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Mr Bayo Ademiluyi is a lawyer by profession and Head of Design at Ty-Tys. A company that produces hand-made distinctive neckwear (i.e. ties, bowties), pocket squares, laptop bags, ladies’ tote bags, wall hangings and scarves using traditional African fabrics, predominantly aso-oke.
Tytys Design draws inspiration quite extensively from the Nigeria heritage, being that the main raw material is sourced from within the country and the ethos of the business is based on local culture and heritage.

Mr Ademiluyi is very jovial, down to earth and talented. Being a lawyer, many people would expect that he should always be serious, and uptight, but you will be quite surprised to find out that it is the opposite when you meet him. He finds inspiration from everyday things seen around – outfits, colours, magazines, etc and also from imagination!

You would wonder why a practicing lawyer would decide to invest time in creating an accessories business. The conception of Tytys happened while he was getting ready to attend a wedding and had been toying with the idea of incorporating the aso-ebi strip (usually sewn as a fila [cap]) into an outfit that wasn’t traditional. This moment was described as an eureka moment by him, as he realized that he could make the strip into a tie. The rest as they say is history.

Mr Ademiluyi urges anyone who wants to get into business to do what they love. Because what you get out of your business in the form of personal satisfaction, enjoyment and financial stability will be a result of what you put into it. So if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, chances are you won’t make a real success out of it.
Don’t just jump into a business because “people are doing it, and making lots of money there” – everybody’s path (and destiny) is different.

The image above is the first aso-oke which he designed himself . This piece has the 7 colours of the rainbow woven onto the black background. This makes it very versatile.

This piece incorporates the 3 fundamental types of aso-oke: Etu (the blue/black), Sanyan (beige) and Alaari (wine red), it is often purchased as a gift item (picture below).
You can view more products from Tytys Designs below.

To connect with Mr Bayo Ademiluyi, you can follow him on instagram @tytysdesign or send him an email on [email protected]
You can also shop Ty-Tys pieces at the Bellafricana Store, located at No. 3A Admiralty Road, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.
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