Smart Tips: What To Do When There's A Flood In Your House


With the alternating climatic conditions, rising of the sea levels, and melting of the glaciers at Antarctica, a flood is just about imminent whenever there’s a heavy downpour of rain.

The flood is also aided by our inability to leave free the mapped out drainage’s in our surroundings.
Thanks to our lack of proper waste management grooming, we overtime find ourselves battling this same problem annually year-in, year-out.
We also read horrific news of death tolls caused by this in homes, communities and eroded areas leading to landslides too.
Hence the need to equip ourselves with these tips which could be useful to us until a permanent solution is found.
Turn off the Electricity
This is very key because water is a very good conductor of electricity, that means the electrical waves radiates efficiently and quickly in water. And this could lead to an electrical shock or death by electrocution based on the discharge present in the water either from an exposed wire or an electrical source.
Stop Water at its Source
Locating the source of the water entry in your apartment/home if the water isn’t of natural cause is the next step to take too. This helps to protect further damage from being done in your apartment/home. Could be a burst pipe or leaking tap head, so aim to stop the water inflow into your house from the main water valve.
Evacuate the Premises
Evacuating the premises (when the water level is still reasonably low) is key in when there have been premonitions and announcements of safe grounds to go to when there’s an impending flood as announced by local media houses.
Rise to Higher Ground
This sounds like a church hymn (lol), but in reality we should not take it lightly. When the water level rises spontaneously beyond control its best to stay alive by rising to higher ground than trying to wade through the water. As the current of the water could knock you down or even drown you. You might need to get to the the roof, if water keeps rising at an incredible level.
Call for Help
Scream, shout, dial emergency phone numbers if you’re with your mobile, but whatever you do make sure you make a conscious effort to call for help. Let people around know you’re not safe and in danger.
But before you do this, try to ensure that everyone in your home is safe, so you can be rescued together.
Things to note before you move into your new home or rented place;

  • Make sure to do a proper documentation of everything in your home as you buy or replace.
  • Insure your house, not a lot of people fancy this but it helps to help us cover losses in emergencies such as this.

Stay safe!

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