Great Nation Nigeria | Timi Dakolo


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Timi Dakolo is a Nigerian singer born to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother. He won in the first season of Idols West Africa in 2007. Timi Dakolo is blessed with powerful vocals, and has a world class stage performance. Timi Dakolo’s rich choice of words, depth of lyrics has made him stand out among his contemporaries. [/dropcap]

Great Nation is a song sang by Timi Dakolo and his team for Nigeria. This is a song that when you listen to, you will be inspired, you will feel the need for us to live in unity, feel the strength, love and patriotism of a nation called Nigeria. This song awakens the giant in us as Nigerians. This is the type of song we need especially in this election period.

Lyrics Below

Here we stand as a people
With one song: with one voice
We’re a nation: undivided and poised
We will take our stand: and build our land
With faith: to defend what we love
Here we are as a people
With one heart: for one cause
We’re determined: to rebuild and restore
Where freedom reigns: and truth prevails
A land where there’s hope for us all (2x)
We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in this nation, and we know we’ll get there
We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds
And that one day we’ll shine like the sun
We’re a great nation
Though we are many people
Different tribes: different tongues
We’re united in our strength and resolve
To uphold the honour of our land
And for generations to come

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