The Official Top 3 Nominees List for ACE Awards 2018


Here is the full list of the top 3 nominees for ACE Awards 2018
Daniella Soje is a 10 years old, as a little Girl she would write stories and illustrate them in drawing and then she would tell her Mum to print them so that she can sell them and that was at the age of 5 or 6.
she recently started focusing more On her art, she was taught  how make toothpick collage in school  and she did a toothpick  Range Deer at school and when she got home she asked her mother  to frame her artwork . she was inspired by her younger sister to start  her own match stick design. Her brand name is “DANIELLA ART STUDIO”. she likes  to create and design images that adults and kids would love. using toothpick match sticks and beads.

Daniella Art Studio founder
She was recently  awarded  the MOST CREATIVE BUSSINESS IDEA  at the just concluded  kidentreprenur fair( Kentfair) and Its indeed been a creative business idea and has enjoyed tremendous achievement since the inception of her business in October 2017 when she had her first sole art exhibition and sold out  all her art works at the exhibition, being the first 10-year-old to organize a tooth pick art exhibition her story went viral on all social media platforms and since then she has been featured on Guardian Newspaper, Guardian TV,, Gist and many other Nigerian and foreign blogs across the  world. she has exhibited and sold her artworks both on line and at different stands in trade fairs across Nigeria, she also supplies her artworks to schools, book shop, supermarket and as birthday souvenir party packs.
she believes Daniella art studio will go far because she is ready to put in her best in her artworks. Her artworks are in different  categories,  The  (original copy on canvass) , The Laminated  copy , Post cards and Stickers she can multitask, she can combine her creative works with her  studies. she always wants  to be the kind of person that makes other kids step up and develop their talent she is presently  organizing  a summer class for kids where  she will teach  kids how to make toothpick collage and beads design.  She hopes to teach, empower and inspire other kids as she moves on in my Entrepreneurship career.
Instagram: @Daniellasoje_art_studio
JAM COCONUTFounders of Jam Coconut
JAM The Coconut Food Company, Our Coconut Company Story
JAM is an acronym of our names Joba & Anaborhi-Mobori
The JAM venture started in the summer of 2016. It was our first business venture. We made coconut banana breads for sale in our local neighbourhood and always sold out. In December that year we participated in the very first Kidpreneurs Fair and once again sold out.
It was a great exposure to what was possible but we had to think of how to scale the business especially when school started. So we focused on strictly coconut products.
JAM The Coconut Food Company is owned by two kidpreneurs Joba & Anaborhi Mobori- JAM. JAM is a fully registered comoany with the CAC and we are 85% through with our NAFDAC registration.
We are 3 and 7 years old respectively. Inspired by our amazing enterprenaural parents, we started making coconut milk for sale when we discovered our mom a.k.a ‘Mama’ is lactose intolerant.With lots of help from Mama, we started off with our now famous coconut milk. Our coconut milk is a wholesome and delicious alternative to cow’s milk which is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who requires wholesome cold pressed non diary milk.
We then began making coconut oil. Our coconut oil is sold all over the country in major outlets like Daytona, Delis, Adiba and Health Plus and Cassa Bella in all their branches nationwide. We are now looking to go into the export market.
We opened our coconut factory in October 2017 after a big #kitchentofactory digital campaign that saw us sell 100units of our 5litre keg of coconutoil.
We have also joined the First African Coconut Company to set up a coconut plantation so that we are sure of a long term supply of coconuts for our factory.
Jam Coconut Foods’ social project is focused on keeping our work force 80% female. We believe that it is possible to build a profitable business whilst building the female workforce in our host community. Most of our workers are women.
This is why we built a factory creche so that women with children are deliberately included into our workforce. With our in-house creche our female staff can focus on work whilst their children are cared for within our facilities.
We are  children we couldn’t have been able to do all we have done without God and the support of our parents and our amazing followers and customers in Nigeria and all over the world.
Instagram: @jamcoconutfoods
Ariyike photography picture
Ariyike Photografy is a photography company managed by a 7years old Moyinoluwa Ariyike Oluwaseun and her 5years old sister Morounfoluwa Ajiyike Oluwaseun
Ariyike Photografy has been in operation for two years.
Ariyike Photografy has covered several events and been opportune to take shots of several notable personalities like PPRO of the federal republic of Nigeria SP Badmos O. Dolapo, Mrs. Adenike Ogunlesi of Ruff and Tumble, Actress Liz Da Silva of Nollywood, Actress OmoAlausa of Nollywood, Gbenga Adewusi of Bayowa TV, DJ Enimoney, Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Musician Beambor Taylor, Swanky Jerry among many others.
Ariyike Photografy has officially covered several events like Easter Excerpts from GF HANDEL’S MESSIAH and other Gospel Favourites directed by the famous Albert Oikelome held at the Good News Baptist Church Surulere. , 2017 edition of MAYA Awards held at the Yard 158 Oregun , 20166 and 2017 edition of KentFair held at IMAX Cinema Lekki, 2017 Ankara GIG held at the Time Square Hall Ikeja, Movie Premiere of My Husband My Friend, 2017 edition of the International Day for the Girl Child, Unveiling of the Oyita Classic Band, FUN FIT KIDS organized by Miss Muffet Edutainment Company etc.
Ariyike Photografy is currently the official photographer for KidEntrepreneur group, Kidpreneur Africa group , DJ Enimoney, Parenting Right group, Miss Muffet Edutainment Company, Liz Da Silva, Toyin Omo Alausa and many more.
Moyinoluwa and Morounfoluwa started taking pictures for fun from the tender age of 2 which thus grow into passion from which the company was borne.
Moyinoluwa and Morounfoluwa love spending their spare time playing keyboard, swimming and watching cartoons and animal documentaries.
Instagram: @ariyikephotografy
Irene Founder Mabaki Mali founder Tanzania ACE Awards
Founder: Irene Muja
My name is Irene Muja, born and raised in Tanzania. I am a 26 years old and the eldest from the family of two children. I am a graduate of Bachelor of degree in International Business, 2017 at Nilai University, Malaysia and Currently pursuing my Postgraduate in Project Management at Tanzania Institute of Project Management.
