This month’s edition of the Connect Nigeria Business Mixer is almost upon us.
The Connect Nigeria Business Mixer is an event which gives business men and women the opportunity to build business relationships and grow their useful contacts base. It brings together people from diverse business backgrounds and involvements, and gives them the free space to meet up, interact and forge mutually beneficial ties…

The Business Mixers reflect Connect Nigeria’s commitment to helping SMEs grow. The idea of the Mixer is to widen the horizon of opportunities for businesses by creating the perfect platform for them to connect and become value providers and problem solvers to one another.
With each new connection, doors to new markets are opened, and the scope for progress on the entrepreneurial path is expanded. The Business Mixer provides a laid-back, informal atmosphere for effective networking to take place, and for ideas, leads and useful business information to be exchanged.
The ultimate aim is to strengthen and deepen the interconnections between businesses- especially SMEs –in order to help them grow.
The Connect Nigeria Business Mixer is free to attend for Club Connect members; non-club members can pay the sum of ₦10,000 to attend. You can become a member of Club Connect by registering at connectnigeria.com/clubconnect.
This month’s business mixer holds on Friday, November 18, 2016, by 6pm at Sleek Studios opposite Silverbird Galleria, Victoria Island, Lagos.
For inquiries, send an email to grow@connectnigeria.com, or call +2348098005000.

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