Skills Every Creative Entrepreneur Should Have

Skilll for Creatives Entrepreneur

Being a creative entrepreneur is like embarking on an adventure filled with challenges and triumphs. To succeed on this journey, you’ll need a unique set of qualities and abilities. Let’s explore some essential skills every creative entrepreneur should have that can help you navigate the exciting world of creative entrepreneurship.

Skills for Creative Entrepreneur

1. Embrace Taking Risks:

Creative entrepreneurship is all about taking chances and exploring new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Taking risks can lead to exciting discoveries and unexpected successes along the way.

2. Build Strong Connections:

Connections are key in the creative industry. Cultivate your networking skills by meeting new people, joining communities, and forming meaningful relationships. You never know where a connection might lead you or what valuable insights you might gain from others.

3. Understand Your Finances:

Money matters can be intimidating, but it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of your finances. Learn how to budget, track your expenses, and manage cash flow effectively. Being financially savvy will help you make smarter decisions and keep your creative business on solid ground.

4. Stay Flexible and Resilient:

The creative world is ever-changing, so it’s essential to adapt and bounce back from setbacks. Stay flexible in your approach, learn from your mistakes, and keep pushing forward. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

5. Be Creative:

Your creativity is your greatest asset as a creative entrepreneur. Nurture it by exploring new ideas, experimenting with different techniques, and staying open to inspiration from the world around you. Your unique perspective is what sets you apart from the crowd.

6. Communicate Effectively:

Clear communication is essential for building relationships and getting your message across. Practice active listening, express yourself clearly, and be receptive to feedback. Good communication skills will help you connect with clients, collaborators, and audiences more effectively.

7. Manage Your Time Wisely:

Time is precious when you’re juggling multiple projects and deadlines. Learn how to prioritize tasks, set realistic goals, and organize your schedule efficiently. By managing your time wisely, you’ll be able to stay focused and productive, even when things get busy.

8. Never Give Up:

Building a creative business takes perseverance and determination. Stay motivated, stay positive, and keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. Remember, every setback is a chance to learn and grow stronger.


As I conclude about the must-haves for every creative entrepreneur, remember this: it’s not just about being talented, but also about having the right attitude and skills. By being open to taking risks, making friends in your field, understanding money basics, staying flexible, being creative, communicating well, managing your time wisely, and never giving up, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. So, keep believing in yourself, keep learning, and keep going after your dreams. You’ve got this!

Why You Should Rank On The First Page of Google

Google Visibility

Ever wonder why everyone talks about being on Google’s first page? This blog post breaks it down into simple terms, explaining why you should rank on the first page of Google.

Google Visibility

Easy to Spot:

Imagine the first page of Google as a busy street. Being there means your business is right in front where everyone can see, making it easier for people to find you.

More Sales in Foreign Currency:

Being on top means users see you as a top choice. You also get more clicks, meaning more people visit your website. And this translates into more sales.

Trusted Brand:

People tend to trust businesses at the top. If your business is up there, it gives off a trustworthy vibe’, making users more likely to click and check out what you offer. Showing up on the first page again and again makes users remember your business. This trust often turns into more people becoming your customers.

Top in Your Industry:

Beating competitors to the top is a big win. Users see top results as the best, giving your business an edge. It’s like being the star in a crowded marketplace.


Users like things quick and easy. Being on the first page ensures they find what they need fast. This simplicity not only makes them happy but also boosts their engagement with your business.


Being on the first page of Google Is a smart move for any business wanting to stand out online. From easy visibility to trust-building and long-term success.

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Meet the founder of Netyarts – (Exclusive Interview)

Meet the Founder of Netyarts. Ms. Neti Usman, a mother whose love for Arts and Craft, colours and culture, drove her to become an entrepreneur. One that enjoys sharing her art with the world. Today, we had a chance to meet up with her for an exclusive interview.


Without further ado, let’s meet the Founder of Netyarts.

Please introduce yourself and your background

My name is NETI USMAN. I’m from a large family, although I am from Edo state I was born in Lagos State, Olodi – Apapa to be precise.  I’ve always been fascinated with Arts and Craft right from secondary school. This drove me into pursuing a diploma in Arts from the University of Lagos and got my first degree in Textile Design from the University of Lagos. I also served at Lagos State council for arts and culture. This only fostered my love for Arts, humanity, culture and heritage, which led me to start my own company – NETYARTS

  • Tell us about your work. How did your company start?

On paper, Netyarts officially started this year but I’ve been on this a long time. So Netyarts started from when I was a student. I was making these beautiful pieces for my friends and their friends but to me, it was just my art and what I enjoyed doing, which also got me money [laughs].  This continued after I finished school and kept pushing it, until I got nominated for Best Indigenous Textile at the ACE Awards, hosted by Bellafricana in 2017. I thought to myself, being recognised for my work, something I love doing is probably a sign that I invest more time into it and take it to the next level. And so I did.

