When you see that you are glowing, you know it has something to do with the kind of products that either goes into your skin or mouth. You need to ensure you show your body some love, and stay away from harsh chemicals. This is why I have made it easier for you to identify some quality Natural beauty brands you can trust in Nigeria. Natural Beauty is a lifestyle that is sustainable.
Natural is healthy, healthy keeps you beautiful physically and emotionally. I am writing this article because I care about what keeps you looking beautiful.

Looking for Natural Beauty Brands in Nigeria you can trust? Look no further, here are 15 fantastic brands below;

1. Organic Life Plus: An unapologetic advocate of organic living and a connoisseur in organic and natural oils. One of the Natural Beauty Brands you can trust to deliver the best natural and organic products from Africa and worldwide.

Organic-Life-Plus-Rosehip-Oil bellafricana verified Nigerian natural beauty brand
To Reach Organic Life Plus:
Call: +2348093807493
Email: beautifullynappy@gmail.com
Visit: www.beautifullynappy.com, www.organiclifeplusng.com
Instagram: @organiclifeplus, @beautifullynapy

2. Modara Naturals: Modara naturals is a natural skincare company that uses nature’s best ingredients, in generous quantities, to create natural bath, body and skin products, for you and your family.

Modara naturals carefully craft their products by hand in small batches to maintain the quality and richness of each blend, the last ingredient added is an ample dose of love.

Modara naturals, quality natural beauty brand in Nigeria Bellafricana verified

To Reach Modara Naturals:
Call: +2349099944778
Email: hello@modaranaturals.com
Visit: www.modaranaturals.com
Instagram: @modaranaturals

3. RB Organics: They are a skincare brand that uses 100% Natural Ingredients. So, you have nothing to worry about because the products are safe for your skin.

That’s not all. With RB organics, there are products for everyone💃🏽💃🏽. Whether you’re a Man or Woman, RB organics has got you covered! There are even products for kids too.


To Reach RB Organics:
Call: +2349054983206
Email: contact@rbshop.com.ng
Visit: https://rbshop.com.ng/
Instagram: @Rborganics


4.Amal Botanicals

Amal Botanicals is  your GO-TO for Natural, healthy skincare solutions for Kids of all Ages. The brand was founded from a need to protect the delicate and sensitive skins of children, and that’s why you can trust them. The products don’t have “difficult to pronounce” ingredients, and are loved by thousands of Moms all over the country.

Shea Oil by Amal Botanicals

To Reach Amal Botanicals:
Call: +2348186837407
Email: info@amalbotanicalsbabycare.com
Visit: https://amalbotanicalsbabycare.com/
Instagram: @amalbotanicals


5. With Love, Keju : This brand was born and has evolved into a brand that helps women maintain their youth by providing products that slow down the ageing process.Their products are thoughtfully and carefully formulated with ingredients that promote a healthy skin and begin you on your journey to an ageless skin because ageing is more fun when you look great!

With Love Keju Whip It Body Butter

To Reach With Love, Keju:
Call: +2349031234486
Email: withlovekeju@gmail.com
Visit: https://withlovekeju.com/
Instagram: @withlovekeju


6. Coffee Skinpert: Did you know that applying coffee on the skin has anti-aging benefits? Well now you do! It also has cleansing properties as well. That’s why we recommend coffee infused skincare solutions and we know a perfect skincare brand that does all of this and more.

Yes, Coffee Skinpert is “exploring high quality plant based ingredients + coffee to create effective and Eco friendly skincare”

Coffee Face Oil from Coffee Skinpert


To Reach Coffee Skinpert
Call: +2347016527067
Email: coffeeskinpert@gmail.com


7. Inner Beautee: The ethos at Inner Beautee is “feel good, look good” and I totally agree with that statement, as they take pride in taking care of all clients inside-out.

Inner Beautee works hard to provide African inspired Natural, Organic, Fair-traded and Traceable quality bath, hair and skin care products.

All ingredients are free from parabens, vegan and baby friendly, not tested on animals and packaged in 100% recyclable materials.
Inner Beautee coconut oil bellafricana
To Reach Inner Beautee:
Call: +2348078770777
Email: info@innerbeautee.com
Visit: www.innerbeautee.com
Instagram: @innerbeautee1

8. Natural Nigerian: Natural Nigerian was founded by a focused woman whose love for her heritage drove her to make most of everything in the health and beauty department such as soaps, creams, lotions etc.

Natural Nigerian, as the name suggests, is a proudly Nigerian initiative that encourages a WELLthy life.
All products by Natural Nigerian are produced and packaged in Nigeria by Nigerians. When you need trusted made in Nigeria hair and skincare products.
Natural Nigerian beauty brand in Nigeria bellafricana verifiedTo Reach Natural Nigerian:
Call: +2349092132141
Email: nn@naturalnigerian.com
Visit: www.naturalnigerian.com
Instagram: @naturalnigerian

9. Aweni Organics: Aweni Organics is one of the top natural beauty manufacturing companies in Nigeria. All their products aim to create 100% Natural Hand-crafted Shea Butter-based products of a High Quality. They thoughtfully package and present each product to ensure an exceptional African body care experience.