Then as I am social entrepreneur who is passionate in Art and Craft which motivated me to be an innovator.
Since my childhood, not only my parents trained me to recycle food wastes into manure for the agricultural purposes but also I would love to create things from using rag clothes to make school bags, plastic bottles to make pencil case and using spoil kettle as a flower pots as the results it becomes a habit and turned it to be a
business. I decided to recycle tires into furniture and garden decorations for the reason of eradicating Solid waste in a country and worldwide and minimize health problems like Malaria which kills the people from the mosquito breed occurs from the dumped tires.
Despite of being an environmental sustainability concerns, and want to be a person who will solve the problem of the communities. When there is a problem, it’s an opportunity to solve. I saw environmental pollution especially on solid wastes scattered around the community and I took it as an opportunity to come up with a business solutions that would attract customers.
Furthermore, I found out farmers do complain about drought, and people still cut down trees to make furniture for offices, hotels; I realized problems of deforestation won’t be solved. And it was a time that got a push on the idea and managed to implement it on making furniture out of tires.
Lastly, I do believe taking care of the environment start within yourself
Egudzi is an indigenous Ghanaian handmade fashion accessory brand designed to capture a woman’s distinct fashion persona. Established as an online platform for retailing customized afropolitan beaded jewelry almost 2 years ago, the brand suited the peculiar tastes of various women whilst aligning it with their unique personalities.
The Accra based fashion house boasts a chic collection of neckpieces designed to capture the very essence of elegance. This pursuit is aptly captured by the brand tag-line; ‘Experience Elegance’.
As the unique brand of tasteful fashion garnered increased interest and accumulated loyal clientele both locally and abroad (Nigeria, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom etc), the fashion house opened its first flagship shop at Nyaniba Estates, Osu-Accra. The business currently boasts of seasoned clientele including Madam Joyce Aryee, Afi Amoro (Jandell Ltd) Obuobia Darko Opoku, Gifty Bingley, Naa Ashorkor Adodoadji, Baisiwa Hammond among others who play their role as  influential women personalities.
Inspired by the sheer grace and sophistication of the modern African woman, Egudzi which literally means treasures or precious Jewelry in Fante (An Akan dialect spoken by the people of Ghana’s Central region) is a delicate mix of authentic African jewelry pieces melded with exotic Eurasian gems. They come in a plethora of sizes, shapes and vibrant colours put together with panache to elicit a sophisticated look. Egudzi also uses antique African bead collections from neighbouring countries including Mali, Nigeria and Burkina Faso with a touch of Ghanaian sourced materials.
Our vision is to be the leading producer of afropolitan handmade beaded accessories in Africa and beyond that evince the wearer’s personality whilst projecting the unique Ghanaian cultural heritage.
This exciting start-up is a partnership between, Mercy Owusu Twumasi and Ewurama Mercer. Ewurama Mercer, the creative Director, behind the Egudzi brand of fashion accessories indicates that her inspiration for delving into the world fashion accessories, “I have always had an eye for elegance. For me, the highest form of elegance resides in simplicity and this principle is what drives my craft. It is interesting to see how something that started as a pastime has quickly evolved into a passion and now a thriving business.”
A visit to Egudzi’s modest but very artistically decorated office in Accra confirms that indeed, what started out as a hobby is quickly blooming into a buoyant business which currently employs eight (8) people. The team has over 15 years management experience with extensive training and key competencies in contemporary fashion design and business management and has proprietary knowledge of its unique beaded-accessories making process to deliver top-quality standard and customized accessories for its cherished pool of clients. Each piece is 100% hand-made which carefully arranged to evince the wearer’s personality.
In the near future, Mercy and Ewurama who manage the growing business intend to delve into a bead-making institute which would train and equip young people in the business of bead-making thus scaling up employment opportunities for the youth. Egudzi is also clearly passionate about giving back to society and it is currently supporting LynnCare, a local NGO with its’ unique CSR activities.
Instagram: @egudzighana
Founder Root in style founder
About Root in Style
Root in Style was found in 2015 as a Premium Leather Accessory Brand handcrafted in Ethiopia with unique rooted touch design by Tigist Seife Haile.
Root in style was the result of the question in mind “where is Africa’s share in the fashion industry”. Living in a continent rich in resource, lots of traditions and creativity to share to the world, not having a lots of known brand in the international market is not an option.
Therefore, Root in Style which conceived with a question “where is ours?” had born by the founder Tigist Seife as a uniquely design premium quality leather accessary brand  made by only women artisans which used to be unemployed then recruited and trained by the company.
Since 2015 Root in Style have been showcased and exhibited in different platforms, some of the major are

  • ACCRA Fashion Week 2016
  • Inclusive Fashion Week (fashion show with models of persons with disabilities), which is the first inclusive fashion show in Ethiopia
  • Hub of Africa fashion week
  • Ethiopian Fashion Week (Ethiopia)
  • Dubai Cultural Festival (Dubai)
  • Creative Features (Goethe Institute Addis Ababa) as the top finalist Brand.
  • Made in Ethiopia Expo 2018

The brand have been sold on the international online platform like Etsy and own website that will have a chance to sell internationally.
Our aim is to make Root in Style one of the best African brand in the world which reflects Africans culture internationally.
Motto: – Be amazingly Unique in the Crowd
Made with love by only women artisans
Instagram : – @rootinstyle
Shells of Africa founder
Shells of Africa picks shells from dump site in parts of Nigeria and transforms them to beauties.
Instagram: @shells_of_africa
Founder John Edom
Founder: John Edom
John Edom visuals is a business that deals with art productions and creative upcycling. Its main aim is to utilize solid waste materials as a potent media for artistic creation and production of functional upcycled products which will in turn provide jobs and create employment opportunities for a viable and sustainable development. It also aims to improve waste dumping culture in Nigeria by changing peoples perspective about waste through trainings and seminars  in schools and churches thereby re awakening their consciousness to its usefulness.
