Beaded Jewelry Always A Fashion Statement Piece


In Nigeria, the rhythmic sync of the drums, the passion in the dance, alluring display of the native dishes, matching attires and yes of course beaded Jewelry!!! A traditional wedding is never complete without these, and it also cuts across most countries in Africa.

Either being worn as earrings, neck piece, anklets, hair piece or on the wrist.  From ancient history they were used as a piece of beautification, art or currency. In beautification, they were important in defining and identifying a person’s status, as well as what tribe or group they belonged to. Mostly used today as a form a beautification, it’s an ancient practice that has come to stay and be part of our heritage.

The earliest beaded jewelry were made of eggshell, clay, twigs, stones, ivory and bone – glass beads were introduced later by traders from Europe, India and the Middle East. However more recently the art of glass beads have been refined and seems to be gaining more ground when it comes to cultural functions, especially weddings.

Although not really a fan of weddings especially the traditional ones, I appreciate quality when I see it and believe me when I tell you that Circa64 Jewelry offers just that. I almost got lost just wondering and admiring the different beautiful pieces on her instagram page @circa_64
Quality beaded jewelry in Nigeria by Circa 64Blue beaded jewelry made in Nigeria by Bellafricana verified Circa 64
I fancy beads too a lot, just not the neck pieces (lol). If you ever happen to catch a glimpse of me on a proper day, you would see a beautiful piece of wrist bead on my right wrist. It’s a nice way of telling the world about my African background without actually talking to them. It also is a very fashionable trend depending on your style game.

Beaded jewelry by Circa 64 made in Nigeria
Be proud of your heritage, or simply step up your style game.
Wear a bead today.
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