5 Fabulous Home Decorative Items Using African Fabrics

African fabrics are known for their diverse and complex designs which usually are a depiction of the culture. Apart from being used as fashion pieces like handbags, and dresses they are also used as decorative pieces. I sat and watched the processes involved in curating and combining African fabrics with furniture, with precision, detail oriented and compassion for the craft was a sight to behold.

Let me take you through 5 Fabulous home decorative items using African fabrics.


The beauty of African-made prints is the ability to carefully and seamlessly infuse beautiful and elegant colors to produce vibrance. Adire Fabric is one type of indigenous African fabric that uses the tie and dye process. These window drapes I spotted on @Urbanfiitter on Instagram, use earth-toned colors to add special effects to your space.

As much as window drapes a re essential to every space, its therefore necessary to add a little bit of sparkle and beauty to it because it’s the first thing that catches the eye in a space.


Window drapes by Urbanfitter on instagram
Window Drapes.

Designing a beautiful duvet as this involves very calculated process. The processes involved in creating this master piece IS really marvellous and exciting to watch. Moreso, lot of designers are specific on the exact type of fabric/designs/color they need for their brand, but the majority of these designs are not easily found in the market, so that is where adire comes in. Artisans are capable of making the exact patterns/designs and dying them to their preferred choice of color. This beautiful Adire duvet is crafted by @1stDibs on instagram and ankara bedding is from @justbeddingslagos.

Adire Duvet by 1stDibs on instagram
Adire Duvet by 1stDibs on instagram

Just Bedding, ankara bedsheet and pillow case Lagos Bellafricana member


Designers of African fabrics tend to produce well sequenced and colored throw pillows.  It’s no news that designers are now indulging in more creative ways in conceiving beautiful designs and patterns which is anchored on adding elegance, vibrance and fabulousness to every piece they work on. I love this particular design by Apoti Lagos, with its well sequenced and patterned design adding extra edge and flamboyance to a space.

Throw pillows by Apoti Lagos on Bellafricana Marketplace
Throw pillows by Apoti Lagos on Bellafricana Marketplace
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Footstools make the perfect partners to our sofas and chairs. If you haven’t got enough room for a chaise sofa, a footstool is a great way of providing a footrest at a slightly lower level to your seat. Apoti Lagos, a wood and waste company that provides warm and comfortable furnitures. Another beautifully thing about this company is that it promote African beauty by using simple aesthetic fabrics, thereby adding luxury, vibrance and excellence to any space.

Footstool by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana marketplace
Footstool by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana marketplace

This hallow cushion is both a storage and decorative piece for ant space. Its well patterned and African fabric creates a fabulous accent too. Simple yet stylish, catchy and edgy. Adding a splash of color with African prints is always a good idea! These spectacular art works, mirror, and frames will add a special twist to your home decor. Apoti Lagos  loves to play with colors, this brand puts value on aesthetics using appealing designs and prints, which will definitely give your home and space an instant makeover.

Cushion Hallow by Apoti Lagos on bellafricanan marketplace
Cushion Hallow by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana Marketplace
Some general tips for using African Fabrics in home decor
  • Start easy with a minimalistic color foundation, so that the prints and color of the decor can bounce off the plain palette and shine more.
  • Don’t try too hard to make a big splash with the prints, sometimes you can match 2-4 designs in different decor items; wall art, pillows, curtain, and lamps. The trick is to make sure these different fabrics all compliment each other.
  • Finally, resist the urge to use all the ankara home decor items you can find. It will most likely be the focal point of the room so don’t let things get confusing and tacky.

Africans inspired home decorative pieces comes in different patterns, designs and colors. You want to add fun, feel, aesthetics and balance using decorative pieces, then try these 5 fabulous home decorative items using African Fabric will help you achieve that. Click here to order for more and follow our instagram page @bell_fricana and @bellafricana shop.


Creative Gifts For Him

Talking to a male friend of mine some days ago, and he just would not stop lamenting, for friendship sake, I asked him what the issue was. Apparently, he didn’t get a gift from anyone, including me. Oh well, the excuse of course was, I had no idea of gifts for him.

Now that I think of it though, are there really no gifts for him? Even though I gave him that reply, I sincerely didn’t believe it, in fact the reason I gave him that response was because it was the quickest response I could come up with. But now, I am looking to make amends.

From conversations with female friends, I know I am not alone. So, allow me to help you with some creative gifts for him. ‘Him’ here can be your friend, husband or father, so keep reading as I show you some creative gift ideas for him.

Foot wears;

Let’s start from the very obvious ones like shoes. What happened to having the good old quality foot wears as a gift? I can already think of your excuses, you are probably looking for something affordable and of good quality. Well, I gotcha you, check out these shoes from brands I love and I know you will too; gifts for him from moroks xpressiongifts for him from ethnik

gifts for him by Kspenggifts for himWhat were you saying again? Amazing foot wears for him.

There is more, keep reading!

Clothing Items;

You saw that right dear, you can get him clothes or little pieces he could use in dressing up. No! It doesn’t have to be expensive, and I have some ideas that could work. Check them out below;

gifts for him gifts for him gifts for him gifts for him gifts for him

What do you think? Those are just a few clothing items you can get and like I said, they don’t cost a fortune. I trust you like what you have seen so far but that is not all, stay with me for more.


You are probably wondering if men carry bags right? Yes, they do! Let me show you a few samples; gifts for him

gift for men

gift items

Did you say men don’t use bags again? Lol!! Well, just in case you had a doubt, by now you should be convinced. That’s still not all, let’s continue.

Office Decor;

Yup, not all gifts are worn you know, so how about gifting him some decor items for his office? You still don’t get the gist? There are pictures below. scroll to see what I mean.

gifts for men gifts for him

At this point, if you still say there are no gifts for him, I have no words oh! LOl!!

I believe with this few points of mine, I have been able to convince and not to confuse you that there are more than enough gifts for him.


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