Fashion Illustration Just The 'It Thing' You Need


Fashion illustration initially were drawings used only to visualize the concept of designers. Prior to this point never would I have imagined that other things could be done with it, asides gifting it as a framed picture.

Great fashion houses have been built on the creatives and ideas behind sketch books or paintings. These ones give meaning to ordinary materials or fabric with their pencils, something similar to raw gold before being refined by fire. You are probably wondering how fashion illustration relates to meeting your needs at this point.(lol)

Not till I came across items that were classy but yet so simple. Quite particular about style, I don’t believe in over doing things, even though I over-think things at times. A little here, a little there could reform and make a dull dress, interior, or personality glow.
Mary Joak (@mary_joak on instagram), offers you a chance to restyle your interiors with these chick pieces of illustration. An opportunity to think beyond being printed on shirts alone, but pretty much anything physically possible. Thereby giving you simple ways stand out.

Imagine having a fashion illustration of you printed on your rug, mug, curtain, throw pillow, jotter, phone case, and anything you could think of. Something rare, but yet so adorable.
When strategically placed give a homey feel, a cozy welcome to visitors, and helps you maintain balance while staying relaxed. For usable or wearable items, I would advice you use them on important outings, the attention would help boost your confidence.

Think out of the box today, get the right ‘It Thing’ to reinvent your style. Think Mary Joak!
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