienma, a company that manufactures makeup using mainly natural ingredients. Chinenye quit paid employment in 2015 to pursue a business in an industry she loved.

Being someone who is always mindful about the substances absorbed by her body, she decided to produce make up products that are void of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the skin and body. But that’s not all, she went ahead to ensure that the materials used in the production of her products nourish the skin and work on keeping the skin healthy.

After spending 16 years in paid employment and being in her 40s, one would think that she would lean back and retreat into comfort. But this was not the case with Chinenye. She looked past all the societal imposed rules, and chose to pursue what she loved.
Kilienma was birthed when she started paying closer attention to the products she used on her skin. She alongside her sister, who is also her business partner ventured into this industry to help other women look good while taking care of their skin too.

Chinenye believes that the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur are Patience, commitment and the willingness to learn. Chinenye is a goal getter. When she sets her heart to doing something, she works at it passionately and doesn’t give up. Her level of resilience and commitment is very rare in a most entrepreneurs these days and it has placed her on a pedestal.

Today, Kilienma products can be purchased at a number of stockist locations around the country, including Glamd Africa, located in Abuja, Nigeria. You can also contact Bellafricana if you would like to purchase any of her products, or connect with Kilienma on social media @kilienma
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