The Rosa Collection By Zivanora Is A Must Have For Every Elegant Woman


I am not too big on jewelry, but it is very important to me that any piece of jewelry I have to put on, is elegant and has just the right amount of lustre. It is very important to understand how jewelry works with your outfits, as they can either overshadow your entire look or may be covered by the design and color of the clothes. 

The New Rosa Collection by Zivanora is my new found love. The pieces in this collection are nothing short of elegant. I am sure you will agree with me after you see this picture.

As said by the founder of Zivanora, the Rosa collection was inspired by a gorgeous plant known as the Rosy Periwinkle or the Madagascar Periwinkle. One of the features of this plant that stood out to us the most was how strong and adaptive the Rosy Periwinkle is. It reminded us of the strength and grace of the Zivanorian and their ability to move swiftly and gracefully through any situation or event. So we decided to start the collection from here and develop it into what you see today.

Zivanora Rosa Ring

In our previous collection we played with a lot of color and it was a fantastic collection. This time we wanted to explore something more sculptural and design pieces with visual movement. As the collection progressed, we decide to play with a bit of texture and create contracting surface finishes on each piece.

Zivanora Rosa Cufflinks

Each piece is hand forged and hand textured with a final satin finish and dusted with round Cubic Zirconia stones.  This collection features pieces that are easy to wear, easy to style and we hope they make every Zivanorian out there stand out no matter the occasion.

Zivanora Rosa Collecton

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