Some Parts Of Africa The Media Does Not Show You


Africa is a beautiful continent, so great in culture and heritage. Little wonder foreigners had to come carry her people to their countries to try replicate some of the beauty which they found in her land. Thanks to the politically aired media programs or views, some part of Africa has been put in the news continuously as war zones, poverty stricken or terrorist filled places. I was going through a thread on twitter recently where I saw that even the black Americans and co, still believe that Africans live in caves, with no means of electricity or modern communication. sigh!

This was really an amusing fact, as thanks to google and other social media applications life and fact finding have been made easy. Therefore I would be showing you some pictures in Africa, of places or things not so popular that the media does not talk about or show you.
Let’s begin.

The Aerial View of The Landscape in Uganda

It’s also very hard to ignore the rich sense of the traditional African clothes, of which the Ethiopian cultural clothes are a perfect example.

I was gleeful when I saw this beautiful aquarium in Djibouti and did not hesitate to include it.
Tropical aquarium in Djibouti (courtesy Jonra Wilkinson)

Nice architecture of some Zimbabwean schools.

This beautiful view is in Chad desert.

The clear beach waters in Seychelles

An Ancient city in Chad

A resort in Liberia

Togolese food at its best

While we can’t undo what damage has been done by the media, what we can do though is to promote and showcase the beauty of Africa to the world at large. A great place to spend your vacation as a tourist or just to clear your head too. They’re still lots of other places and things I could tell you about, but I would leave you to discover and share with me.
Discover anything fancy? I’ll be in the comments section.

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