Bellafricana launches The Marketplace For Afrocentric And Handmade Products


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Bukky Bello who is the founder of Bellafricana shares with Bellafricana digest viewers the launch of an online marketplace for Afrocentric and Handmade products in Africa (starting with Nigeria her homeland) with the aim of promoting local content through the connection of local artisans, talents and creatives to the global reach. Let’s hear her story… [/dropcap]

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Bellafricana was founded in November 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved back to Nigeria after my studies in the United Kingdom in September 2012 and commenced my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC, a compulsory service for Nigerian graduates) which was were the main genesis of the company began. I soon fell exceptionally in love with African textile, but asides the regular use for fashion, I wanted to make a difference. You see, I always had a great passion for creative things and so I decided to carve a niche for myself by promoting local content whilst using local fabrics for gift items, interior decoration and wears.

I spent the whole of 2014 understanding my target market, but soon realised that I couldn’t achieve the vision for Bellafricana alone. The vision for Bellafricana is to be the largest online/offline platform for Afrocentric and handmade products delivering around the world. Alongside this, I hope to promote local artisans, creatives and talents.

Now, from here on, I plan towards the direction of my vision. There is a real need for this kind of community and I have chosen to be the marketplace for Afrocentric (means: made from Africa) and handmade products. My three key ingredients to achieving this goal are Passion, Synergy & Growth (God willing).

This is a great platform where local content will be promoted, various artisans get more business, job seekers get employed as we also promote trainings, passionate entrepreneurs find their right target market and are thereby happy to stay in business.

Starting from Nigeria, taking it one African Country at a time…

Here is a bit about bellafricana:

Bellafricana is a marketplace where people around Nigeria (Africa) buy and sell unique Afrocentric and handmade goods to the world. We are huge lovers of promoting local content, creatives and artisans, hence the reason we have created a platform to connect buyers and sellers of Afrocentric products and services.

The Bella community consists of;

  1. Passionate and creative sellers that care a great deal about quality and craftsmanship.
  2. Buyers who trust us to provide them with unique Afrocentric and handmade selections that they can’t find just anywhere.
  3. Partners that synergies with Bellafricana and her sellers to grow the marketplace.
  4. Experienced Afrocentric and handmade Trainers that believe in knowledge sharing.
  5. The Bella crew who understands the importance of passion, synergy and growth. Thereby, maintaining and ensuring everyone is happy on the marketplace.

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