The NETYARTS is into ADIRE Arts and Craft, Handmade, Hand-dyed brand, that produces and promotes handmade and Hand-dyed, creative unique premium quality textile designs on clothing and crafts.

Our products are indigenous motif that tells a story about our culture and heritage. These motifs are created on cotton fabric chiffon, lace, silk, Jersey pashmina/scarfs, polo/ T-shirt, joggers set, silk viscous, Linen and even denim. All our products are durable and colourful.

We also produce end use products like ready to wear, Adire caps, handmade and printed notepads, mugs, shoes, bags, accessories, socks, painting, drawing, string art, interiors décor, and mural. Using resist method like Batik, stitches known as Shibori, starch known as Eleko, and tie-and-dye.

Furthermore, we train and empower women, youth and kids in schools. This also helps to preserve art tradition, culture, rich heritage and textile making skills in Nigeria.


NETYARTS empowering women and youth in craft at the Lagos state council for arts and culture
Netyarts training kids on how to create their own designs on t-shirt and dye
  • How did you come about the name and what does it mean?

Netifah is the name given to me by my parents which means blessing and so I decided to be a blessing to others through art. How? Through training, empowering and producing. I simply shortened the name and added art to it – Netyarts.

Art is the expression of human creative skills and imagination in a visual form.

Netyarts is a blessing of creative beauty.


  • What is your niche and how did you know it was a market to get into?

I had no idea that it was a market to get into at first. Textile Designing is large and vast. I love changing colours and find to very fascinating. Our indigenous Adire fabric is becoming a very appreciating work of art all over the world. Many self-expression fashion designers draw inspiration from it, same as me.

  • Where do you get the inspiration for your products?

Self-expression – imagination, the society.

The more I improve myself, the more I can help the world around me. I have the power to spread love to each and every person that crosses my path through my art.

  • Can you remember one of the first products you made? What makes it memorable?

The first product I made was a motif on paper and I had to do an appliqué on the fabric and dye, was an old comb design from the Gambia’s ancient sculpture so I had to do an appliqué using shibori stitched resist, before dying, seeing it on my mum makes it very memorable, unique and beautiful.

  • What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

Every business has its own challenges and for my industry, I have encountered a few.

The cost of the production. On a few occasions we get questions and remarks about the “extravagant price” on some of our items and some assume that because it’s locally made then it should be very affordable – cheap. But the reality of it all is that if the quality of the fabric and the originality of the chemical isn’t good, the end result would be terrible. All our fabrics ranging from cotton down to denim are of superior quality, which is expensive to get, and that is why the dye craft and resist motif come out looking rich and vibrant while the fabric still remains in perfect condition after going through numerous dyeing processes.

The process. Due to the fact that everything regarding the making of adire is handmade, the production process might seem slow because of the different motif and resist being used.  More so, the weather climate plays a major role in our process. Excessive rainfall could hinder post production [the drying stage].

  • What problems does your company solve?

Empowerment. Youths and children, especially women need to be empowered. We give them skills that the can use to fend for themselves.

  • Do you have any regrets venturing into this line of business?

Not at all. Although I wish I knew half of what I know now. It would have probably made the journey a lot easier [laughing]. But one must go through the process.

  • What is your most popular product?

Well, many but I’d probably go with UWA (WEALTH) JOGGERS.

The UWA 2piece cropped hoodie and joggers by Netyarts
The UWA 2piece cropped hoodie and joggers by Netyarts
  • To what extent do you draw upon your Nigerian (African) heritage for your work?

Adire is a handmade and hand-dyed unique part of our heritage/ culture – Africa (Nigeria). Netyarts is a reflection of this and that is relevant.

  • What are some of your short term and long term goals, both in your business and life in general?

My short term goals is for NETYARTS be able to produce and create more intricate designs successfully for more customers. Also to collaborate with big fashion brands, celebrities and even boutiques. To be a household name in the industry.

The long term goal is to build a very large NETYARTS ADIRE EMPIRE with several branches around the world. Creating employment and simply creating.

  • In what way has being an entrepreneur affected your life?

I never liked being micro-managed. Always knew that I would be my own boss. Plus it has given me more confidence in my works. Pushed me to do and be better. I see business in a very different way now.

  • What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I wish people know I genuinely love to help with anything related to the Adire and craft artworld, by impacting my knowledge of Adire and craft to the world.

  • What profession would you be in if you weren’t in this Industry?

If not for NETYARTS ADIRE BUSINESS, I would have been a dancer 💃

  • What is success to you?

Success to me is accomplishing a certain set of goals not necessarily motivated by money. Although money is the Koko[laughs], but by creating with creativity,  passion and hard-work, also impacting my knowledge and skills in the society through Adire and art.

  • If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business in your industry, what would it be?

We might lack capital and resources, but what we don’t lack is our ability to create unique designs, sketch the designs you want make, start small and never give up.

  • Who [and or what] has been your greatest source of inspiration?

Firstly God has been and will continue to be my greatest source of inspiration. My kids, friends, community.

