Congratulations to the top 3 nominees

Congratulations to the top 3 nominees

Just last week, the top 5 nominees for 15 categories for the ACE Awards 2021 was released and since then, the voting have been trooping in – as expected. The reuslts are in! Congratulations to the top 3 nominees! Just one more hurdle to cross to become the winner.

The Complete List of Nominees for ACE Awards 2021 are:

1) Best Indigenous Textile Designer

  • Afrikstabel
  • Akwete Fabrics by Beeju
  • Lowo Africa

2) Best Beauty Brand

  • ORIKI Lagos
  • Modara Naturals
  • Jaga Beauty

3) Best Fashion Brand (Clothing/Shoes)

  • K.Aspen
  • 87 Origins
  • Ako Africa

4) Start-Up of the Year

  • Just Journal
  • Anesi Lifestyle
  • Hafsat Signatures

5) Best Accessories Brand (Jewelry, Bag)

  • Becawax
  • Ola House of Accessories

6) Best Eco-friendly Product

  • Oke Partners
  • Trash2wealth Initiative

7) Best Innovative Product of the Year

  • Marienne Clay World
  • 1851 Agidingbi
  • My Sibi

8) Best Pioneer Craftsman/woman of the Year (Over 10 years)

  • Sahara Sunrise
  • Kijipa Couture

9) Best Food Produce Innovation

  • Lim Lim Dried Fruits
  • Jam Coconut Foods
  • Klay Foods

10) Best Creative Child Entrepreneur

  • Amarachi Uyanne
  • Praise Emmanuel Adebayo
  • Zees Shea Hub

11) Best Creative Social Enterprise of the Year

  • The Creative Hub
  • Chanja Datti
  • Solar Sister Nigeria

12) Best Creative Children’s Brand

  • 9ijakids
  • Wealah Kids
  • PreshLight Creations

13) Best Arts and Crafts Person

  • Vudoh
  • Hooked by Lade

14) Best Home & Lifestyle Brand

  • Doormats Nigeria
  • Ekondo
  • Yasmin Crafts

15) Best African Brand

  • Kua Designs Ghana
  • Florinyah Tanzania
  • Tekura Designs Ghana

All Top 3 nominees are expected to turn in their pitch videos on or before Thursday, the 14th of October to qualify for the next stage, which would entail being judged by a panel of judges.

  • Impact: Is your business demonstrating some impact already in the economy?
  • Job Creation: Has the business created some jobs and has the potential to create more high-quality jobs?
  • Quality of Work: Does the business show great quality and competence to compete globally?
  • Customer Satisfaction: Is the company socially present and accepted by consumers?
  • Scalability: Does the company already earn revenues and does it have the potential to scale.
  • Pitch: 1 minute Pitch presentation.

Congratulations once again!

Visit and vote for your favourite brands.

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The Official Top 3 Nominees List for ACE Awards 2018

Here is the full list of the top 3 nominees for ACE Awards 2018
Daniella Soje is a 10 years old, as a little Girl she would write stories and illustrate them in drawing and then she would tell her Mum to print them so that she can sell them and that was at the age of 5 or 6.
she recently started focusing more On her art, she was taught  how make toothpick collage in school  and she did a toothpick  Range Deer at school and when she got home she asked her mother  to frame her artwork . she was inspired by her younger sister to start  her own match stick design. Her brand name is “DANIELLA ART STUDIO”. she likes  to create and design images that adults and kids would love. using toothpick match sticks and beads.
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