Best Fashion Items For Your Wardrobe

Adire By Asologe on Bellafricana Marketplace

Do you want to add a different sense of fashion to your style. Then add a touch of refinement and elegance to your regular attire, by getting new items to spice up your fashion sense from these great fashion and craft makers.

If you are unsure of how to transition and how to dress properly, then here is your hack. It’s not difficult to dress stylishly, but it will take some time to fuse your individual style with a new, sophisticated look. Not only do you need to pay attention to your clothing, but you also need good accessories to help you look edgy, elegant, and stylish.

I’ll show you step-by-step basic items you might need to look more fashionable, sophisticated, and put together. And these items could fit any environment and occasion. Since stepping out the door in elegance every day can seem a difficult and tedious task, but it won’t be so anymore if you follow our straightforward advice.

 1. Adire Two -Pieces.

This design’s multicolor palette appears to be fashionable. The newest Adire styles are making a comeback, and this time, they’re better than any tie-dye work done in the past. These styles include dresses, pants, tees, hoodies, shirts, and shorts. Thanks to Asologe whose brand had helped to transition Adire styles to a more fashionable and versatile look.

This pattern doesn’t seem to come up often enough. What a great evolution this art has undergone from designs on conventional wrappers to patterns on pre-made items. This piece is definitely a must have as it can be worn to casual and official settings. Asologe Adire styles comes in different colours, patterns and styles to fit for any occasion.


Adire By Asologe on Bellafricana Marketplace

2. Hand Bracelet

Hand  bracelets are great way to add edge, spice and vibrance to your outfit. This piece of accessory fits perfectly with any outfit. Whether corporate or casual, it can be worn to parties, hangouts, weddings and officially engagements(depending on how you style its).One fascinating thing I love about Kunbi works bracelets is that its durable, has fine and shiny stones and well adorned.


Bracelet by Kumbi works on Bellafricana Marketplace
Bracelet by Kumbi works on Bellafricana Marketplace
3. Flat Slippers

Ok I know a lot of ladies love to look still funky, fashionable and simple. These classic pair of leather stripped slippers mad by a creative designer Morin O, Most definitely this can be rocked on a gown, pants trouser and gowns. This is really versatile and more reason why I recommended it.

Flat slippers by Morin O on Bellafricana Marketplace

4. Asooke Shoes

Look drip and dapper on this beautiful asooke loafer. This footwear is so conventional and could be worn on formal and very casual setting. It’s best to wear this during dry season to avoid be destroyed by rain. This Ethnik Africa best seller footwear has attracted lots of reviews and customers. it.

Ankara Shoes by O'Eclat on Bellafricana Marketplace

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5. Clutch Bags

This petite and portable clutch bag is also a most have, its can be rocked with a bubu gown, a palazzo pant, and min skirt and its mostly used for informal events. If you love adventures and hangouts, then this is a go for. Flexible and convenient for that party. its comes in different variations, shaoes ,colours and patterns. O’Eclat did a whole lot in crafting the leather and African print clutch.

O'Eclat Batik bag on Bellafricana Marketplace

6. Adire Fabric

I am sure you loved all the options presented to you, but your wardrobe is entitled to and deserves a good adire fabric from one of my favorite vendor Asologe. First, this piece involves a tie and die process. This can be rocked into different styles. its really versatile and durable. it can also be sewn to fit official and casual functions.

Adire Fabric by Asologe on Bellafricana Marketplace, Best Fashion Items
7. Jewelry

You cant look all styled up and fabulously dressed and not have a jewelry on. This accessory by Zivanora is simple and adds sparks to your outfit. Ever worn a simple and nice dress and you still caught the attention of onlookers by adding accessories to your look. Jewelry by Zivanora comes in sets and lives you looking chic and elegant all day.


Jelwelry by Zivanora on Bellafricana Marketplace, Best Fashion Items


Stop owning a boring closet. Keep up to date with fashion and accessories that will make you not to over the top. With these Best Fashion Items For Your Wardrobe. Do you want to see other items that will excite your wardrobe then click here to get more options.

Tips For Visiting Marrakesh During Ramadan

With Ramadan generally meaning a wind-down all over the Muslim world, you might expect that the red city of Marrakesh shuts up shop for the month, but that isn’t exactly the case. While the holy month means that many in Muslim-majority Morocco will be fasting during daylight hours, that doesn’t mean that Marrakesh is in any way off limits (though it might make finding an end-of-the-day beer a bit harder).

For travellers, the main difference will be the shortened opening hours, as many business and sights close either earlier in the day or for a chunk of the evening as Muslims gather together to break fast in a meal known as iftar. Here are some tips on visiting Marrakesh during Ramadan.

Enjoy the quiet streets

Much of Marrakesh’s old city will be quieter during the days in Ramadan as locals choose to spend the fasting days relaxed at home and then venture out at night. For those put off by medina crowds, it could be an excellent time to traverse winding streets that would otherwise be swamped. Food markets get busy again during the afternoon as people prepare for the large evening meal.

Find an iftar dinner

Stories abound of travellers being called in off the street by friendly Moroccans for the nightly iftar celebrations when Muslims break the day’s fast with a communal meal. Whilst serendipity might strike for you, if you want a definite dinner, it’s best to look at local restaurants. Noted culture-hub-turned-restaurant Cafe Clock offers a nightly iftarbuffet for Dh70 a head.

Dry month?

While not impossible, alcohol will be harder to find all over the country during Ramadan with some Muslims refusing to even touch the bottles during the holy month. Larger hotels aimed at tourists are likely to still serve booze though many smaller bars will close for the period or stay open while not serving alcohol. The popular 68 Bar A Vin, as one example, will close for the whole month. Supermarket alcohol shops will sometimes be open but might ask to see your passport as proof you’re not a local. The extra hassle means it might not be a bad idea to spend the trip sober; swap your end-of-the-day beer for a stop at the juice carts on the Marrakesh’s central Djemaa El Fna square.

Move your action to the night time

Though the quiet days and rising temperatures might give the city a listless feel during Ramadan, Marrakesh will very much come alive again at night. Many Muslims, having broken fast at sundown, will then head out to meet with friends and family late into the evening. Consider indulging in the greatest of past times: the afternoon nap, and then staying up later into the night as Djemaa El Fna and the nouvelle ville fill up with full stomached Moroccans looking for a friends and fun.

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