The problem of waste cannot be overemphasized. For this reason, this business is saddled with the responsibility of contributing positively to waste management practice by exploring the potentials in wastes for aesthetic and economic relevance.
Instagram: @jedomite
Founder Cyrus 45 Banjo
Founder: Olabanke Banjo
Cyrus45 factory is a creative outfit that is currently focused on upcycling used tyres into avant-garde and ultra-modern products. At Cyrus45 factory, we believe that in order to develop a sustainable model in recycling and green living in our community, we must first educate ourselves on the reason why we need to recycle as well as the benefits that come with it. We are driving for a paradigm shift in our “business as usual attitude” to a “proactive attitude” in how we engage our environment. We can only achieve sustainable results if we work together and this is why we look to partner with other organizations that share our values and goals.
Every tyre we have up cycled was taken off the street, this is what we call our “value creation – waste reduction” principle, and this simply means our business focuses on creating artsy and functional furniture for the art savvy Nigerian as well as cleaning up the environment by recycling. We believe that as the mindset of our people change towards a greener environment, it will grow into a culture and thus, create a healthy environment that encourages any one to start up a business in recycling.
Our mantra
Recycle, Revive, Revampe
Our mission
To change the general perception of Made in Nigeria products while also sensitizing Nigerians on the importance of sustainable living.
Instagram: @cyrus_45
Founder Maison Loulabelle
Founder: Cynthia Oguntoye
Maison Loulabelle is Nigeria’s first multi-brand afrocentric children’s retail store. We curate and retail the best afrocentric children’s products from across Africa. We started in 2014 as a contemporary afrocentric childrenswear brand aimed at bridging the gap between modern kids fashion and African fashion. Within four years, the brand has expanded to include Loulabelle Toys – our range of colourful afrocentric plush toys and LouLou wholesale ultra-affordable mass-market wholesale brand. At Maison Loulabelle, we are dedicated to not only becoming a global brand, but contributing to the development of the children’s wear sector across Africa.
Instagram: @maison_loulabelle
Arie and arin founder
Founder: Piriye Nyingierefaka
Arie & Arin was founded in 2017 when Piriye Nyingierefaka needed a christening dress for her daughter’s christening, and could not find the perfect dress at an affordable cost. Hence she saw a huge gap in the economy for kids special occasion wears. With her prior tailoring knowledge from making wears for women, Production started and has since being taking place from her residence where she carved out a mini factory in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Arie & Arin is a proudly made in Nigeria kids clothing brand for ages Newborn-8years, built on the foundation of love and passion to custom make unique pieces not only wearable by Nigerian kids, but kids all over the world.
The company is a growing business making great strides in boosting the Nigerian economy by its direct and indirect employment of labour. Each piece is carefully handmade locally from start to finish by hardworking Nigerian women. Starting with a staff strength of one and one sewing machine, Arie & Arin is proud to record an increased staff strength of 5 and 4 more additional machines from its inception.
Named after her daughters Ariella and Arin, the company has being widely accepted by consumers who seek to adorn their little Royals in extra ordinary pieces that are practical and wearable as they grow.
The vision for the company is to keep offering affordable luxury pieces with new designs and styles to every growing child. In the near future Arie & Arin is poised to grow and keep improving on its pieces to meet global and international standards.  The aim is to export its pieces to malls across the globe with a proud “Made in Nigeria” label.
Instagram: @arin_and_arin
Founder Philos and Zoe
Founder: Ifedayo Durosinmi-Etti
Philos and Zoe is a fashion brand for children on a mission to reduce poverty in Nigeria through technology, education and women empowerment. We pride ourselves on understanding emerging fashion trends. Our Business model is a fast fashion model where large volumes of merchandise moves from our table to our website in the shortest amount of time possible. We currently outsource our production to 5 independent garment manufacturers in Nigeria which are overseen by our headquarters in Lagos to ensure quality control. We also have first mover advantage as we are the first to provide affordable and contemporary fashion for children in Nigeria and 95% of our raw materials are sourced locally.
As a result of our pieces produced locally, cost of production is low in comparison to other people who sell contemporary clothing for children. We also live by our core values which are Quality, Excellence, Intergity and affordability, this sets us apart. Since our launch 8 months ago, we have sold over 700 kids clothes, we have built an online community of over 4,000 women and we educate them daily on the importance of quality education, protecting the environment, fashion and being a socially responsible citizen. We have also hit a milestone of over 500 customers and as a result of our operations; we have improved the lives of over 100 women in Nigeria from sourcing of fabric till it gets to the customer. We have also sold our pieces almost all the geo political zones in Nigeria. Within the next 2 years, we will be able to improve the lives of over 500 Nigerian citizens through our daily operations, from manufacturing of our products, to merchandising, to logistics and we will have a reach of over 5000 customers. We also plan to get an office space and create 100 more jobs directly which will have an indirect impact on over 1000 youths within the next year and over the next 2 – 3 years, I expect to have a franchise in each state of the federation, with the hopes of expanding to other parts of Africa.
Instagram: @philosandzoe
Dream catchers founder
Founder: Seyi Oluyole
Dream Catchers is social enterprise for children on the street and for children from poor homes. It is a dance team for despondent/street children. The majority of children from this team are from the street and bad homes. This dance team takes kids who are susceptible to risk and provide them shelter, food, clothing and education. The kids are empowered through dance and acting; this gives their dreams validity and helps them know that irrespective of what they have been told by others, they stand a chance at succeeding. We are making a change through innovative education.
The Ikorodu Talented Kids hopes to help and encourage children to stay in school while pursuing their dreams and passion. All members of the team are enrolled in school and are doing well. Our technique is to first introduce these kids to dance and then use their passion for the arts to enroll and keep them in school. The number one criteria for staying on the team is however, staying in school.