All luxurious Soaps, Whipped Body Butters, Soothing Balms and Moisturising Oil Blends are made from carefully and ethically sourced and selected Food Grade Organic Shea Butter, Nourishing Oils and Botanical Extracts; 95% of which are indigenous, primarily to Nigeria, and then the African Continent.
Aweni eucalyptus quality natural products manufacturer in Nigeria
To Contact Aweni Organics;
Call: +234818118309
Email: aweniorganics@gmail.com
Visit: www.aweniorganics.com

10. Midas Naturals Beauty: Midas Naturals is a natural beauty brand that provides natural and organic hair & skin care products. They also provide the latest insights and tips to optimise health via nutrition.
Midas Naturals fro health and beauty brands in Nigeria
To Reach Midas Natural Beauty:
Call: +2348164400004
Email: somi@midasnaturals.com
Visit: www.midasnaturalsmag.com
Instagram: @midasnaturalsbeauty

11. Nubian Roots: Nubian Roots formulates luxurious hand crafted skincare, body care and hair care using naturally derived ingredients and 100% pure natural essential oils.

The spa quality products are formulated to sustain your skin and hairs’ natural equilibrium without sulphates, mineral oil, PABA, paraben, petrolatum or fillers. On average, their products are 99% natural, with over half being 100% natural.
Quality natural beauty brand in NigeriaNubian roots Bellafricana verified
To Reach Nubian Roots:
Call: +2348173481117
Email: sales@mynubianroots.com
Visit: www.mynubianroots.com
Instagram: @mynubianroots

12. Sahara Sunrise: Sahara Sunrise is one of the Natural Beauty Brands in Nigeria that is very passionate about what goes on your skin because they believe it plays a major role in the way you look, in your self-confidence and in how others perceive you.

They also believe that what goes on your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouths and the best way to give your skin what it needs, is to go as natural as possible.
sahara sunrise beauty brand in Nigeria bellafricana
To Reach Sahara Sunrise:
Call: +2348036671008
Email: orders@saharasunrise.com.ng
Visit: www.saharasunrise.com.ng
Instagram: @saharasunrise

13. Ovelly Naturals: Ovelly naturals is a proudly Nigerian natural skincare brand borne out of passion, research and a never-ending drive to help us: Africans (particularly women) to embrace, nourish and flaunt our natural skintone.

They use responsibly sourced and top quality natural ingredients to make products that are safe, natural, effective and affordable while maintaining high levels of hygiene and good manufacturing practice.

They believe strongly that our natural skintone is beautiful, what we need is the right care and nourishment to make it flourish.

ovelly naturals, quality natural beauty brand in nigeria bellafricana verified

To reach ovelly naturals:

Email: ovellynaturals@gmail.com
Call: 08135559447

14. Hibiscus Naturals: Hibiskus Naturals venture began with a belief, a belief in the power of nature. It is our desire to revive the faith that our ancestors had in the mystical and healing properties of nature. It is with this knowledge that we at Hibiskus Naturals have used to create our products.

Hibiskus Naturals is a proud producer of Ayurveda & Nature inspired handmade beauty products for hair, bath, skin and facial care.

Their products are made from natural & organic ingredients sourced both from Nigeria & different parts of the world. They build on ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & rich diversity of plant life to develop high quality & effective herbal, natural cosmetics.

Hibiskus-Naturals-Musk-Amber-Glycerin-Soap bellafricana verified memberHibiscus naturals in Nigeria is a quality natural beauty brand bellafricana verified brand




To reach hibiscus naturals:

Email: hibiskusestore@gmail.com
Call: 09070723780
Visit: hibiskusnaturals.com

15. Namaste Organics: Namaste organics is a proudly Nigerian Organic skin and hair care company. They lovingly infuse and craft Shea body butter, African black soaps, oils, scrubs, Aloe Vera, and body polish in order to lovingly protect and restore your skin to its natural and healthy state.

All products at Namaste Organics are made to rehydrate, restore and repair your skin thereby giving you younger looking skin forever.
Namaste Organics Rosemary Body Butter
To Reach Namaste Organics:
Call: +2348053532923
Email: info@mynamasteorganics.com
Visit: www.mynamasteorganics.com
Instagram: @namasteorganics

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  1. Dora January 13, 2019 Subscriber

    I want a glowing skin and brightening too like glass. I want organic products.
    Pls I don’t want bleaching or kojic acid, my skin won’t tolerate it.

    • Jemimah Iwok July 2, 2020 Administrator

      Hello Dora, our members products are organic and won’t bleach your skin at all

  2. Hamzat Oyelade June 30, 2020 Subscriber

    This is quite interesting, can I get a price list of your products

  3. enenu umahaba August 15, 2020 Subscriber

    hello pls i want to get a range of products for an elderly person, who has sun burns and face black patches. i dont want any acidic or high kojic acid. her skin will not take it. pls your very kind recommendation would be appreciated. thank you

    • belladmin September 2, 2020 Administrator

      Hello and many thanks for your message. Kindly have a look at the article above, each of these beauty brands are natural with no chemicals. Reach out to the contact details there.

  4. Samuel Nnabuko October 9, 2020 Subscriber

    My name is Sam and I’m in need for skincare products that won’t bleach or react negatively with my skin. Also, I had a bad case or acne, it’s gone now but my face is really rough and badly textured. What skincare product would best work

    • Jemimah Iwok October 11, 2020 Administrator

      Hello Samuel, kindly reach out to any of the above brands. You’ll be sure to get amazing products

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  6. Rhoda January 13, 2021 Subscriber

    The.posh.diva on Instagram should be on this list. She is very good and has a store in Lagos and ilorin with distributors around too.

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