Tourism The Beauty Of Africa: Cape Verde (Clear Waters, White Beach)


Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, is a country surrounded by an accumulation of oceans, islands and mountains. If you love to sun bath, ride the waves while surfing, or just build sand castles and make beautiful memories, then this is the place for you to be.

Situated off the the northwest coast of Africa, it’s a coastal country where Creole Portuguese-African culture is dominant, and numerous splendid beaches. Its capital is Praia, located in Santiago its largest island.
A couple of places I suggest you check out while enjoying a holiday or short stint there are;
Santa Maria (Sal)

Santa Maria, a perfect description of; golden sands, blue skies, turquoise sea, and warm air and sea temperatures, make for a beautiful, relaxing paradise. Enjoy surfing and diving in the clear waters, as well as walking along the soft sand. Watch the fishermen bring in the catch of the day, and the women preparing and selling the fish.
Santo Antao

Great for mountain climbing, and endurance trekking exercises based on the structure and architecture of the mountain.

A tour guide would be your best friend as you ascend this mountain. You also get to see larva formations of volcanic eruptions.
Sao Vicente

São Vicente is home to two annual events which are the biggest festivals in Cape Verde: the Carnival and the famous Baía das Gatas Music Festival that takes place on the first full-moon weekend of August. A great combination to experience the city and the beach life.
Tarrafal Santiago

Praia Santiago

Cidade Veltra, Santiago

Buracona/Blue Eye-Sal

Blue Eye is another great attraction on Sal Island. It’s a natural pool with turquoise waters and an underwater cave several metres deep, resulting from the waves crashing against the volcanic rock. Even though there are walking paths to reach Buracona, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes. There’s a café and a shop to pick up a souvenir.
Pedra de Lume Salt Crater

Pedra do Lume is an old salt mine located inside a volcano crater, and one of Sal’s main tourist attractions. While visiting, enjoy the views and bathe in the natural lake. Because of the salt, a fun thing to do is to fall over and float, or to dog paddle, the only way you can swim. Admission costs €5. For €1, you can take a fresh water bath after the experience. Massage treatments with salt are also available.
Praia de chaves, Boa Vista

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