The children on this team work towards becoming great individuals in the society. Our vision is for every child to have access to good education and to further their education as far as a Bachelors and Masters degree. And we hope that the kids can attain this height of success via income from their profession; dancing and acting.
Instagram: @dreamcatchersda
Lagos Food bank founder
Lagos Food Bank Initiative is a private-driven Charity Organisation that provides Food & Relief items and medical services for the Poor and vulnerable people in Lagos Nigeria. Our primary assignment is to alleviate the sufferings of the destitute, the vulnerable, widows, the poor and needy, the physically disabled/disadvantaged people and the destitute in our society.
Our Achievements
Since the inception of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, we have reached more than 155,000 beneficiaries especially women and children. We have carried out several humanitarian projects by proving food items and medical services to slum designated communities  in (Agege, Makoko, Ipaja, Mushin, Ebute Metta ,Ijora Ottor, Agboyin Ketu, Majidun, Oworoshoki etc ) in addition to provision of other relief items. Our projects are done in different Local Government Areas in Lagos, Nigeria. For each month we prepare for more than Five thousand (5000) beneficiaries who collect food and relief items. Our interventions are geared towards the widows, poor families, physically disabled/disadvantaged.
Instagram: @lagosfoodbank
Doyin One word Africa founder
Founder: Doyinsola Afolabi
One Word Africa (O.W.A.) is a dyslexia-focused initiative that has actively organized socio-academic initiatives on learning development in Lagos, Nigeria. The vital crux of this organization is to to breach the gap that exists within the process of learning and its experience on students with dyslexia, by integrating a life-long learning development strategy to create a sustainable socio-academic growth in Nigeria, and in turn, Africa.
Founded in October 2016, “Advocacy and Re-orientation” was the organization’s empowerment instrument of first resort through workshops and Tribe sessions called Dyslexia Tribe -a monthly support group and mental therapy that brings people living with dyslexia together for a knowledge sensitization on new and sustainable management of dyslexia for success in life.
One word Africa provides innovative, life-advancing, and therapeutic support to our target audience; dyslexics, as well as keep striving to create more enabling and progressive environments through our work. Also, O.W.A. has covered stories of dyslexics that have in the process, led to conscious effort by people in wanting associated with ‘dyslexia’ as well as support corresponding advocacies. Furthermore, O.W.A. aims to change lives by developing skills and increasing knowledge base of dyslexics in accordance to their strengths through our proposed annual boot camp –Dream Academy.
The push for inclusive classrooms, psychologists in schools, and equipping teachers on handling children with special needs has led to periodic recruitments of educators and psychologists for projects, programs and workshops in High Schools as well as set the team on a current research project (Effects of Dyslexia and Socio-Academic Development of a Nation: A Case Study of Nigeria), as requested by the Osun State Permanent Secretary and Commissioner of Education for endorsement.
Since establishment, One Word Africa has been recognized by the City of New Orleans and featured by Ynaija (an internet newspaper for the evolving generation) for impacting lives of less privileged children with dyslexia.
Instagram: @onewordafrica
Natural Nigerian founder picture
Founder: Ifeamaka Umeike
Natural Nigerian is a 100% woman-owned company, founded in 2011 by a chemist who is personally responsible for all the cosmetic formulations.
Natural Nigerian is particular about the addition of Nigerian ethnobotanical ingredients in its cosmetics. We love to celebrate what we have!
Instagram: @naturalnigerian

Founder: Toyin Oniru
Inner Beautee is an all natural, eco friendly, luxury yet affordable skin and haircare brand. Established in Lagos, Nigeria in 2012 Inner Beautee continues to nurture individuals naturally with their customised handmade hair, bath and body treats. Inspired by nature and sourced from the most rich, healthy and nourishing delights. The ingredients are completely natural, mostly organic, always fairtraded and cruelty free.
The products range from Herbal Natural Hair growth lines to healthy Natural Nail Polishes, Personal Beardcare for men, Moisturising Whipped body butters to healing authentic African Black Soap. Our Luxurious face and body scrubs, scented soy wax candles and nurturing babycare line created to pamper and With over 15 different carrier and essential oils Inner Beautee is your one stop shop for all things natural and nourishing to the body!
Inner Beautee products are safely packaged in recyclable eco friendly materials, they are paraben free, safe and gentle enough on delicate skin yet effective in radiating ones natural beauty, restoring individual’s confidence naturally  Inner Beautee shines through! Inner Beautee is available at several distribution stores nationwide and internationally, with its flagship store located in the heart of Lagos and online.
Instagram: @innerbeautee1
Susan-Tobor-Akinyooye Founder NARGANICS
Founder: Tobor Akinyooye
Narganics is a natural skincare and fragrance brand, founded in 2016 by Susan Tobor Akinyooye. Narganics stems from the words ‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ which dovetails with the brand ethos. The passion to create a handmade skincare and fragrance
Brand with unique formulas and in fusions that create a memorable experience is at the heart of all our products.
We believe that health and wellness depend on the delicate balance between mind, body and spirit and that daily bath and skincare routine should be enjoyable, therapeutic and brought back to the realm of natural beauty.
Proudly Handmade in Nigeria and inspired by nature, Narganics creates unique skincare products that fuse intoxicating scents and botanical infusions with effective natural skincare.
Our Methodology
Our products are 70-100 percent natural and organic. Our products are handmade from scratch in small batches to ensure freshness and quality without any severe heating that can affect the nutritional content and potency of the natural active ingredients. All of our formulas are original, created and tested by us, on people and never on animals.
Our thoughtfully designed packaging and labels feature a clean design and allow sour ingredients to shine through with intoxicating scents and luxurious textures.
At Narganics, we prefer to use glass for our packaging which helps preserve and maintain the “active” ingredient effectiveness and natural content. We try to use as little plastic as possible.
Our Mission
To enhance beauty naturally through effective, sustainable products and exceptional service.
Our Vision
To become the foremost Natural Skincare and Fragrance brand out of Africa.
Instagram: @narganics
TAMARA Founder Tamzhub
Founder: Tamara Okoro
For many years; spanning several generations, Africans have been able to interpret the beauty and pride of its rich cultural heritage through different arts and craft.