  • If you were to do a biopic of your life, what would you name it?


Here are some of her products.

Raining flowers motif batik polo by Netyarts
Raining flowers motif batik polo by Netyarts
Figure cutting on t-shirt batik by Netyarts
Figure cutting on t-shirt batik by Netyarts
Multicolored peplum jacket on high quality fabric by Netyarts
Multicolored peplum jacket on high quality fabric by Netyarts
Vintage batik on cotton fabric by Netyarts
Vintage batik on cotton fabric by Netyarts
You can connect with NETIFAH USMAN through social media:
Instagram: @netyart
Facebook: @netyart
Email: [email protected]

Dear Business Owner, Which Of These Business Challenges Do You Want Solved Immediately?

Dear Business Owner,

Which of the following challenges would you want solved immediately?

1. Marketing

You need your products shown to a wider audience, as you’re fully aware that while you may have your marketing figured out right, nothing else beats your products being seen through a new pair of eyes.

2. Resources to Learn

You understand that for your business to grow, scale or evolve, then you need to keep learning, unlearning and relearning. You’re aware that it’s possible to get stuck if you keep doing the same things the same way, and so you need to keep improving.

However, there’s a huge volcano of knowledge out there, and it can feel overwhelming not knowing where to start.

3. Support

You’re thankful for the backing your friends and family give you (infact without them, your business might not have even kicked off). However, as you mature in business, you realize that doing business alone can be daunting. Alone? Yes, without the support of like-minded business owners that can open the way up for collaborations, can be your accountability partners ( to ensure you don’t deviate from your business goals)

4. Reduced Costs

Wouldn’t it be absolutely Marvelous if these business costs could just miraculously disappear? Lol. We all know that it’s not possible at all. To run a business, money has to drop, Right? Branding, Printing costs, logistics, and so on could drill holes in one’s pockets. What if these costs could be slashed so the funds can be diverted to other things?

5. /Exposure/ Being Well Positioned

There are global, continental and national institutions that are charged to recognize and honour and support hard-working and amazing creative indigenous businesses. They can find your brand only when you are well-positioned. For instance, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, Bank of Industry, Lioness of Africa, ITC She Trades, Nigerian Export and Import Bank (NEXIM) are always looking for ways to support creatives.


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Bellafricana turns Four Years | Unveiling something new

Official Launch

6 days Creative challengeOfficial Launch

On the 30th of April, our darling Bellafricana turned Four (4) years! Whoop! Whoop!

Bellafricana turns 4!

4 years of promoting the beauty of Africa not just to Africa, but to the world. 4 years or redefining the creative entrepreneurs story to the world, a story of quality, of sustainability, and of growth.

I recently just joined the Bellafricana family, but if being a part of this family could have such tremendous impact on my life in such a short while, then I can only begin to imagine how much Bellafricana has done for Members who have been around much longer.

On April 30th, when we posted this picture, it garnered 77 comments, and going through them brought so much joy.

One of the comments read :”Congratulations Bellafricana! It feels longer than 4 years considering how much you’ve grown and the amazing impact you have made”

And I couldn’t agree more! I was having a chat with my boss (and the founder of Bellafricana) Bukky Asehinde and she said to me: “I have never had small dreams for Bellafricana”.

And the manifestation of that statement is evident. In 4 years, we have become a game changer in the creative space. We have brought creative business owners from different parts of Nigeria, and Africa together, and our dreams are ever expanding.

Which brings me to the big news: On our anniversary date, we announced that we will be unveiling something really BIG on the 11th of May.

How big? Super super Big!

This unveiling will be ground-shaking! And you do not want to miss the big announcement.

Should I give you a clue? Nah, I won’t but starting tomorrow, we will be dropping teasers and hints up until the Launch date. So, if you’re not following us on Instagram, do that right away. Infact click on this link to do so.

Also, April 30th marked the end of the 30-day Bellafricana creatives challenge.



If you participated in the challenge (as much as you could), bravo to you. The feedback we got from participants were so encouraging. Some got an upsurge of profile visits, others were able to connect with their customers, while some made lots of sales!

We are super happy to have championed a cause that changed the lives of many business owners for good.

If you participated, I would love to hear from you. Kindly leave me a shout-out.



In 6 days, we will be unveiling something exciting!  Make sure to follow us on social so you can see LIVE updates! Countdown to May 11!


Incase you missed it, Bellafricana will be having a two-fold celebration on MAY 11. Two-fold? Yes! We are Launching a new platform that will be beneficial to ALL creative business owners across Africa! (more details at the unveiling).

That’s not all! We will also be celebrating the 4th Year Anniversary of our great community.

Guess what? We’ll be partying on Zoom! DJ confirmed as you can see on the flyer. We will also be entertaining Industry experts as well.

So here’s the thing: We are limited to a certain number of participants (100) and slots are filling up. I would very much want you to be part of that experience. So that’s why I’m bringing the Invite to your Inbox. Register here, so that we can reserve your slot:

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