Tourism The Beauty Of Africa: Ever Considered A Trip To Madagascar


Madagascar is an island country situated in the Indian Ocean and was previously named as the “Malagasy Republic”. The capital and the largest city of Madagascar is Antananarivo, and it is a huge island nation off the southeast coast of Africa.

Its extraordinary biodiversity is reflected in its national parks , sea-side beaches and adorable sub-islands that still conform to enigmatic creatures.
These are some of the places you should lookout for when booking a trip to the island;
Ile Sainte Marie

An island off Madagascar’s east coast tiny islands, with coral reefs and sea turtles. The huge debris of beach sand with coconut palms and exceptional hotels make for an amazing outdoor experience. A side attraction would be the array of pirate ships and graveyards that are found on the island.

Once home to the royalty, also named the “Royal Hill”. The wall around the hill has long history of ancient ruins, tombs and burial ground. Tourists can go on a tour around the old palaces to explore the old architecture, weapons and objects used by the then royalty.
Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

The rocky terrains and interlocking mountains is arguably the largest tourist attraction in the country. The park is inhabited by different species of baboons that roam freely and also interact with the visiting groups.
Masoala National Park

It is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and its ecosystem laws help to keep the park thriving. Its tropical rain forest and environment gives tourist the chance to go kayaking.

The ambiance of the beach gives tourist the privilege of swimming, sun bathing, enjoying the sea tides, sea food and have parties till dawn.

The massive baobab trees found in mass at the west coast of Madagascar, has made it a spectacle to behold. Nearby, Kirindy Forest is home to lemurs and carnivorous, catlike fossas.  It houses several villages and particularly famed for its wooden huts and timber guesthouses that are established in the center.
Nosy Be

Nosy Be is a prime spot when it comes to tourism in Madagascar boasting one of the premier beaches in the country. The turquoise waters, small fishing villages and swaying jumbles of palm trees along the beautiful bays offer a splendid vacation spot.
Isalo National Park

The geographical set-up and abundance of lemurs and different bird species is an experience better enjoyed in person.
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