At Tamzhub, we tell stories about our beautiful African cultural heritage using a rich blend of both African Art and Textile Design.
We create unique African designs to promote and inculcate our African pride and culture.
Tamzhub is a textile enterprise which creates handmade batik, Adire Eleko, Tie and Dye; in all shades of colors and unique designs.
Instagram: @tamzhub
Adekunle founder Adire Nation
Founder: Adekunle Olapade
Adire Nation, a fashion brand whose aim is to promote and preserve the heritage of the Yoruba people as well as Africa as a whole through our modern and everyday fashion pieces infused with the art of Adire making and it’s various patterns.
Adire Nation is primarily centered around the values, morals and heritage of the Yoruba culture. Creating a lifestyle out of this. To create a bridge between the erstwhile heritage of the past to the new generation and to create a reorientation about the culture. AdireNation simply aims to preserve and promote this culture by incorporating the forgotten cultural heritage, values and old traditions into FASHION, through the products and services that we offer. This service is basically, making clothes and telling stories through patterns fused with fashion pieces.
Instagram: @adirenation
Founder Mimiremi textiles
Founder: Aderonke Jaiyeola
Touching, feeling and admiring the colours on the fabric, it dawned on me that the fabric prints are all imported designs.i wondered how beautiful it will be to have stories of the rich African culture told in our own way on our fabrics to promote our rich cultural heritage. That was the birth of Mimiremi Textiles.
Mimiremi Textiles is a brand under Pattern Design Limited. The company wascreated out of a need to solve the problem of access of fashion designers in Lagos state Nigeria to bespoke and quality fabric that is uniquely theirs. Today the brand has grown to not only designing bespoke fabrics but also creating a new range of fabric design that is inspired by the rich African culture that we love so much. Our prints tell different cultural stories thereby promoting and preserving the rich African culture.
We have a range of exquisite hand painted fabrics and digital prints that are carefully designed and painted in our studio. All our designs are printed and painted on high quality premium fabrics.
We also have a range of  T-shirt designs that are exquisitely designed with gorgeous afrocentric patterns and can be worn with pride.
We are committed to preserving the African culture through our vibrant prints and to also  revive the textile print  industry in Nigeria so as to create employment opportunities for youths and women.
We are currently planning towards setting up a state of the art textile printing and design factory in Lagos with the capacity to print on all types of fabrics.
Instagram: @mimiremitextiles
Kachi Irondi ACE Nominee
Founder: Onyekachi Irondi
Onyekachi Irondi is a ceramics designer born in Lagos, Nigeria. She studied Masters in Ceramics Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.
With a background in art and design, her work commenced with making inimitable hand carved pieces inspired by the rich culture and traditions that surrounded her growing up.
Expanding her interests beyond her native Nigerian Culture further more developing her passion for carving, Irondi examines pre-existing motifs from different parts of Africa fused with her interests in architectural features and functions to create new forms of visual expressions through ceramics design.
Instagram: @kachhii
Founder: Banke Fasominu
Banke Founder Oludidit
Founder: Banke Fasominu
Oludidit is a creative enterprise in Nigeria that thrives on creative invention; transforming imaginations into tangible products in the arts and crafts industry. Our products range from a variety of interior decor accessories to crafts, and stationeries with a rich blend of African and western elements.
Driven by a desire to constantly create unique pieces with style and excellence, Oludidit has gradually become a hub for the craft loving population who seek the originality of handcrafted, custom designed products both within Nigeria and abroad.
Oludidit was founded by Banke Fasominu. A versatile achiever, Banke is a crafter, graphic artist, teacher, speaker and a budding writer. Having acquired design and business education from the Maven Institute of interior decor and design as well as the Pan Atlantic University’s Enterprise development Centre respectively, she still constantly seeks opportunities for continuous education. Her passion lies in transforming the everyday things into beautiful masterpieces.
Instagram: @oludidit
Amama Designs founder ACE Nominee
Amama design is a surface pattern designer, artist, illustrator that makes wearable arts.
Instagram: @amamadesignatelierng
Loshes Chocolate founder picture
Founder: Femi Oyedipe
LoshesChocolate is a 100% Nigerian entity that plays in the Chocolate Industry – making fine chocolates from Nigerian Cocoa Beans.
LoshesChocolate is driven by innovation and delivers value from within by providing Chocolates and Chocolate products to highest standards available worldwide.
Instagram: @losheschocolate
Founder Happy Coffee
Founder: Princess Adeyinka Adeyemi
Happy Coffee is the new solution for coffee drinking in Nigeria. This company was created for the evolution of coffee consumption. Happy Coffee features a combination of fresh brew coffee drinking mobile outlet/store with a bookstore/library. Our business will introduce an eclectic line of coffee blends created and customized for the customers. Happy Coffee is a duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. Its business operations commence in August 2015.
Happy Coffee is to become the first and foremost Fresh Brew Coffee provider (products and services) in Nigeria and West Africa by 2020 to be listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
Our mission is to re-introduce and substantiate the art of coffee drinking to our customers, while building a dynamic workforce and business model that will transform the coffee industry in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Instagram: @happycoffeenigeria
Founder Tigernut republic
Founder: Ademola-Oriola
Temitope ADEMOLA-ORIOLA, CEO of TIGERNUTS REPUBLUC (a subsidiary of O,Zibanna Limited) is a Financial Advisor and currently working as an Associate with one of the leading Investment Banking firms in Lagos, Nigeria.
With intense passion for cooking, continuous research and quest to learn complex dishes, she stumbled across Tigernut milk on YouTube in February 2017. After making Tigernut milk, the curious part of her felt that the shaft from the milk couldn’t be ignored.
Through extensive research, she realized Tigernut wasn’t just good for milk but is currently 1 of the top 10 Super foods in the world, perfect for diabetics, weight watchers, good guts, fertility, heart and general wellness.
