How To Pick Aso-Ebi Fabric


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Picking aso-ebi for your event or party mostly depends on the personal prefence of the celebrant. The style, taste, age, and sometimes societal class of the celebrant determines the kind of fabric chosen.[/dropcap]Most elderly people prefer lace material (cotton or organza) while young ones or youths like to experiment with fabrics like Ankara, kente, adire, sample lace, velvet and soft lace generally and most male guest prefer fabrics like brocade, ‘atiku’, polished lace etc.

Any which way, comfort and affordability should be key factors to consider when you want to pick a fabric which will be a uniform wear at your special event.jude-okoye-ify-umeokeke-traditional-wedding-july-2014-bellanaija-com-01001
Some other factors to consider before choosing Aso-ebi are:
• The age bracket of your guests
• The societal/financial class of guests
• The theme of your party
• The color code of your party
• The kind of event you are celebrating

Important points to note also include:

The price of the fabric

This is of great importance, make sure your Aso-ebi package is affordable for all guests or you can choose different fabrics at different prices for different people.


Make sure the fabric is of good quality and genuine.  No one likes to purchase a material/fabric that would tear or fade off after the first wash. Remember the fabric would always represent you in the mind of your guest even after the event.


Make sure your fabric is not common, try as much as possible to select a unique fabric not some cloth you would find all over the street the next day.aso-ebi-website
Tip: it would increase your sales (people love unique and beautiful things naturally)


Make sure your fabric design is not too bogus or loud. Such designs do not get high level of patronage anymore.


Make sure you have a good distribution channel in place for your Aso-ebi so that everyone interested gets their fabric. Most Aso-ebi vendors nowadays, do home delivery where your fabric/package is being delivered to you at a convenient address with the option of paying cash on delivery.
If you are not engaging the service of any vendor, a trusted friend or relative could also help in the distribution.


Timing is very important (as they say; time is money). Make sure your Aso-ebi gets to your invitees on time!
Personally, I would say a month to D-day or you could also distribute them immediately after your invitation card is out. So that you guest can get them ready before that day in case the tailor needs to make some adjustment.

Remember these tips when next you are buying Aso-Ebi.

Culled from theasoebijunkie

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