Make A New Mum Smile With These Gifts

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio necklace sold on bellafricana marketplace

Do you know a new mum/mum-to-be? Would you want to make a new mum smile with these gifts? Then you might want to surprise them with some thoughtful gifts because well, who doesn’t like surprises, right? Even more so at that delicate/ sensitive time in their lives, gifts will be very much appreciated, don’t you think?

You have come to the right place, so stick around, explore and shop for these gifts. The best part, they are from brands proudly made in Nigeria (Africa) and their quality is second-to-none (Check out some other trusted brands here). Let’s dive in, shall we?


Hygienically and skin beautifier, this product from one of the best baby skincare brands, Amal Botanicals black soap, is ideal for any baby’s skin type. Therefore this is highly recommended to gift to a new momma. Its dermatologically tested and consists of all the right ingredient ingredients suitable for a baby’s skin. Not to forget how tender it is, with its nice fragrance allowing kids to scent so well all the rest of the day. so, save a new momma by gifting this to a wonderful baby.

 Amal Botanicals Black soap sold on bellafricana marketplace


This excellent hair kit enhances hair growth to a very high proportion. Even from parents who have used this brand, this seems to be a very perfect hair combo for any baby, and every new mother would love to see their baby have full-grown and beautifully textured hair. This is another wonderful package to gift a new mom. Amal botanical hair kits are just a great hair enhancement therapy every mother would love to try.



A new mom/ mom-to-be will want to give her baby all the skin-pampering she can. But, you know that she’ll also be mindful of what she puts on the baby’s skin too because of their sensitivity and delicateness. That’s why we recommend the Newborn set from the tested and trusted Amal Botanicals. Their range of Babycare will make a New mom smile and fall in love. Trust me.

How about some gifts for Her?

Now that we’re done with some gifts that Mama would use on Baby, how about some gifts for Mama herself? She deserves some, don’t you think? So, let’s see some gift ideas to put that smile on a New Mom.


Ah! Who wouldn’t receive this beautiful bracelet with a big grin on their face? Anyone, you gift this jewelry will fall in love. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Zinovora  is your quality plug, assembled-in- Nigeria timepieces. Perfect to rock anywhere. women still want to look classic and stylish even after birth, this jewelry piece is an elegant way to style a new mom.


This beauty you’re beholding is called the Culla trio necklace. And, it is one of the many stunning jewelry pieces from Zivanora that is bound to make the wearer light up with joy. Another perfect gift for a New Mom? Yes, we think so too. it’s a very simple piece of work suitable for any skin type and will look great for any lady.


Now, what new mom wouldn’t want to get back into looking and feeling young again? This Morin O pair of slippers is suitable before and after delivery, as preggy aren’t advised to wear heels, so this seems like a very fascinating item, not just because of how beautiful it is but also its functionality. it’s super comfortable to wear to any gathering. it’s a fantastic gift idea. 


Now that you’ve been provided with a variety of options, go ahead and make a purchase. You’ll come back and thank me later. if you still need more options to choose from for a perfect gift, click here to shop for other wonderful items.


7 Unique Gift Items For Women

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio bracelet grey sold on bellafricana marketplace unique gift items for women

Are you thinking of the best unique gift items for women in your life? This could be your wife, mother, godmother, grandmother, or daughter.

Gifting women could be very delicate as wants and needs vary. So let me take you on the different gift items that will send good memories, serve long-lasting emotions and feelings in ways words wouldn’t.

Here are 7 Unique Gift Items For Women;


You can never underestimate the value of a small purse or clutch bag for ladies, this nicely designed leather clutch is suitable for all kinds of occasions and gatherings.

Clutches were intended to add to, rather than detract from, the look of an over all outfit. A clutch purse comes in handy for women because instead of having one handbag that was meant to go with everything, women would want clutches to match the gown or cocktail dress they’d be wearing.

This O’Eclat black leather bag is a wonderful unique gift item for women.



You know how well women adorn fabrics like this, it can be used as skirts, flowing gowns, and other nice dress styles. Adire fabrics are very versatile and could be worn and sewn differently and stylishly.

Adire Fabric is a durable, classy Nigerian fabric that should be promoted, protected, and sustained as a cultural heritage especially as our youths are fast losing their cultural identities best reason why our mothers will cherish this as a generous gift idea.

Asologe is a special adire designer, who skill-fully and aptly applies her craft beauty sense.



Are you looking for the best way to convey your emotions and feeling in words for that special woman, of course, who else can be a special woman if not your mother or a mother figure in your life? Not just pulp creates memories and nostalgia with the way she conveys feelings in a very subtle and ecstatic manner.



Morin O classic bags do a lot to add style, class, poise, and elegance. Just don’t get too worked up wanting to get designer bags like Doir, dolce and Gabbana, or Prada, when our local indigenous brand bags makes, are making waves in the fashion industry too.

This brand also has global and international standards as its products are being sold globally. So look no further for good, durable, and high-standard bags for that wonderful woman and add radiance, confidence, and beauty.


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Aside from making beautiful handmade bags, Morin O also produces premium leather sandals, suitable for any occasion and very comfortable for the feet. long-lasting and very stylish. Don’t forget women love to dress well and yet find comfort in what they wear too.



Like the saying, jewelry is like the perfect spice-it always complements what’s already there. Jewelry balances a woman; outfit and completes her style that’s whys it’s ideal for a gift item. it’s versatile as it doesn’t select seasons and body times and is suitable for women of all ages. Zivanora jewelry collections are elegant, chic, and edgy, and it tells a story about the person wearing them. it simply tells CLASS AND POISE. Just because accessories are small yet a significant part of an outfit, then it is a sure gift package.




This skincare combo will get the excitement of any lady. Women feel real comfortable with clean and clear skin and Modara Naturals helps that process. This gift package is a combination of three skincare products that total replenishes and heals skin issues. suitable for all skin types and it also uses natural ingredients. so let’s hop on this beauty product for our loved ones.


After carefully going through all these beautiful and enticing gift items. I hope your choice has been made, just if you need more gift items ideas for that distinguished lady in your life, click here to search for other best options.

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