Made In Nigeria Jewelry Brands You Should Know


Since 2016, the unofficial mantra, ‘buy Naija to grow the naira’, has followed us and is still going strong. Made in Nigeria brands have not fallen short in the improvement of the quality of their products and services. In fact, we have noticed a serious growth in the creative industry and a consistent improvement of the standard quality of products.

I have not really been a fan of jewelry, as I usually prefer minimal accessories when getting dressed up. But recently I have come across a number of amazing Nigeria jewelry brands that have made me magically fall in love with statement pieces of all kinds, and yes they are all Bellafricana Verified.
Here are  8 amazing made in Nigeria jewelry brands you should know. If you already know them, it’s time to pull out your wallet and support them.
1. Adorned By Hadash 
Hadash jewelry is an array of strings of glory that beautifies a woman’s neck. Every Hadash piece is intricately and artfully designed, using carefully sorted pearls, agate stones, and gemstones that are suitable for corporate and upscale women.
Hadash designs fit a niche for female executives who require jewelry pieces that stand out beautifully and are office ready.
Instagram @adornedbyhadash
Email : [email protected]

2. Treasures By Isura
Treasures by Isura’s work is focused on classy, elegant and timeless pieces, that transcend fashion trends. They aim to create pieces that can be passed down through generations. They use gemstones, and precious/semi-precious metals, such as gold-filled, sterling silver and 18k gold.
Instagram @treasuresbyisura
Email : [email protected]

3. Gbenga Artsmith Collections
Gbenga Artsmith Collections is an accessory brand dedicated to crafting beautiful jewelry for men and women. Gbenga Artsmith jewelry pieces have been seen on eminent personalities like Hon. Abike Dabiri, Iretiola Doyle, Chief (Mrs.) Nike Okundaye Davies, Chief (Mrs.) Oprah Benson and many more.
Instagram @gbengaartsmith
Email : [email protected]

4. Zivanora

Zivanora designs and creates jewellery for men and women drawn to refined touches, classic shapes, and polished finishes. Men and women with a desire for style over fashion and impact over noise.
With a clean and minimalist design flair, every piece is designed and handcrafted at our studio in the vibrant coastal city of Lagos, Nigeria. Zivanora designs and creates jewelry that is chic, modern and perfect for special occasions and every day in between.
Instagram @Zivanora
5. Bimbeads 

Bimbeads Concept is a company which specializes in the production and designing of beaded jewelries with the use of Gem stones and other quality materials.
Instagram @bimbeads
Email : [email protected]

6. Itoro Okon 
The Itoro Okon Brand is an artistically crafted, uniquely designed jewelry line.  She characterizes her pieces to embody style, elegance and the passion for the art of jewelry making.
Each piece is specifically designed to embody a client’s personality and fashion style. From the inception of the design, to the assembly of Itoro’s  work into a purposeful and ornate pattern, each piece is a journey that tells a unique story.
Instagram @itorookon
Email : [email protected]

7. Kunbi Works
Kunbi Works is an Afrocentric Nigeria jewelry brand that produces handmade fashion accessories for both men and women, using beads and gemstones. Kunbi Works has a variety of bracelets, neck pieces, earrings, cabochon accessories, key rings, leather works and so much more. I like to call them the home of arm candies. 😉
Istagram @kunbiworks
Email : [email protected]

8. Circa 64
Circa 64 specializes in unique hand-crafted pieces which exude timeless elegance. Founded in 2004, Circa 64 Jewelry consistently aims to provide beautiful accessories to the style conscious, timelessly fashionable woman.
Instagram @circa_64
Email : [email protected]

Do you know any other amazing jewelry brands? Or, are you a jewelry designer and would love to be listed on the Bellafricana platform? Then call us on 08086363970 or send an email to [email protected] 


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