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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Hello beautiful people. I bring to you a beautiful friend from Ghana. I haven’t met her just yet so I guess I should call her an e-friend. I have been stalking her instagram page for quite a while now and I really wanted to hear her story. She is creative, friendly and a mother of two adorable kids. She responded to my questions very eloquently and despite her busy schedule, she took out time to answer all my questions. Join me and let’s meet Yvonne Bakuri, the CEO of Bayabs accessories. [/dropcap]

Q & A

  • Please introduce yourself and your background.

I am Yvonne Rashida Bakuri, a Development Consultant and an Entrepreneur. I am a Ghanaian, schooled at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I hold a BSc in Development Planning and the CEO of Bayabs Accessories.

  • Please tell us about your work. How did Bayabs accessories start?

BAYABS is an African Print Accessories Brand that specializes in using African Wax Prints and leather in making a variety of accessories. Our products include; Bags, Footwear, makeup bags and kids clothing. Bayabs Accessories begun when I was home on maternity waiting for my baby to arrive. I designed and wore a pair of shoes with a matching clutch bag for a friend’s wedding. Lots of people admired them and they contacted me to get them a pair and were ready to pay for it.

Yvonne bayabs
Yvonne and her 2 beautiful kids
  • Where did the idea for Bayabs accessories come from? Where do you find the inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration from African Culture and current worldwide fashion trend. Our designs are based on what is trending in the world and then we add our African touch to the product we make.

  • Can you remember one of the first things you crafted? What makes it memorable?

It was a pair of shoes with a matching clutch bag made with a kente wax print. It is memorable because it was the item that made us establish this company.

  • What are the challenges you face in business?

Ghana’s Energy Sector is facing a crisis and the erratic power supply is greatly affecting us.

  • What is your most popular item ?

Our most popular item is between our Diaper Bag and the Kids wears and accessories.
bayabs kids wears
bayabs diaper bag bellafricana digest

  • To what extent do you draw upon your Ghanaian (African) heritage for your work?

Bayabs is an African Print Accessory Brand and our main aim is to promote the African culture through fashion.  We are inspired by Africa’s rich Culture and beautiful fabrics.  We source our fabrics in Ghana. The prints are mostly 99% made in Ghana.  Most of the designs of the fabrics have names and stories behind them.

  • What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

Our goal is to become a household name in the world when it comes to designers of African Print Accessories.

  • What would people be surprised to learn about  you?

I cannot sew or sketch very well. Still learning.

  • For someone who wishes to take up this kind of career, what kind of advice would you give them? Also, if you could give one piece of advice to youths who want to start their own company, what would it be?

GO FOR IT!!!  NO EXCUSES, NO FEARS. Do not copy, it kills creativity. You can draw inspiration from other people’s work. Read a lot and work hard.

  • And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share two to four images of your work and tell us a little about each.

Bayabs make up bag
Bayabs make up bag

bayabs kids accessories
bayabs kids accessories

bayabs travelling bag
Bayabs travelling bag

Bayabs Back Pack
Bayabs Back Pack

Yvonne is the very first entrepreneur from Ghana to be interviewed on Bellafricana digest. Will be bringing them one at a time. Based on demand, will also interview upcoming entrepreneurs in other sectors asides creatives which is my major strength. One solid lesson I want you to learn from all these exclusives is that regardless of what the economy might look like or life in all, you can do whatever your mind can conceive, don’t limit yourself.
If you are wondering who’s typing 🙂 it is I, Bukky Bello, CEO of Bellafricana. One key person that can help you achieve starting a business or excelling in any career you find yourself is God. Always put God first no matter what.
Well done Yvonne, and keep up the great work. Success is yours all the way by God’s grace.
Thanks for participating in Bellafricana’s Exclusive Interviews!
Wish you the very best in your business and look forward to partnering with you in the nearest future.

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