Interesting Facts About Tunisia


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Tunisia officially known as the Tunisian Republic is located in North Africa, situated along the Mediterranean coast, to the southwest of Sicily and south of Sardinia. Tunisia is the smallest country in Northwestern Africa, bordered by Libya to the east and Algeria to the west. Tunisia was part of the Carthage Empire, followed by the Roman Empire before the Arabs invaded in the 7th century.  In fact more than a quarter of the total Tunisian population live in Tunis. Tunisia is a North Africa tourist friendly country that has been attracting tourist since the sixties.[/dropcap]

Interesting Facts

Population: 10,937,521 (July 2014 est.)
Independence: March 20 1956, Tunisia gained full independence from France.
Capital City: Tunis; a city and capital of modern-day Tunisia from which the word Tunisia is derived from
Currency: Tunisian Dinar.
Language: Arabic is the official language but French, Berber, English are also widely spoken there.

Ethnic groups: Arab 98%, European 1%, Jewish and other 1%

Religion: 99.1% are Sunni Muslim , other 1% (includes Christian, Jewish, Shia Muslim and Baha’i)

Internet domain: .tn
Dialing code: +216
Life Expectancy:   75 years.
Literacy Percent: 71 percent
Tunisia has had four presidents since the revolution.
Jebel ech Chambi-tunisia-digest.bellafricana

The highest point in Tunisia is Jebel ech Chambi with its 1544 meter
Tunisia is the most northern country in the whole of Africa with strong trade ties to Europe.
Tunisia is home to thousands of kilometers of magnificent Mediterranean coastline, one of the many tourist attractions combined with the wonderful warm climate.
Kairouan city is the fourth most important city in the Muslim world after Mecca.
This country is known for it’s Roman archaeological sites with Carthage being the most popular among tourists.
Tunis is the only Tunisian area that enjoys the benefit of a tube service, the others rely on coach, public bus and taxi services.
Tunisian oasis-digest.bellafricana
The Tunisian oasis at Kebili has been found to be containing evidence of Stone Age settlements.
Hammamet city has been Tunisia’s largest tourist resort since the 1960s, attracting holidaymakers from all over Europe.
Tunisia is the first African nation to win a match at the World Cup finals beating Mexico 3-1 in the group stages

Tunisian women enjoy some of the greatest rights and freedoms in the Arab world.

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