Well, that was the start of Behealthyng  now TIGERNUTS republic  first in her thoughts, her kitchen, amongst family/friends and to the world. It can simply be said that ‘Her passion for cooking led her to the discovery of the wonders of Tigernut”. She incorporated her company in May 2017, an indigenous company with 100% focus on Tigernut. The current products from her stable are Tigernut Swallow, Tigernut Flour, Tigernut Cereal, Tigernut Cereal Flakes, Tigernut Sauce, Tigernut Ranch, Tigernut Snacks, Tigernut Original, Tigernut Cake, Tigernut bread, tigernut granolas, and Tigernut Milk.
This is an endless journey that will bring about continuous research, improvements and addition to the existing Tigernut range of products from tigernut republic to Nigeria and then to the rest of the world.
Dammie Alabi Pillow talk founder
Founder: Dammie Alabi
Pillowtalk9ja is an inspirational throw pillow line that helps people share love and find inspiration for transformation. We believe that words shape us, they shape our world and influence our actions.
The world is filled with so much negativity that our goal is to help people surround themselves with words that build them and inspire them to be the best version of themselves.
We have been in business officially for a year now and have made over 3000 throw pillows and reached over 500 people in one year.
We currently have 3 permanent staff on our team and 5 trade partners that we work with. We take our team very seriously as we believe the work of inspiring our world to greatness begins with us.
Instagram: @pillowtalk9ja
Ms Umeike founder Kilienma
Founder: Chinenye Umeike
Ki-lié-nma means Look at Beauty
Kilienma is an indigenous makeup brand owned by two sisters.
A makeup brand (wholly handmade) using natural and toxic-chemical free ingredients.
The discerning customer who is particular about what she applies on her skin.
Makeup should not be harmful to the body; it can nourish the skin while beautifying it. Reflect on how often we consume our lipsticks while eating and drinking. Liners and mascara are applied so close to the eye. The use of clean ingredients means less harm to our skin.
Each of our product is made by hand and with a lot of TLC (tender loving care).
Majority of ingredients are sourced from nature. In the few instances that synthetic ingredients may be used, there is extensive research to show that they are beneficial to the skin.
Our list of ingredients of ingredients are provided. One of our founding principles is transparency; our customers should know exactly what they are applying on their skin.
Instagram: @kilienma
Tunde Owolabi Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi ACE Nominee
Founder: Tunde Owolabi
Founded in 2015 by Tunde Owolabi, Ethnik is about making aso oke accessible to the fashion-forward modern man and woman. As featured on CNN, beyond accessibility and creating fashionable pieces for brand savvy trendsetter, Ethnik is about promoting culture and giving back to the community.
Instagram: @ethnikbytundeowolabi
313 EKO
Founder 313 Eko ACE Nominee
Founder: Bamigbola Taiye
313Eko is a 21st century handmade shoe company that produces Bespoke leather craft in Shoes, Slippers, Sandals, Bags and many other leather accessories for male and female. We have been trading in shoes since 2010.
313Eko is a brand known nationwide for making quality leather shoes, the brand has been managed by BAMIGBOLA TAIYE. We are best known for our obvious quality, finishing, attention to details, designs and cuts of our leather craft. We claim to make 100percent leather shoes.
We produce locally (Lagos) and sell worldwide, we mostly source our materials from Lagos. Certain to the fact that our local markets  are limited, we go a long way to impress our customers and improvise production. Our products have come to play diverse roles in Africa fashion business, for making bespoke leather works in royal shoes, office shoes, casual shoes  half shoes and loafers) sandals, belts, slippers, wallets, card holders.
Currently we are partners with 10 reseller nationwide, this people buy leather products from us to re-sell to their customers in Abuja, Lagos and Ilorin. We have an active online presence that help promote the brand and build a platform where people can see picture samples and call in to make their shoe orders and the patronage from social media has been impressive.
We have worked with top fashion agencies in Nigeria on different platform like: 360nobs, stylevitae, Kimono Kollection, Alibaba, Timi Dakolo, Kola Kudus, Tokyo James Hannah George and many more, we also feature in fashion shows and exbition like:  MMR 2013 and 2014, elite model competition 2015 and many more. Currently we have a work force of five (6) members excluding (10) contract staffs .We also have the ability to welcome more skilled hands  who clearly understands our methods and processes of production. We currently have a conducive workshop located at No, 47 Shasha road Akowonjo Lagos.
Instagram: @313eko
Isioma Founder Man Kave
Founder: Isioma Egbunike
Man Kave clothing is an easy wear androgynous clothing brand. Man Kave breathes life into our clothing products with innovative and artistic expressions. These expressions constantly conveying a message across to any eye set upon them. The western world is richer than Africa in lots of ways, but one thing we have in more abundance is our culture. Our culture is very artistic any way you chose to express it, and Man Kave expresses it in our clothing almost half the time.
We fill a void the western world can’t understand enough to occupy. There is also a void in the young males and also females that want to look mature, they do not want to wear T-shirts but not necessarily want to wear traditional attire also like the generation of old. We meet these guys on middle ground, making alternative unisex clothing ranging tunics, dashiki’s, kimonos….. Easy wear pieces that transcend gender, body shapes, and occasions.
Our target market are a people with an exciting personality, people that want to make a unique statement while feeling comfortable, They are also people that appreciate beauty and aren’t scared to radiate that beauty. Usually these people are 2 in 5 men, and women within 18-40 years of age, in the middle class tax bracket. These people follow trends on social media and blogs and want to be the first to have the most unique clothing items, and that’s where we fit in.
Man Kave was founded to fulfil purpose with passion and placed in Nigeria at a time such as this, where there is a renewing of the mind of the people from the status quo. As opposed to importation and shopping abroad for overpriced simple clothing, we offer better quality for close costs. We are also a brand that believes in Originality and constant innovation, meaning that we go the extra mile to come up with new concepts, going so deep into the blue sea fighting the competition on our own turf, and our turf is artistry, using hard techniques so we don’t indulge a lot of fast followers, giving our valued customers a favourite child feeling.
