Code Camp For African Teenagers


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Code Camp Africa is here to teach teenagers how to code and create apps from an early age. The best time for learning and assimilation is at this stage.
This is the opportunity the organizers of Code Camp Africa have seized to build the mind of teenagers for coding. They are preparing teens to use technology to solve problems.[/dropcap]

What’s Code Camp Africa?

Four major firms are partnering in a five-year summer development programme that aims to teach teenagers computer programming, coding and app development. The initiators say they would be grooming manpower for an ICT-rich future in Africa.
Technology capacity development company, Code Camp Africa, would run the summer skills acquisition programme at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. It hopes to teach the youngsters coding, the computer language used to develop apps, websites and software.  The programme commenced on July 25 and will run for four weeks.
The collaborating organisations are Andela, Angelos Foods, and Diamond Bank.
Edwin Momife, chief promoter of Code Camp Africa, said the idea is to equip the participants with skills and cognitive ability to use ICT to solve problems. “Digital is the language of today and more so of tomorrow. Africans need to be able to solve problems in their environment with modern technology now epitomised by the computer.”
Momife added, “We believe that when children are taught how to code early in life, the African dream benefits.”
Participants register online on the website and can also pay online.  Andela is a leading software development company. Andela recruits the most talented developers in Africa and shapes them into leading programmers. It then outsources them to technology firms and start-ups across the world.
Angelos Food Services Group specialises in the preparation and sale of healthy light meals for various markets including airlines and direct sales to customers. It would soon open outlets across Lagos.
The lead sponsor of this initiative is Diamond Bank Nigeria. Interested applicants or parents can contact the following members of the organizing committee for further information.

Seize this opportunity to develop your children and loved ones in the trade of the future.

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