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Tourism is a rich part of Africa and helps us showcase our culture while highlighting our hospitality. The beauty in focus today, is Zimbabwe.  Particularly in the news was its past president Robert Mugabe, who made headlines frequently based on his amusing speeches and behavior.
Zimbabwe although currently going through economic reforms, and change in government power, is one of the must-see places when on a vacation or tourism trip in Africa. Boasting of a vast number of tourist both locally and internationally, who enjoy these natural sightings and wild life.
In no particular order, we would be showcasing key places to visit, and cool off, from parks, to pools, lakes and also mountains for; hiking, camping and exploring. These are some of the most beautiful places to see in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls

Lake Kariba

Nyanga Mountains

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Matopos National Park

Chinhoyi Caves

Chimanimani Mountains

Mana Pools

Hwange National Park

Mutarazi Falls

Rich in culture, folklore and history, the locals in these locations have come up with fun activities to aid you better explore and enjoy your stay while touring. These are some of the things or places the media would not project to you on the television screen. Making this a to-do on your bucket list would definitely not disappoint you.
More so, online travel agencies also put together packages based on your financial capacity to help you achieve one or more, so it would not be a bad idea to start saving up towards the end of the year.
Africa is indeed beautiful, and together we would help take you on a journey of excitement as we showcase to you the beauty that lies within this great continent.
Make it a date, keep your notifications on, cause it’s going to be a thrilling ride.
(All images are gotten via google images)

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