Instagram: @mankaveclothing
Hesey Designs Founder
Founder: Eseoghene Odiete
Hesey designs Is a Nigerian fashion brand which specializes in the designing and production of handcrafted bags, shoes, fashion accessories, corporate gift items with African, continental and a variety of materials.
Hesey Designs works with youths and women to develop chic African inspired fashionable items thereby creating jobs and supporting families. In the last two years, the brand has quickly grown to include an initiative that empowers unemployed young girls with vocational skills in handmade fashion accessories to join our workforce or start their own small businesses.
Our products are made from the finest locally sourced materials (We work with local suppliers for our raw materials) and manufactured to reflect an embodiment of uncompromising quality and great craftsmanship. Our designs are not only trendy but reflect the new spirit of afrocentric driven styles that customers are increasingly craving or.
Instagram: @heseydesigns
Morni O Founder ACE Awards nominee
Founder: Morin Obawaye
Morin Obaweya is the Chief Executive Officer and Creative Head Designer of Morin.O Designs Ltd, contemporary leather accessories brand Inspired by artistic innovation and ethnic designs for the sassy and fashionable individuals. An Alumni of the Vital Voices Women Entrepreneurs in handcraft Programme, Her works have been written about in International Publications like the Huffington Post and her handbags carried by celebrities in Nigeria and Internationally.
Right from when she was in secondary school, her passion for creative arts was evident even though she majored in the sciences. Morin studied Pharmacy at Ahmadu Bello University and after her internship year at the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Kaduna, and a year of  National Youth Service at the Holy Family Joint Hospital Ikom Cross River State, she went on to work in Upperline Pharmaceutical Company as an executive pharmacist. In 1992, she co-founded Mauba Enterprises with her husband, a company involved in the supply of gift items and art décor that had its office at 7 Akin Osiyemi Street Ikeja where she began her career as a curator and promoter of indigenous art and craft. She curated her first art exhibition in November 1994 at Didi Museum Lagos, titled “Divine Inspiration” under the distinguished chairmanship of the then Minister of Information Prof Jerry Gana.
Obaweya founded Lifestrokes Gallery in 1995, committed to the promotion, enhancement and growth of Nigerian and African arts and crafts. The Company was located at 160 Awolowo Road and to mark the inauguration, an exhibition featuring the works of over twenty Nigerian artists was held. Since the Inception of  Lifestrokes, Obaweya has organised several exhibitions at home and abroad. It was after all these that she founded Morin.O Leatherworks, authentic Nigerian leather accessories line manufacturing high-quality leather accessories for both the Nigerian and global markets.
Morin was brought up in a close-knit family where they were allowed to express themselves and be unique. She comes from a family of creative people, her mother was a professional photographer, her father was a broadcaster, her siblings in theatre arts and also architecture. This influenced her to follow her instincts and passion and to enjoy and live life creatively.
At secondary school level, she was both a science and arts student, she enjoyed playing both worlds, majoring in the sciences but also taking literature as a subject and participating in art related activities and after practising pharmacy for a little while, she decided to go with her passion of expressing myself creatively.
“After promoting arts and crafts for several years, she wanted to express her own individual creativity and she ended up settling for her preferred medium of leather, hence Morin.O.
Our designs have won different accolades including British Council enterprise challenge, Google Africa connected challenge, Finalist for Tony Elumelu prize and recognised in both National and international media including CNN, Ebony Live and Linda ikeji.
Instagram: @morin.o
Wunmi founder Design for Love
Design for love is founded by Wunmi Amokeodo. We design and manufactures female apparel and accessories – specifically dressy casuals and business casuals using Ankara and other fabrics that are more synonymous with the Nigerian and the African market.
Design for Love has successfully maintained its integrity over 10 years and by integrity I mean putting our customers first, keeping to deadlines, being dependable and also giving out quality products and services.
Instagram: @dflrocks
Kola Kuddus ACE Awards nominee
Founder: Kola Kuddus
Kola Kuddus Couture run by Kola Kuddus ,started out very simple. He was a personal shopper and stylist for friends. He decided to focus on making clothes for men. His dissatisfaction with regular brands he used to style his friends led him to starting his own fashion design company.
Mr Kola Kuddus creates clothes for the modern man has showcased at high profile shows such as Lagos style week. His collections of clothes are long lasting, high quality and timeless. He started as a personal shopper in 2004, and grew into designing and outsourcing. The man behind the label is set to conquer the retail market as his brand is available throughout Lagos and is set to expand through Nigeria and eventually globally.
He has come through the ranks of emerging designers to be in a place were he has forged and consolidated his place in the Nigerian fashion industry. A Philosophy Graduate from University of Lagos, he has also studied at City University London, Nobel Africk and at the prestigious London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. Distinctly modern but marked by rich color, flawlessly constructed designs and quality fabrics he remains loyal to African trends and styles yet epitomizes global glamour by offering men his innate fashion sense.
The ready-to-wear collections pay careful attention to detail and his classic and casual styles are developed with a modern aesthetic.
Instagram: @kolakuddus
Ayo Founder Creative Safari
Founder: Ayo Fanimokun
Ms. Ayo Fanimokun is an artist, crafter and creative entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master’s in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, New York.
She is the founder of Creative Safari – an Arts & Crafts company focused on promoting “Creative Exploration and Handmade Artistry.” With a recently launched range of “Made in Nigeria” Craft Kits, designed for tweens, teens and adults, the company offers creative explorers from the ages of 9 to 99, the chance to get started on their creative journeys in a convenient, enjoyable and affordable way.
Instagram: @my.creative.safari
Founder Tosh Coconuts ACE Awards nominee          
Tosh Coconuts Limited was incorporated in 2017, however product sampling and pre incorporation business commenced December 2016.
The company is into processing and distribution of a wide range of Coconut products which include:
Coconut flour, Coconut Poundo, Cold pressed Coconut oil, Coconut milk, Coconut Yoghurt, Coconut cookies, Coconut flakes, Coconut water, Coco-nuts & Fruits and Coconut cream.
