Are You Struggling With Procrastination? Read This!


How many times have you put things off till the last minute? Or pushed things forward till you have little or no time at all to get the task done. This is how procrastination begins a toxic relationship with you.
This simple action when overlooked for too long, can unconsciously become a habit. Procrastination in large part reflects our struggle with self-control as well as our inability to accurately predict how we’ll feel tomorrow, or the next day. “I don’t feel like it” takes precedence over goals; however, it then begets a downward spiral of negative emotions that deter future effort.

However, what that grammar means is; procrastination can sabotage your future effort and goals. If this is your current situation, then I’m glad you’re reading this.
Here are 5 ways you can deal with procrastination and get yourself in line with achieving your goals in time,
Dealing With Procrastination
1. Focus on your why. 
People who procrastinate focus more on short-term gains (avoiding the distress associated with the task), instead of long-term results (the stress of not doing it, as well as the consequences of avoiding this task). Try focusing on why you are doing this task: What are the benefits of completing it?
2. Get your calendar.
You need to schedule when you are going to work on a project and block out that time, just as you would an important meeting. And when it is time to do your work, set a timer so you can be focused for the entire allotted time.
3. Be Realistic
As you establish your schedule, set yourself up for success. Projects often take much longer than expected, so bake in some extra time. And look for ways to make it easier on yourself.
4. Break down heavy tasks into tiny chunks
When a task seems overbearing, procrastination often follows. So how can you break that task into smaller, more manageable parts? For example, if you want to write a book, you may choose to make an outline, identify each chapter, figure out the sections in the chapters, and then commit to writing one segment at a time. Chunking it down like this will help you feel less overwhelmed and more empowered.
5. Get an accountability partner
In this relationship, you connect with someone (on the phone, for example) at certain time intervals (such as once per week) and commit to what you will do before your next meeting. Not wanting to go back on your word, this can be a great way to squash procrastination.
What tips or tricks have helped you squash procrastination? let me know in the comments.
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