The Adire Inspired Brands You Should Know


Here are some Adire inspired brands you should know. At Bellafricana, not only are we consciously focused on the growth and success of our members, we are also creating an enabling community where they can cooperate, collaborate and thrive.

Adire textile as you may already know, pronounced as Ah-DEE-reh is an age old indigo die textile indigenous to the Yoruba tribe of the Southwestern Nigeria.

This textile is rich in beauty and culture as much a

s it has a rich history. Some have claimed that the diverse history originated centuries ago before it was then adopted. You should click here to read the culled history written.

Meet Bibire Fawehinmi, founder Asologe (click image to go to brand page)

Bibire Asologe founder bellafricana verified member

Asologe is inspired by various kinds of fabric designs, mostly Adire and the designers love for unique prints that portray the African culture accurately, while giving her designs an urban edge.

Asologe adire fabricAsologe adire scarf Asologe adire fabric bellafricana verified







Meet Jadesola Rawa founder Melia by Jade, adire inspired brands (click image to go to brand page)

Melia by Jade is a clothing brand in Nigeria that started about a year ago. The brand uses Adire, Tie & Dye, Kampala, Batik to design contemporary outfits such as shorts, jackets, playsuits, cape dresses, pants etc for the modern day, every day woman.

Melia by Jade adire kimono made in Nigeria adire inspired brand bellafricana verifiedMelia by Jade Nadu skirt made in Nigeria adire inspired brand bellafricana verifiedMelia by Jade new collection adire work dress made in Nigeria









Meet Cynthia Okochu, founder Adire Lounge (click image to go to brand page)

Cynthia Okochu founder Adire lounge Bellafricana member

The Adire lounge Textile Company has a mission of creating prosperity for African women, youths and their families. They achieve prosperity by creating unique, hand crafted products such as fabrics, scarves, tshirts and more of the highest quality.

Adire fabrics by adire Lounge Bellafricana verified member adire inspired brandsAdire-Lounge-Pink-and-White-Unisex-Socks bellafricana verified adire inspired brands made in NigeriaAdire scarf bellafricana verified adire inspired brands made in Nigeria


For the love of adire, have these products below;

ile ila-line-eyo_spirit-Adire bellafricana verified brand

Mmabon adire top bellafricana verified made in Nigeria

Oeclat Adire bag bellafricana verified made in Nigeria leather and adire bag

Patterned-Omorinsola-Dress-by-EONL-womens-office-wear bellafricana verified made in Nigeria

What really is this Bellafricana about? Bellafricana is the leading platform that empowers, supports and provides creative Indigenous Businesses with a platform to showcase their business and connect to their global consumers looking to patronise and trade with them.

Need quality creative products, think bellafricana!

What is your Mission: To Make Finding Quality Indigenous Businesses Easier.

But Why: We noticed a vast increase in the number of unique quality creative products made in Nigeria (Africa) but noticed a huge gap between local creative Indigenous Entrepreneurs and consumers.

Hence, we created this platform to bridge that gap. What better way than through online, which gives it a global opportunity.

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