The business was started to provide alternative healthy local foods from Coconuts .
Since inception, the business has scaled up from processing a few coconuts to several bags a week.
The Company already has Nafdac certification and It currently has a staff strength of 10 people. It’s products are stocked in many stores and online, home and abroad.
Their core values are excellence and customer satisfaction.
Chidinma Akobundu founder Not Just Pulp
Founder: Chidinma Akobundu
For the cultured and creative individual who craves a little bit of uniqueness in their “every day”, Not Just Pulp (NJP) is dedicated to creating the most remarkable greeting cards and gifts for the Nigerian market. Unlike traditional publishers, NJP provides a specially designed selection of greeting cards that appreciates and celebrates Nigerian culture in its entirety.
Not Just Pulp was borne out of the love for design, quality stationery and paper goods. The Nigerian greeting card market is flooded with poor quality greeting cards that lack context and real local appeal. Hence, NJP specialises in the production and distribution of quality greeting cards designed with the spirit of the true Nigerian.
Our product design ranges from classic to full on “naija-centric”. The latter has come to be known as our key identifier. We are on mission to transform the landscape of gifting in the country. We won’t stop until all the most noteworthy gift shops in Nigeria recognise NJP cards as the go-to for quality greeting cards rather than our foreign counterparts.
Instagram: @notjustpulp
Founder Oxygen Furniture Mowarin
Founder: Christian Mowarin
Geometric product designer Mowarin Christian, a design strategist founded and created the
imagination and play art concept of continuous geometric morphology furniture. He represented Nigeria at the all Africa Culture and Design Festival along designers like Jomo Tariku, Da, Tosin Oshinowo, Hamed Quatara, Ousmane Mbaye, Cheick Diallo, Bibi Seck, Hicham Lahlou etc
His creation, Oxygen furniture is a shape-shifting thinking line with an energy for designing and building superior furniture with a bold, afro-modern look, but still rooted in solid steel rods and traditional metal craftsmanship.
Oxygen furniture is engaged in the design, development, marketing and sales of geometric, organic and abstract furniture pieces.
He plans to push further the creative spiritism using wire frame to sideline traditional methods further out of vogue. From conception of design generation to supervisory roles at production stages, his magic bears the weight.
Having been in the design discipline for over 12 years spawning from CFD, CAD, HCD, Creative Advertising, Product design, Cultural intrinsic design, UX/UI  and Story telling design
Oxygen vision encapsulates the idea that Africa is no longer living in its own shadows but ready for the world by opening its doors to big opportunities.
Instagram: @oxygenfurniture
Founder: Tosin Oshinowo
Ilé-Ilà translated to House of Lines was started by Tosin Oshinowo in 2012. It is a lifestyle furniture-line designed and hand-made in Lagos, Nigeria and  was inspired by the need to embrace Yoruba culture and heritage.  We use both new and recycled Aso Oke to upholster our chairs and, also exploring options using Adire.
Our designs are period-conscious with contemporary African content and hand-made with love.  We concentrate on aesthetic, elegance, durability and comfort.   Our fusion of colours, quality finish and honest craftsmanship are where we draw strength.
Our chairs are very personal,  as such, we name them based on their aesthetic.  Examples are: Àràbà – aged tree, Òkín – the majestic peacock, Alààfíà – peace on this house. Each chair is a proud celebration of the African heritage.
In 2017, Ilé-Ilà launched the ‘Line chair’ and the ‘Arm chair’ ranges. In 2018, we will be introducing the ‘Àdùnní chair’, which comes in seven colours.
Instagram: @ile.ila
Founder Alaga Collections
Founder: Oluwatobi Oreoluwa
Alaga Collections is a contemporary furniture outfit in Lagos, we are dedicated to telling African stories with the elements of space.
Instagram: @alagacollections
Inspire by Pine Tree Founders
Founders: Sola Oguche-Agudah and Cresta Durojaiye
Inspire! by PineTree manufactures and retails work, training, travel and school bags.
The Inspire! By PineTree brand was created to help people stay organized at work, school and on the go.
Our vision is to be the one stop resource  point for 100% quality, made in Nigeria  bags and accessories that cater to work, travel, training and school  needs.
Our mission is to showcase cutting edge quality designs and craftmanship while constantly  upgrading ourselves with current international industry standards and practices.
We manufacture in Nigeria, working with Nigerian craftsmen using locally sourced raw materials.
Our leather and other resource materials are carefully processed, putting into consideration our Nigerian climate.
We are passionate about  building a Nigerian brand of international standards,  improving our economy and  giving the average Nigerian a better opportunity in life by, opening up job opportunities in PineTree and buying our raw materials from local vendors.
From inception in 2016 till date, we have manufactured  almost a 1000 bags. With each purchase, we have kept to our passion of building a better Nigeria and empowering our fellowman.
We are diligently  working towards our goal of ensuring  that Inspire! By PineTree bags and accessories can stand  at par with their counterparts in the rest of the world.
Instagram: @inspirebypinetree
Doubara founder Zivanora ACE Awards nominee
Founder: Doubara Eporwei
Zivanora is a line of specially handcra6ed fashion and fine jewelry for tastemakers with a desire for style over fashion and impact over noise. Each piece is designed and handcra6ed with a clean and minimalist flair at our studio in the vibrant coastal city of Lagos, Nigeria.
We believe jewelry should be worn and enjoyed no matter the occasion or location.
Instagram: @zivanora
Mr Bayo Ademiluyi Founder Ty Tys Design
Founder: Bayo Ademiluyi
Ty Tys Design produces hand-made distinctive neckwear – ties, bowties and scarves – using traditional African fabrics, predominantly aso-oke. Aso oke (pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand loomed cloth woven by the Yoruba people of south west Nigeria. Aso oke means top cloth in the English language. We have recently expanded our range to include pocket squares, laptop bags and ladies’ tote bags, and wall hangings.
Instagram: @tytysdesigns

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