Lessons In Branding – DODO Design Agency Partners With Bellafricana


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] A behind the scenes look at the branding process and why it’s important for business (A 3-part series). A few months ago, a business owner called me. She wasn’t making any sales. She had a great business that met a growing need amongst Nigerians, how to eat and live healthy. Her business made and sold healthy 100% organic meals, snacks, drinks and even cosmetic products, and her passion for people living their best life was so inspiring. However, her identity, packaging and website were all hindering her from making sales. Many people, she complained, had point blank told her that with her packaging, no one would take her seriously. [/dropcap]

Branding these days have become such a common concept that sadly many business owners take it for granted.
However, if you take a look at successful brands in our country and even in the world, their ‘branding’ is well thought out and well done. Why? Without a strong image, effective visuals and a powerful message, your business will be lost in the crowd and your message will not have as much impact as you want it to.
As creative business owners with great products and services that are being offered to not only Nigerians, but to the world, we need to understand why branding is important for our business.
DODO Design Agency is partnering with Bellafricana, a brand with a strong message, to create an equally powerful image, and as we do this, we will be giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the branding process, at the same time showing you why branding should be an important part of your business’ long term success.
In creating a strong and on-point brand message and image, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you create an identity that will not just ‘speak’ to customers, but one that communicates your message loud and clear.

  1. First do your research

Take some time to understand peoples’ opinion of your brand, ask employees, customers and potential customers. Why is this important? Because a brand is really what people perceive of your business, so knowing what public perception of your business or your idea is if you are just starting, will give you direction on how to build, position or change your brand’s image and message accordingly.
Ask questions like:
What do people think of my business image?
What do my staff, logo, social media messages, marketing materials, etc. say of me? What are people’s perception of them?
What qualities do they think of or do I want them to think of when they encounter the brand?

google form dodo Nigeria Bellafricana
Image shows Google Forms: You can send out forms via google forms, or simply just by calling and asking people.

Answering questions like these helps you as you determine your unique position in the market. This helps you not just stand out against competition, but it makes your message clear for customers to understand. Take this test (link to download pdf) to help you see where you stand.

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