Over Perfectionism Can Kill Your Idea


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] This post goes out to my fellow perfectionists. So for a while now, after procrastination, the second thing on my negative list to consciously get rid of this year is ‘Over Perfectionism’. I thought it was a good/okay thing, but I now realise there is a very bad side of this trait I have acquired.
The thought of this led to this quote over the weekend, and I’m sure you can relate to it, “Over Perfectionism Can Certainly Kill/Drown Your Beautiful idea”. It’s time to get it behind you, and cast the negative spirit out fast.  [/dropcap]

Over Perfectionism Can Kill Idea

Celes from personalexcellence.co/blog/perfectionism, defines “A perfectionist as a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection”.
She said, In psychology, perfectionism is a personality trait characterised by “a person’s striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluations.” To a perfectionist, anything that’s less than perfect is unacceptable.
She went further to write an article on 11 signs of a perfectionist and I passed for all signs (Chai, holy spirit take control).
Here are the 11 signs below, you should read her full article here: www.personalexcellence.co/blog/perfectionism/

  1. There is no room for mistakes.
  2. You have a very specific manner in which things should be done.
  3. You have an all-or-nothing approach.
  4. It’s all about the end result.
  5. You are extremely hard on yourself.
  6. You become depressed when you don’t achieve your goals.
  7. You have extremely high standards.
  8. Success is never enough.
  9. You procrastinate just to do something at the “right” moment.
  10. You constantly spot mistakes when others don’t see any.
  11. You often spend copious amounts of time just to perfect something.

This same trait is one of the reasons why some people have sat on that life changing idea they have thought of for so long. Working to make it as perfect as perfect can be (whatever that means).
The worst part is when you unluckily start asking people around you for their opinion on what they think of an idea that you haven’t even given a second shot of implementation (refer to point no.9 above).
You either kill your idea or you help kill others idea, lol hold on and allow me explain. Without having to say so much, point no. 10 above says it all.
Not to say that there aren’t some positives from being an over perfectionist, one really key one is “Attention to detail”, you are able to spot a microscopic mistake, which can save lives too.
The main motivation for this post is the event Bellafricana has been working so hard on since October last year (thank God we started early), from name change up and down, to now getting stuck on getting the right banner design which is clearly delaying a lot of things, to a whole other things because I want it all perfect before it is sent out.
To cut the long story short, THAT’S IT! It all ends today, we will begin all we have been perfecting for so long, so feel free to help us cross any T’s that isn’t crossed and dot any I’s that isn’t dotted. And allow us (yourself) be a work in progress as this is our first and the first of its kind, but we are giving it nothing less but the best.
Allow me to re-introduce Bellafricana ACE (African Creative Exhibition) and Awards, coming up on the 17th of April, 2017 at D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru, Lagos Nigeria. Tell someone to get ready, as you can’t afford to miss this event coming up Easter Monday, public holiday”.
Let the execution Commence fully.
Read: Bellafricana Annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards
If you can relate with some of the points made above, leave a comment below.
Thanks for reading!
Bellafricana Annual African Creatives Exhibition Awards termed ACE Awards 2017
CONFERENCE THEME: “Practical Steps to Taking Your Business Global”
VENUE: D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.
DATE: April 17, 2017 (Easter Monday, Public Holiday)
TIME FOR AWARDS: 5pm – 9pm

  • Marketing Your Creative Business Globally
  • How to Monetize your Creative Idea
  • Branding For Local And International Market
  • Taking Your Non-Oil Export Global (Export)
  • Financial Management For Creative Businesses
  • Succession Planning and Sustainability for Creative Businesses
  • How to Receive Payment Globally

For further enquiries/sponsorship/partnership on this Annual Creative Exhibition and Awards. Contact the organisers on 08086363970, 08184457403 or email [email protected] and [email protected]

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