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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Joyce Onyemuwa a radio presenter and the host of the radio show SME Africa invites you to an entrepreneurial show. This event highlights the challenges and successes of young entrepreneurs. It’s been airing on Cool Fm for about a year now, began broadcast in 2016 and have interviewed some of the brightest minds and daring individuals who have ventured into entrepreneurship within the last 5years. These entrepreneurs have ventured into different sectors and though challenges present themselves, these individuals have shown great resilience and continued perseverance to succeed. [/dropcap]

On the 16th of May, from an offshoot of the radio show, SME Africa with be having an event that allows entrepreneurs share from the experience of our speakers who bring a human angle of their business to the SME Africa stage.
There is the additional benefit to entrepreneurs who will like to be vendors on the day of the event, who will be showcasing their goods and presenting their services, the opportunity to be promoted via social media for no additional cost.
The fee for entry is N5,000 and vendors who will like to sell their products are required to pay N12,000. Vendors will get social media publicity.
The guest speakers are young entrepreneurs who have beyond acquired the theoretical aspect of entrepreneurship are also in practice entrepreneurs themselves. They are our guests due to how their entrepreneurial spirit and story reflect our theme ‘Through high waters’.
Payment can be made at any
Zenith bank – Zyniel world limited
Number – 1014648833
And you can email –
[email protected] For enquiries.
You’ll be able to network and also tap into a new segment of young entrepreneurs and consumer market.

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